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Regan | 2926 comments Mod
((Apollo: god of the sun, music, and poetry. His children RP here!))

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Chloe sits on her bed, thinking about the last two weeks. She had just gotten claimed yesterday, and she was definetly still overwhelmed. My dad was, was a god!? I still can't beleive it! I'm just boring ol' CHloe. Not epic DEMI-GOD Chloe!! She thought.

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Chloe stood up from her bed, determined to explore a little more. She walked out of the cabin. ((Anyone wanna RP?))

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) ((I can. My character is in the Dining Pavilion. ^-^))

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((OKAY. Who is it?))

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((Neva mind.))

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) ((Kk.))

MOVED - CHECK BIO (IzzyLightfleur) ((P.s. I'll be disappearing soon....Sorry for when I do.))

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Megan | 671 comments Courtney walked into the cabin and went and sat on her bunk.

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Megan | 671 comments Courtney grabbed her bow and quiver of arrows, deciding to go and practice, that always took things off her mind. She got up and walked out if the cabin to the Arena.

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Miranda's long lanky frame was stretched over her bed.

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