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Should John Green write An Imperial Affliction?

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Laura I thought about this for a while after finishing TFIOS but then decided against it. I think it would ruin the whole concept and i think The Fault in Our Stars should just be left as a single book. But please let me know your thoughts.

Sydney Actually I never thought of it. I guess it would be a nice addition to the book, but I prefer just reading this one and undertsnading An Imperial Affliction without reading it.

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A. Knowing that this book would end mid-sentence I probably wouldn't invest in it.

Sarah Russo I think...

Alisa Just finished "Fault" this week--great book. At first, I wanted to read "Affliction" and hoped John Green would write it. But after a few days and some more thought, I've decided it needs to remain as it is, a book shared by Hazel and Gus. Green does a good job of drawing readers into the story and getting them to sympathize/empathize with the main characters. But I think part of the magic, if you will, of this book is that Hazel and Gus share something no one else does. As a reader, I'm left something of an outsider. And I am an outsider, not only because I haven't read "Affliction," but also because I've never suffered from cancer and lived with the issues these characters do.

Trine In some ways "The Fault in our Stars" is my Imperial Affliction... I don't need John to actually write it.

Amanda Inkenbrandt If John Green were to write An Imperial Affliction, I would definitely read it. It would be nice if he took a hint from J.K. Rowling, wrote the addition, and donated the profits to a cancer charity.

Fatimah I honestly thought "The Fault in our Stars" was going to end mid-sentence like An Imperial Affliction! only I thought that Hazel was the one who would die.. Anyway, If he actually does write An Imperial Afliction then I'd be more than delighted to read it.

Malesha The Fault in Out Stars is brilliant. If he wrote it, I would read it for sure, but as with the people above, I think I would prefer it if he left the story to our own minds. This way, everyone can picture it the way they want, which I personally believe to be an important part of the novel - everyone's views, their 'metaphors'.

Heather Stokes I wish he would. It makes up so much of Grace's character and im endessly intriged by the quotes she's always saying

Charlotte Jones I think the fact that Imperial Affliction isn't a real book helped me imagine The Fault in our Stars more clearly in my mind and I think that if John wrote it, it would be subject to my own views and the believability of Hazel's love of the book might be tainted slightly...

Morgan Leung I think that not knowing what is in An Imperial Affliction helps us to imagine it any way we want. Although I would want to hear it described in metaphors. If he did write The Imperial AfflictionI would read it, but if he doesn't come out with one I'm still very satisfied with The Fault In Our Stars.

Laura Alisa wrote: "Just finished "Fault" this week--great book. At first, I wanted to read "Affliction" and hoped John Green would write it. But after a few days and some more thought, I've decided it needs to rema..."

Well said.

Amanda I think it would be nice to make the Imperial Affliction as a companion book...I think I'd read it...but I dont think TFIOS needs the book. I thought it was an amazing book on it's own.

Samia Ruponti I'm happy with it being Gus and Hazel's book. I don't want anything to change TFIOS.

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