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Okay,Time for character making! Note:All characters except mod characters must be approved.

Husband/Wife: ((Optional))

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Name:June Leonardo
Personality:June is a fun girl to be around. She has many friends and people hate to see her sad or mad. She is an extreme animal lover and she has a cornsnake named Sandy that looks like this~ As well as her cornsnake she has two cats.
And Rumpleteaser: [image error]
June is very intelligent. She puts her mind to her studies and gets straight A's. She is very outgoing and gregarious though so she doesn't love to study. Her favorite subject is science but she hates when she has to disect animals. It makes her extremely sad.
History:June was born in New York City with her family. Her mother is a famous designer and her father is a newberry winning author. They are a happy family wherever they are and June is also an amazing writer because her father taught her a few tricks. The family was always rather wealthy and it seems that it will stay that way. June is studying to be a scientist and is working hard. She is not spoiled at all.
~Mother-Amanda Leonardo 50
~Father-Elias Leonardo 52
~Sister-Maggie Leonardo 13
Other:Wears this all the time~

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian Name: Zina Midnight.

Age: 17

Personality: Zina is an introvert, and is usually quiet unless she has something good to say. She’s a good listener, and tries to help with problems other people have. She is very secretive, and doesn’t tell anyone her problems. Zina is extremely smart, and loves riddles and thought-provoking questions. It is very rare that she is fooled, as she is extremely good at observing people. She is extremely persuasive.

Appearance: very tall and thin, really pretty.

History: Zina was born in Maine, her mother is an extremely famous writer, and her father is a neurosurgeon. She is extremely pampered, but doesn't show it.

Mother-Amelie Midnight, 47
Father- Ektor Midnight, 50
Brother-Ray Midnight, 12

Boyfriend: Open.

Other: Wears these types of things:

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Name: Neve Marley

Age: 17

Personality: Neve is funny and outgoing. She's the type of girl who is always nice to people who are nice to her, but she can get a bit... not nice to others. She's very smart. She's very good at listening and (trying) to help others with their problems. Neve is extremely adventurous.

Neve has short brown hair. She's fair skinned, with freckles, and large brown eyes. She has a great smile with straight, white teeth, and a small button nose.

History: Neve was born in Colorado. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom, and Neve's father died three years ago. Growing up, her family had just enough to keep them alive, but just barely. Their home was a tiny, two bedroom apartment, which was not enough space for a growing family. From age six, Neve knew that she wanted to be a writer.

Mother-- Samantha Marley (44)
Father (deceased)-- James Marley
Brother-- Hollan Marley (16)
Brother-- Kennon Marley (14)
Sister-- Samantha (Sam) Marley (12)
Sister-- Alice Marley (9)
Sister-- Eve Marley (2)

Boyfriend: Open

Other: She wears loose, soft clothes. She likes jeans, a light, soft shirt or blouse, and sneakers. She wears no jewelry except for this--

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Okay Hadley now you can tell what your mansion-or house looks like in the mansion thread and I can create a mansion discussion for you.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 17 comments Name: Sierra Roth
Age: 14
Personality: Sierra is very quiet and anti social. She like to be by her self. She is very intellegent unlike her sisters. Sierra loves to read and is a very good artist. She is very sensitive and hardly stands up for herself.
History: Sierra was born to a Lilian and Darren Roth who are a famous singer and rapper. She grew up having lots of money and most thought she was spoiled. She never really liked all the attention she got growing up. She could never be like other kids because the paparazzi would try to take her picture.
Family: Lillan Roth (38) Famous singer
Darren Roth (39) Famous Rapper
Rachel Roth (16) Older sister
Kenzi Roth (16) Older sister
Emmy Roth (10) Little sister
Tanner Roth (5) Little brother
Husband/Wife: No
Children: No
Other: Sierra's older sisters are both Cheerleaders.

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Kassandra Patti Name: Storm Nightail
Age: 17
Personality: Storm is like most only kids that are born into rich families, she's a bit of a snob, she likes to think of herself most of the time but those rare moments where she cares enough to help you out and sound sincere about it.
History: Her mother is a top designer, and she spoiled her daughter rotten after her father left them. Storm had to put up major walls, she no longer wanted to keep anyone close incase they would just up and leave her.
Family: Mother-- Nicole Nightail.
Husband/Wife: Nope none she's too young!
Children: None.
Other: She plays polo.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 17 comments Cool

♫Ñádïra *Mischief Managed!געראטן שאָדן!*♫ | 155 comments Mod
Okay now you guys can tell me about your mansions so that I can create them.........

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 17 comments okay

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♫Ñádïra *Mischief Managed!געראטן שאָדן!*♫ | 155 comments Mod
Name: Samuel Roselett
Personality:Samuel is a reckless person. He loves to take risks and do things that he knows that people would hate. On the other hand he is very responsible. He knows when he has gone too far and he would never do anything life threatening.
Samuel is also very intelligent. He always gets top grades and has never gotten lower than a C+ in school.He is studying to be a math teacher.
He is very funny as well. He never can get through a day without telling a joke with varying signs of stupidness. Even so many people laugh at the way he tells them. He won't just say it blandly. He'll say it with funny accents and actions which make it hard not to laugh.
Appearance:Samuel stands at 5'10" so he is not SUPER tall but not at all short.
History:Samuel's parents are both bank managers for different banks. He was born in California and moved to upstate New York and bought a mansion where his family now lives. He has many friends and frequently invites them to his mansion,not to show off but to let them have fun and things like that.
~Mother-Lillian Roselett 49
~Father-Robert Roselett 50
~ Brother-Luke Roselett 11
Other:He plays the violin. And a great one too~

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Name: Danielle Minks
Nickname: Danny
Age: 19
Personality: Honestly, Danny doesn't like being rich. She would much rather be writing songs and singing in Nashville. She is funny, and since her parents have made it pretty clear going to Nashville will be the day that food ate people, she decided to make the most of living in rich.
History: Danny was born in Florida and moved to Tuscon, Arizona when she was 7. She never played guitar until the guy who was going to fix her computer showed her chords. Her parents hate each other, but they didn't divorce because they believed they will be more famous if they are married.
-Mother-Amiee Minks-48-judge on the X factor
-Father-Nicholaí Minks-52-actor, starred in many movies
-Brother-Lucas Minks-13
-Sister-Paige Minks-24-model with Victoria Secret.
Other: feels out of place in her family.

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Name: Luke Nevley
Age: 19
Personality: Not snobby, but really tough, and likes snobby girls. Thnks about himself most of the time, but there are some moments when he's really sincere.
Luke is 5'11, and kinda tall.
Family: Mother-Lilac Mason-49
Father-Michael Nevley-54
Sister-Luna Nevley-16

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Darby *Dog ate my homework* (darby1114) | 39 comments Name: Britney Coleman
Age: 20
Personality: Snobby, spoiled girl who is very picky about who she hangs out with. She is full of herself an d thinks she's is higher class then everyone else.
Other: She likes to horse back ride and take a dip in her pool. She also has has an older brother that is not as snobby and accttualy tries to give Britney frequent reality checks

She wears julary like this: and this and this and this

♫Ñádïra *Mischief Managed!געראטן שאָדן!*♫ | 155 comments Mod
Okay Dobby,Could you add a smidge more?

Darby *Dog ate my homework* (darby1114) | 39 comments Is that good?

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Name: Piper Ross
Nickname: P
Age: 21
Personality: Piper is very tough, and a lot of people are scared of her. She can be really caring though, and awesome to her BFF's Danny, June, and Zina. She spends a lot of time playing feild hockey. Piper isn't very snobby, but can be rude and snappy to boys. All the boys crush on her.
Appearance: [image error]
History: Piper lived in San Fransisco, but moved to (where ever) when she was 12. Her mother got a job as a producer and....$$$$!!!!
Kathryn Ross-Movie Producer
Daniel Ross-Actor
Brother-Noah Ross-Model

♫Ñádïra *Mischief Managed!געראטן שאָדן!*♫ | 155 comments Mod
Good Dobby!~And Julia.

Darby *Dog ate my homework* (darby1114) | 39 comments So approved?!?!?

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3Estelle  (3Estelle) | 5 comments Full Name: Estelle Olivia Neal
Age: 16
DOB (Date of birth): October 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Curly blond shoulder length hair, with dark blue eyes. She always wears a black dress. Has a pink skull tattoo on the bottom of her foot. Always wears brown caramel boots to cover it up because she is shy.
Dressing Style:
Significant objects: Her dead mothers bracelet(see dressing styles).
Personality: Very shy around boys.
Loves to talk. Trys to contain her tears inside her while she is thinking about her family. Collects bobby pins in her spare time. Makes jewelry but refuses to try them on.
Likes/Dislikes: Her mothers bracelet and hunting.

Background History: 5-8 Her parents were both killed. Her older brother is starving to death. She was raised until she realized what she really wanted to be. Her uncle raised her after her parents did. Her aunt committed suicide from her husbands death.
Strength and Weakness: Very powerful when nobody is around, but her weakness is guys.
Family: Her older brother, Charles(Charlotte, from what she calls him).
Relationship status: Single

♫Ñádïra *Mischief Managed!געראטן שאָדן!*♫ | 155 comments Mod
Um,your pic doesn't work for her appearance but otherwise,

♫Ñádïra *Mischief Managed!געראטן שאָדן!*♫ | 155 comments Mod
Darby *Let it pour* wrote: "So approved?!?!?"

Yes Dobby,

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3Estelle  (3Estelle) | 5 comments Oh yesyesyes!!

♫Ñádïra *Mischief Managed!געראטן שאָדן!*♫ | 155 comments Mod
Ha ha yup! Now if you want a mansion go to the 'Mansions' topic and create your mansion and I'll make it! Sound good?

Darby *Dog ate my homework* (darby1114) | 39 comments Name: Jesse Coleman
Age: 25
Personality: He is not snobby. He always had a girlfriend and always tries to only see what's in reality. Which is hard to do with a sister who fantasizes about herself. She tries to pick the best friends and girlfriends based on his standards. He's fun to be with. He's considered cool. And he always tries to crack a joke.
History: He was adopted when he was born. And two and a half years later Britney was born so they've been siblings for life. But not Blood siblings.
Family: Mom- Chealsey Coleman- house wife. Dad- Josh Coleman- Owner if a multi media company and is a billianiar.

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Luna S.g. | 2 comments Name: Clementine Malaysia
Nickname: Clemmy
Age: 18
Personality: Funny, bubbly, kinda snobby sometimes, clueless and wants a boyfriend.
Hyacinth Malaysia: Director of Mission Impossible
Ravi Malaysia: Computer Designer
Rose Malaysia: Model for SEVENTEEN
Other: wears this: [image error]

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Name: Justin McClint
NIckname: Jay
Age: 20
Personality: Rude, and tough, but still has a nice side. Lives in a mansion too big to be home. Surfs all the time. Has soft side and can be hurt by a lot of things.
History: Lived in London, and is British.
Ellie McClint-Famous singer from the '80's
Timothy McClint: Actor
Sarah McClint: Sister, model
Other: Has always had a crush on June Leonardo

♫Ñádïra *Mischief Managed!געראטן שאָדן!*♫ | 155 comments Mod
Name:Ethan Cohen
Personality: Ethan is a nice guy. He's strong and athletic and sure,has a bunch of friends,but really has a lot more going on in his head than he admits. He maintains good grades even though he really likes playing Basketball or something or other. People like him,and he likes them but he doesn't like inviting people to his house except his girlfriend-Danny because he feels embarrassed showing them his lavishly big comfortable home.
History: Ethan always lived where he lives now. He likes it that way. He's seen the town in upstate New York grow and change. He is a bit spoiled but he doesn't ask for much at all really. He has 2 sisters and 1 brother to compete with along with his mother, father and aunt so they have a big family. But their mansion is so big that they could fit ten more people in it.
Mother~Emily Cohen 49:Famous country singer
Father~Marc Cohen 50:Owns a chain of department stores
Sister~Amara Cohen 14:Model for a fashion magazine
Sister~Ellen Cohen 11: Nothing yet,but super popular in her school.
Brother~Noah Cohen 12:Super awesome baseball player.
Aunt~Jolee Cohen 45:Famous designer.

Husband/Wife: ((Optional))
Other: Danny's boyfriend.

♥Booknerdswift♥ Name: Isabella Anderson(Iz or Izzy for short)
Age: 16
Personality: smart, fun, sweet, charming, caring
History: Isabella, always has moved around a lot, parents' jobs', so she doesn't exactly know what 'home' means, until she gets this one, which she stays in, for the rest of her life.
Mother- Caroline Anderson-actress
Father- Andy Anderson-actress
Sister- Alice Anderson-fashion designer
Husband/Wife: none
Children: none
Other: loves music and knows a lot about it

Name: Alice Anderson
Age: 15
Personality: fun, annoying to her big sister, Isabella, sweet
History: same as Isabella's
Family: same as Isabella's
Husband/Wife: none
Children: none
Other: takes private dance and gymnastic lessons

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