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And do we need to know...

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Ladydlj I understand how u feel for yourself.....but i enjoyed getting the entire picture of this man, flaws and is our business to know who runs our a broader picture of HIM, instead of just the Camelot America for embrassing all sides of life and truth!!

Ellen Kennedy's escapades were not a surprise. He knew that all of that would come to light someday, since he wasn't secretive about his affairs and he was warned that the FBI kept a file on his activities. What was more interesting to me was exposing the way he and Bobbie treated Lyndon Johnson; and the fact that Oswald didn't hate Kennedy. Oswald just wanted his 15 minutes of fame -- Kennedy happened to be a convenient target for him on that fateful day! It's an historical account of a powerful man well worth reading; and maybe a good lesson for those in power now and in the future (except for Clinton of course!).

Jo Ann I'm sorry but I feel it's part of his story. Do we leave out all the six wives from Henry the Eighth story?

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Ellen RE Oswald's opinions or lack thereof about JFK, read Marina Oswalds Warren Commission testimony. And I am sure Jackie felt she had lived in Camelot. But Camelot was a ficticious realm and being a very intelligent woman her statement may have been ironic...

So many questions we will never know the answers, but its good to listen to all opinions whether we agree or not, and to be curious!

Licha I do think it paints a picture of the man. What's even more serious as I kept reading about all his sexual conquests was how easily security could have been compromised with all his dalliances. It was a time of turmoil and with the impending threat of a WWIII, yes, his affairs could have been a real danger if one of these women happened to be a spy. We all need to learn from history what mistakes we make, so I feel it was important his affairs be listed.

That being said, I don't think it was necessary to add the particulars of JFK and Jackie's personal sex life. It did paint a sad portrait of how lonely Jackie probably was, but it was not necessary to have such things revealed.

Corey I agree with Licha and Ladydlj. Giving us insight into every aspect of JFK's personal life also gives us insight into the man. And it probably accomplishes O'Reilly's goal of explaining WHY there have been so many varied theories when it comes to Kennedy's assassination, not only the suspects people have named, but also possible motives. Nevertheless, Bill's research seems to once and for all show us the obvious truth: Oswald acted alone, and Ruby(already suffering from a brain tumor) killed Oswald as a vengeful act of patriotism.

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