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message 1: by Tej (new)

Tej (TheyCallMeMrGlass) | 1675 comments Mod
This started development a while ago, shooting has finished and is in post production. Its a low budget British time travel movie written and directed by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually). Curtis is an British stalwart writer of several popular British TV series and romantic comedies movies.

Release dates:

Australia 21 March 2013
UK 22 March 2013
USA 10 May 2013


An article on it earlier this year:


message 2: by Linda B.D. (new)

Linda B.D. (LindaBD) | 85 comments Oh dear, I'll never remember the name of this by next May.....

message 3: by Tej (new)

Tej (TheyCallMeMrGlass) | 1675 comments Mod
I got invited to a preview screening of this film, yesterday.

If you enjoy Richard Curtis (writer, director) films such as Four Weddings and a funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually then you will very likely enjoy this sweet time travel comedy drama albeit with an ironic sense of time travel feeling of been having been here before.

But that more of the same feeling is no bad thing, thanks largely to the wonderful performances of the cast and more importantly, the exquisite execution of its new spin, the time travelling plot device. In fact, the time travelling here is great fun as its employed with inventiveness for typical motives by our main protagonist, a stereotypical nerd played with utter charm and goofiness by Domhall Gleeson (whom I only recognised as Bill Weasley in Harry Potter). His use of the power is at times hilarious but actually damn useful without your typical "changing your past will backfire" moral message. In most time travel movies, changing events in the past is usually painted as a negative repercussion but here, for the most part, the movie is certainly promoting its benefits. I have to say, one particular benefit had me craving for this power...I wont say what it is...its...its...well, a guy thing. Hey you girls got your sexy Thor/Loki thread so give me some slack here! Anyway, I digress (as usual).

The time travel premise have some set rules that nicely serves the narrative, although if you think too carefully in some scenes, you might find some minute flaws in the execution of the cause and effects which could have been made neater if extra attention was paid.

There is a moral message but you have to wait til the end to get what it is because it isnt so obvious as the film rolls. You might suspect things will happen in some ways as you watch the film but they dont and you might wonder, what's the story then, as I did for a while but let it roll and the point of it all comes at the end.

But that waiting for the end leads to my first little bit of criticism. This film clocks in at just over 2hours and it did feel a tad too long. There are quite a few points in the film which I feel could have been trimmed. Not sure if the screening I went to is a final cut, I suspect it is as its only 3 weeks more for its UK release date but I think it could have been about at least 10 minutes shorter.

So there are familiar faces from the aforementioned films in making small bit part appearances with the always awesome Bill Nighy justifiably anchoring a big chunk with his high calibre presence. Its also nice to see the late Richard Griffith one last time in a small funny bit part, one of our greatest character actors in UK, sadly gone now...or did the film makers travel back in time to get the shoot?

Ironically, i'm not actually a great fan of Richard Curtis previous movies but this film swims along with so much charm, English middle class idiosyncrasies, a lovely romance and a gentle pacing that flows with a steady beat from beginning to end. This is not a riotous comedy, its not a thriller, nor an adventure or even a film that draws any suspense towards the last act. Its a journey through a period of our time traveller's life, gently funny, poignant with a very clever and enjoyable time travelling premise.

A sweet 8/10

message 4: by Paul (last edited Nov 19, 2013 08:36AM) (new)

Paul | 341 comments Thanks, Tej. We definitely enjoy Richard Curtis films, and all the more with Time Travel. It's apparently in theaters in November, for those of us who don't get invited to Royal screenings as you do. If only they could find a role for Hugh Grant.

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul | 341 comments "About Time" finally made it to California and we absolutely loved it, for many of the same reasons Tej mentions above. Curtis had several opportunities to fall into cliché, but surprised me by taking a better path. Quite enjoyable, though perhaps a little slow for a 14 year old nephew with us -- no explosions and only one car crash scene, which we do see three times thanks to the wonders of Time Travel. We were also impressed by the beautiful scenery of Cornwall where, except for one unfortunate storm, it's apparently sunny most of the time. Can this be so, Tej?

message 6: by Matt (last edited Nov 19, 2013 11:05AM) (new)

Matt | 13 comments Tej wrote: one particular benefit had me craving for this power..."

That makes two of us...

Just saw this film over the weekend, I loved it and its message. If we could all have this mentality on a daily basis I think we would be a lot happier.

As Tej mentioned there were some flaws in the time travel scenarios, but it did not take away from the over all film.

One thing I did find very interesting in the film was the fact that (view spoiler)


message 7: by Tej (last edited Nov 24, 2013 03:49PM) (new)

Tej (TheyCallMeMrGlass) | 1675 comments Mod
Paul wrote: "We were also impressed by the beautiful scenery of Cornwall where, except for one unfortunate storm, it's apparently sunny most of the time. Can this be so, Tej? "

Ah, the joy of taking liberties in film making...anything is possible, lol. You're right to question Paul, it cannot possibly be so :)

Glad to see you guys went to see and even enjoyed this film. I dont expect such a film to get a wide release over there.

message 8: by Nathan, First Tiger (new)

Nathan Coops (icoops) | 539 comments Mod
I just had a chance to see this today and loved it. Heartwarming would be an understatement. I thought the acting was great. Bill Nighy as the father was spectacular, and for being a romance based film, Curtis once again did a great job of highlighting the other characters' relationships. The main character's relationship with the father was especially touching, but the uncle and sister were also very well done.
There were some time travel issues that nag at you of course but I was definitely able to just enjoy the story and go along for the ride. I'll see it again at some point for sure. Plenty there to appreciate in a repeat viewing.
I also walked away completely happy with the overall moral. It was expressed well, but they didn't beat you over the head with it. I'm sorry it's not getting more showings. Had to watch a Sunday afternoon matinee because the showtimes were so limited. It's competing with some box office titans right now but I was very pleased with it and hope more people get a chance to catch it while it's still in theaters.

message 9: by Garrett (new)

Garrett Smith (GarrettSmith) | 246 comments Tej,

Thanks to Nathan, I found this thread and have to weigh in.

We loved this movie and have ordered a copy for our library. Even Tim's small attempts at changing history, speak to the regret we all have when we realize that we could have been more attentive or thoughtful, or just cooler, and made a so so moment a great moment. It is a beautiful family love story, and the message at the end-to live fully in the moment-is one we take to heart.

How cool that you got to see an early release!

message 10: by Glynn (new)

Glynn | 231 comments I started to watch this and it seemed kind of silly and then I fell asleep and had to return it t the library the next day. Will have to check it out again and give it another go.

message 11: by Nathan, First Tiger (new)

Nathan Coops (icoops) | 539 comments Mod
Definitely worth watching to the end when you get a chance. It has some very moving and thought provoking scenes toward the end. Basically just a fun movie but has real substance too which is not always the case.

message 12: by Paul (new)

Paul | 341 comments Nathan wrote: "Definitely worth watching to the end when you get a chance. It has some very moving and thought provoking scenes toward the end. Basically just a fun movie but has real substance too which is not a..."

I agree. And it has an excellent cast to carry the message. Well worth a second run to the library. Hope you enjoy, Glynn. Good movie to start the New Year.

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