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Heroes of Olympus or Percy Jackson?

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Team Leo OK so there are lots of discussions on how much people like each series, but which one is better?

Tarn It's too hard to choose!!!! They're both sooo good:D

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I feel like PJO has better writing, but HoO has more creative concepts. So I'm not sure.

Tarn Yeah, true. It seems like HoO is going to have a bigger story line. Like in Percy Jackson it was about the Titans but this one is about the Giants so it seems bigger with a bigger prophecy than PJO.

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Carolina Seabra PJO!!! But I also LOVE Heroes of Olympus xD

georgia ☽ I love them both :)

But... if HoO didn't have Percy in it, then I wouldn't like it as much... so I probably like the original series more... Though the SoN and MoA were both kickbutt...

I can't choose!

Kathy ♡ Percy Jackson, but HoO is AWESOME, but not as awesome as Percy Jackson

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kayla Percy Jackson!!!!

Melanie Jocelyn wrote: "I feel like PJO has better writing, but HoO has more creative concepts. So I'm not sure."


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Amy I liked the Percy Jackson books, but for some reason I like the Heroes of Olympus better. Not sure why thought.

04AlisaC Percy Jackson all the way!!!

Mariah Haring Percy Jackson, but the second series is starting to grow on me

Team Leo Soo.... it seems like everyone is liking Percy Jackson..
Is it because we have known the characters longer??

Avani PJO is more action, more humor, and only involves the Greeks. It's not too complex. HoO goes deeper, adding the Romans, and giving each character complex backgrounds that complicates add a layer of depth to the story. Also, the characters are older, so the problems they deal with are less juvenile. PJO is definitely an easier read, but HoO is more mature and intricate.

I'd have to say I prefer PJO, because it's tough to keep up with all the character backstories between book release dates for HoO; I always forget the Roman characters' backgrounds while beginning a new book in the series. In PJO, it's easier to get attached to the characters, and develop a personal connection with them, whereas in HoO there's so much going on that the plot gets complicated and hectic.

I like both series, though, and I'm eagerly awaiting the House of Hades!

Yazid (Ciel) I love HoO more than PJO.

The main characters are finely describe except for one or two. Also, it would be really a challenge to intertwine all the characters and have them socialize with each other. Some characters offered humors, some offered intelligence while one or two offered leadership. The way they cooperated and the time taken to trust each other touch their emotions and pasts (which are mostly horrible).

The moment when I read about Romans and Greeks have to combine with the God(esses)s in a wider perspective are reaching the issue of racism on how they treat each other. The solution to minimize the boundary of the two camps with an exchange of heroes would open the mind of others; a view of one's camp from other perspective is a genius way to erase any hint of racism.

Although the 1st book is fine, the 2nd book is better. This is also a major reason why I like HoO more. Rick improves over time and it is a plus when he is familiar with some of the characters because it makes him easy to connect the old characters with the new ones, etc.

This series never miss to put some encounters with gods and the elaboration and descriptions of the gods is an interesting event in this series. Because of this elaboration, we know the reason why some characters dislike some gods and so on and it makes the story deeper and the major problem of cooperation between Greeks and Romans are explore deeper and more specific.

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I very much agree with what you said, Yazid.

Personally it's on equal grounds for me, though I am tilting toward HoH. PJO was written better, but its plot was repetitive. HoH is more refreshing, unique, and better structured. The Mark of Athena especially was the gold of the series so far. Its plot was completely different from what I was expecting, taking a break from the old plot formula Riordan had been using for seven books.

For me, though, I feel like Riordan improved his ability to weave tension. If there was one flaw I could ever find in the Percy Jackson series, it would be that I didn't care about the characters, because they didn't get into any real trouble that made me genuinely afraid for them. I had no doubt that they would get into trouble, and I had no doubt that they would get out. There was no case of worrying-that-the-villain-might-win. In HoH, on the other hand, just when I thought the Romans and Greeks' meeting would turn out fine, everything blew up in my face and before I knew it the characters were in deep trouble. Then I felt genuinely afraid for them. HoH not only characters that I could like, but also characters that I could feel a real connection with. You can almost literally feel the delicate balance that could break at any time between the two camps.

And yes, I definitely agree that HoH gives a much wider perspective, with all the different POVs. It adds much more color to the overall view of the series, something that is always a plus to any book.

I also think that this is even more of a bonus because Riordan lets you know that both sides are equally important by having heroes from both camps; you cheer for both sides, and therefore feel even more worry if there is another upcoming civil war, so you can FEEL the danger and possible consequences of a fight between both camps. Conversely, you can also find it easy to truly hope that things work out. Which ties into another thing I look for in books--moral ambiguity. Riordan truly explores morality and ethical dilemmas in this series, far more than in the Percy Jackson books.

Yazid (Ciel) The sole reason why I like, wait, love HoO
is because the internal fight between the characters, of how they handled the challenges and to turn around the situation. Their unstable emotions are finely describe, which makes them more human and realistic.

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Exactly. Like I said, I was able to connect with the characters on a much deeper level than PJ. Though I do love it for a wider range of reasons. But yes, I very much agree with you on the internal struggles of the characters.

Cherry I like both!


Barbara I love HoO. I just started reading the Percy Jackson series so I can't comment much but I think I like them both equally.

Jannie Huang Both, cause you just can't choose between 1 one them.

Alison Both the Percy Jackson and HoO series are totally awesome. But honestly, I think I like the first series better. In The Lost Hero, I didn't much like Jason and Piper much. Piper was too obsessed in getting Jason to be her boyfriend. As for Jason... I'm not really sure. Maybe because Jason had told Piper, Percy deserved a knock on the head every once and awhile in MoA. When I read that, I told myself Jason deserved one too.

I did like SoN, though. Hazel and Frank are awesome, and of course Percy. However, a few weeks ago, I reread The Lost Hero, and I noticed that Jason had appeared at the Grand Canyon in December. That's 6 months until June. But in SoN, I noticed that Percy had been gone for 8 months, since October. Didn't Percy and Jason disappear at the same time? I've been wondering ever since, if people had noticed the same thing. I've been thinking this was a mistake on Rick Riordan's part. And obviously, his editors didn't notice.

Grace Simmons Heroes of Olympus

04AlisaC I still think that Percy Jackson is better no matter what happens in HoO.

Bianca PJO(: I'm a sucker for great writing and I really like Percy.

Nessa I LOVE The Percy Jackson Series!!! But I'm not much a fan of Hero's of Olympus although I like that Rick Riordan keep going with Percy and Annabeth's life story!!!

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