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message 1: by K, (new)

K, Nz | 149 comments I am wondering how best to tackle this, and if there's another librarian who would be willing to 'mentor', as I'm finding it's quite involved...?

What’s the best way to disambiguate a narrator?

As an example:

The one I would like to disambiguate is a narrator for 9781469263489, and probably others from Blackstone Audio, Brilliance, and Tantor Media.

These are the isbn's (apologies, I don't know how to include links) for the ones I know about from Dreamscape Media, where I haven't added the narrator name yet, until I know how many spaces :)






Nicola Barber has appeared on stage in New York and across the country, and can be seen with Scarlett Johnansson in The Nanny Diaries. She holds a degree in theatre arts from UNC-Chapel Hill, and has taken classes at the London Academy of Dramatic Art. She has been training and performing voiceovers since 2001, and can be heard in video games, animation, commercials, corporate videos, and audiobooks.

(source: Dreamscape)

If I was to contact Nicola and suggest she claim her 'Author' profile, is that ok?

I've come across Narrators who are GR Authors who haven't written books.

Some narrators have hundreds of audios to their credit, to me in some cases it seems easier to have 2 (or more) spaces for other authors, though I'm not sure that this is best practice, even if it is less work/easier if disambiguating is needed.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, though Narrators (if they're not also an author) seem to be more difficult to find directly on GR unless (I've found) there's a link via another audio book.

I'd appreciate any thoughts/advice.

Thanks very much.


message 2: by vicki_girl (new)

vicki_girl | 2765 comments Looking very briefly at the list of works, it seems that are at least 2 people name Nicola Barber, the narrator and an author of non-fiction. Skimming through, it appears that ~3/4 of the works are the nonfiction author. I would then give the narrator 2 spaces, and leave the rest in the current profile. Basically, all new works having that name are going to have one space in the imports, so the author/person that has the most works should get the single space profile.

I would separate out all the narrator works, to the extent practical, prior to inviting them to be a GR. They may be overwhelmed, if they see a big mess of works that aren't theirs under that name.

I agree that narrators are a little more difficult to find. However, that is a limitation of how the GR search is set up. When you search a narrators name, it only shows the primary edition of the book they narrated, which is rarely the audio version.

message 3: by K, (new)

K, Nz | 149 comments Dear Vicki-girl,

Thanks for clarifying, I wanted to avoid the overwhelm (for me and for the Narrator). How easy is it to check there isn't already someone by that name with 2 spaces??


message 4: by vicki_girl (new)

vicki_girl | 2765 comments On the author page, select 'edit data' in the bottom right corner of the author data box. On the author edit page, on the right under all the copyright info, there is a link for 'similar names'. Clicking on that will show any authors in the GR databse with similar names, with the number of spaces included in the name in the grey text under the name.

message 5: by K, (new)

K, Nz | 149 comments Thanks heaps - that will be very helpful :)


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