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message 2: by depletive (new)

depletive Taylor hurried in and scrambled to get to her seat, dropping her books on her desk as they began slipping from her arms.

Renée rolled her eyes. "Smooth, Taylor. Smooth", she said sarcastically, sliding into her seat.

Taylor responded,"Yep. I know. Hi Mrs. Smith!"

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Babalina1 Emilie walked in the classroom 30 seconds after Renée and Taylor did. "Hi Mr.Smith." Emilie said with a gloomy voice. Emilie bebated weather to sit beside Taylor or Renée, knowing that they might tickle her. Finally she sat down beside Taylor knowing she would clue in not to tickle her unlike Renée.

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Babalina1 ((*debated))

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Babalina1 Emilie took out her S.S. books and dropped her bag on the floor. She didn't know weather she should save the seat beside her for Braydon or not.

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depletive ((*whether and the teacher is female!))

Taylor whispered,"Save a spot for Brayden. C'mon, Emilie. Give him a chance"

Renée nodded, as if on cue and added,"It'll be up to him whether or not he wants to sit with you, but you'll put him at a stalemate. If he sits somewhere else, he'll know that you'll hate him for it. If he sits with you, he'll know you'll love it"

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Babalina1 "Ok fine" Emilie said while putting her backpack on the seat next to her.

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depletive ((Hockey tonight!))

"You have to think, woman! When you like someone your friends can't always think for you!", Renée said.

Taylor nodded vigorously to show her agreement.

message 9: by Babalina1 (new)

Babalina1 "So, when did you become the love expert?" Emilie asked teasingly.

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depletive Renée's mouth dropped open. "What?!", she asked, incredulous. She muttered,"I am not a love expert, Emilie"

Taylor turned and whispered,"Be quiet, both of you. Where's Braydon?"

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Babalina1 Emilie became worried. What if he doesn't come? She thought. That would mean he is mad at me and his absence in class would definately be noted.

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depletive Mrs. Smith began to take attendance. "Emilie? Taylor? Renée? Brayden?"

Taylor and Renée chorused a quiet,"Present" but looked at the door for the no doubt, late Braydon.

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Babalina1 Emilie said, "Present." And without thinking said, "Mrs.Smith, he might have been in the bathroom." It was not definite, although it was quite possible because they passed the boys bathroom on the way to class.

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depletive Taylor rolled her eyes. Sticking up for him. Really?

Mrs. Smith stared at Emilie before saying,"I will mark him as late nevertheless, Emilie. Now, class. Open your textbooks to pg. 68"

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Babalina1 Emilie opened her textbook, annoyed that Taylor rolled her eyes she gave her a light kick under the desk.

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Braydon stood out in the hallway right outside the classroom. He was debating weather or not to enter the classroom. He was already late. Maybe he should just skip the rest of the day...

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Babalina1 As if Emilie was sending a message to Braydon she thought, please Braydon, you have to come. I'm sorry for what I did earlier. She knew it was pointless but it made her feel better.

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depletive Just to annoy her again, Taylor rolled her eyes once more before kicking Emilie back. Then she opened her textbook and began to work.

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Braydon crossed his arms. He wasn't sure he wanted to confront Emily. Let alone Taylor and Rentèe. He was absolutely fed up with them. He wasn't sure what else he could do, so he took a deep breath, and walked into the classroom.

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Babalina1 Emilie let out a sound between a gasp and a squeal, then quickly covered her mouth.

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depletive "Be quiet, Emilie. Braydon. You are late. May I ask why?", Mrs. Smith asked, gazing at Braydon sternly.

Renée and Taylor looked up briefly before dropping their gazes back down to their books.

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Babalina1 Emilie wondered what Braydon would say. All she knew was that it was right to show up to class late than skipping class.

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depletive Taylor kicked Emilie lightly to catch her attention. "Do your work before Mrs. Smith catches you!", she whispered.

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Babalina1 Emilie realized that wondering would not help anything. She opens her books and begins to read the questions and answer them.

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depletive Renée and Taylor finished and looked apprehensively at Braydon, awaiting an answer.

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Babalina1 Emilie couldn't think straight. She looked at the paper, Why are the words all jumbled. She thought. Braydon's the one in trouble, not me.

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depletive Taylor whispered,"Need help? Because, you know, it isn't that hard..."

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Babalina1 Emilie's cheeks grew red in embarrassment. "No I'll be fine." She said in response.

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Braydon cleared his throat.
"My locker was jammed." He lied, a common excuse for being late. Wasn't his best lie. Mr. Smith glared at Braydon, not falling for it. "Please meet with me after class, Braydon." He sat down at his desk, and Braydon grabbed the seat next to Emily.

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Babalina1 Emilie was glad Braydon was sitting beside her. She felt more secure.

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Babalina1 "Hey." She said to Braydon. "Sorry about earlier."

message 32: by depletive (new)

depletive Taylor rolled her eyes. Pathetic.

Renée snapped,"Hurry up! Braydon, pg. 68!"

message 33: by Babalina1 (new)

Babalina1 "We'll you don't need to be so harsh." Strikes Emilie, coming to Braydon's defence.

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"It's ok, Em. I should be the one apologizing." He glared at Rentèe. "I'm going, jeez. Bossy."

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depletive "We are already behind because of you, and in case you didn't notice, Emilie was crying because of you", Taylor retorted.

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Braydon glared at Taylor, trying to think of a witty comeback. His mind was blank. It really was all his fault.

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depletive "Now sit down and hurry up. We don't need a dilemma at the end of the day", Taylor said as Mrs. Smith cleared her throat for Braydon to sit.

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Babalina1 Emilie knew every thing that Taylor said was true. Yet for some reason she couldn't stay mad at Braydon.

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Braydon sat down, and glared long and hard at them. He considered moving seats. He didn't wanna sit by them... Just Emily.

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depletive "Oh for Pete's sake! If you want to be like that, fine! I'll move, happy?", Taylor said, losing her patience at Braydon and grabbing her books, she moved to the seat near the back.

Renée paused, unable to decide whether or not to stay at her seat or follow Taylor.

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Babalina1 "Ugh, could this day get any worse?" Emilie mumbled hopelessly.

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Braydon frowned. "Yes. Much better, textbook." He grinned. New nickname for Taylor! "I can finally concentrate."

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Babalina1 "Nice choice in names, but I think she would rather prefer fairy princess." Emilie joked knowing Taylor would hate her for it.

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depletive Taylor glared daggers at Emilie and muttered,"I'll get you back, Emilie. And you, Braydon"

Renée decided to move with Taylor and on her way to Taylor, she tickled Emilie subtlely and smacked Braydon lightly.

Mrs. Smith cleared her throat. "Please hurry, Braydon and Emilie so we can continue with today's lesson"

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Babalina1 Emilie quickly scribbled down answers and finished the work. She leaned over to Braydon and quickly but quietly whispered the answers in his ear.

message 46: by depletive (new)

depletive Renee muttered,"Emilie's cheating..." Taylor nodded. "Don't do anything. We have to let her go through the "30 day period head over heels in love" apparently. At least, according to Life With Boys"

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Babalina1 Emilie turned around to see Taylor and Renée snickering and thought, I'm going to kill them when we get out.

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Braydon sat impatiently at his desk, glancing at the clock every now and then. He couldn't wait to get outta this class.

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Babalina1 "Braydon!" Emilie whispered, " Stop looking at the clock, remember what happened to the last person that was seen by the teacher ?"

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Braydon grinned. "Ya. But I don't get caught." He closed his textbook and stuffed papers into his binders.

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