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George Pritchard I am new to Goodreads. I have yet to set up my "Author" page. Here is a review of my new book- my first from an avid Good reads reader, Becky Harlan Laughlin

“A wild, juicy history of four families whose lives converge in bucolic Barrington in the sixties, with a sly eye to the future. Laced with poetry, music, philosophical musings and baseball, it ranges from the Midwest to Texas, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic and beyond. It exposes the underpinnings of a seemingly perfect, privileged community, while it celebrates the singular landscapes and characters that existed in a special place and time.”

Four Fathers Volume One "For Whom the Book Tells." is an ongoing confection. Volume One ends in Barrington, Illinois in 1965.

I will complete Volume Two "Huckleberry Friend" (ending in Barrington in 1967) by the end of this October. I am adding a thread to that volume which has been otherwise finished in its entirety. I will complete Volume Three "Lad on a Softened Stoop," (ending in, you guessed it- Barrington in 1969) by year end, when I add five chapters to the eight I have written.

There will be, at least, a total of eight Volumes, with Volume Four, "Inside a Pair of Dice' covering my years Princeton. An Octology in progress, if you will. The sleepy little Village of Barrington is a central character. Chicagoland is also an important locus.

George Pritchard From page two of the English Newspaper, A. M. Costa Rica, today's edition-

"...Santa Ana resident George Pritchard Harris, 61, is using his experience growing up in the turmoil of the 60s for a fictional series.

He has just completed his first book “For Whom the Book Tells,” the first of four installments of the “Four Fathers” series.

The novel follows four characters as they travel around the United States in the late 1960s while they try to negotiate social changes and cultural battles...

...Life experience especially in his youth played a great role in the novel for Harris, who said that even the setting is as important as the characters. The starting point and home of the main characters is in the area where Harris grew up.

“The central character is the town of Barrington, Illinois,” he said...

For the full article-

For the Amazon link to "For Whom the Book Tells-"

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