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Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 790 comments *AI Connection Screen comes up*

*Connection successful, Lobby creation successful, Guest identified as "skye" Is Registered to Access this Database*

It's done..

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skye jenner (kyliegirl101) | 76 comments aw yay! ok what should we do

Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 790 comments Well, Im all for Paranormal.

Any others i'l have to consider.

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skye jenner (kyliegirl101) | 76 comments ok wanna do vamp?

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skye jenner (kyliegirl101) | 76 comments sort of like twilight

Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 790 comments I suppose.

Nothing based off of twilight or any other vampire series, please, Just.. Pure.. Vampire roleplay.

Im not a hater of twilight like most people are, don't worry, im just a little Meh about it.

Let's just do a Vamp RP Not based off of anything.

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skye jenner (kyliegirl101) | 76 comments ok thats fine id love too

Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 790 comments Alright.. i'l take a character of mine from some other group, moment.

Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 790 comments Full name: "Durandal" Dante Cyrus Malcolm

Age: 17 (968)

Gender: M

Date of birth (DOB): He has long forgotten when it was exactly, and in-fact tries not to remember.

Human or Vampire: Vampire

Appearance: Quite the long Shoulderlength black hair he has, A Left Green eye, Right Red eye, Surprisingly tall for his Human age, And fairly Bulky, A low pitched Shadow the hedgehog-like voice, He also always seems to have a glare on his face. (More details will come later.)


A Simple life, A simple life is all Dante wanted, But no, Fate had to be a Cruel Mistress, And turn him into this Monstrosity.

He once had a simple life, he once had what he wanted, As an only child, With a mother and father, It was a very nice life for him, It was common, everyday activities, Going to the Zoo, School, and such other places.

Until one night, This common day home turns into a Constant bad memory for Dante.

His home is intruded upon right at night, by a lone, Shady, Robed figure, The three dwellers of the house, Dante, Mother, And Father completely unaware in their sleep, This individual looks around, eventually coming upon Dante's room, And sees a 14 Year old, Although looking significantly tall for his age, This individual let out a smirk behind his Shadow, And slowly approached The Asleep Cyrus..

That's when Dante woke up, only to feel Pain, Nulling, And Alot of Dizziness the moment he does, This individual was a child of the night, A Vampire, After draining him, Dante fell unconcious, And laid there, Limply.

This individual Smirked, And Brought Dante with him to some kind of Crypt, Where Dante awakened, Feeling completely Different, he felt physically invincible, Yet inside.. He felt drained, Hungry..

He looks upon a Figure in the shadows, "..Where am i.." Dante says, most to himself.

The figure turns, it was the same individual: "Ah, your awake.."

"Where am i?" Dante asks again."

"Oh, Nowhere.." The individual says.

Dante starts to glare: "Where am i?"

"Oh come now, surely your more concerned about why you feel different, Yes?"

"..." Dante didn't reply, he didn't have anything to say.

"That's right.. I changed you, Felt that numbness on your neck? Felt that sharp pain the moment you woke? Can you guess what i am? Can you guess what i did to you?" The Individual asks.

Dante only glared even more: "...You.. Bastard..."

"Very good.. But it's not like you can do anything to rever-" The Individual is suddenly tackled by Dante.

"YOU BASTARD!" Dante yells.

The two get into a fight from there, Eventually ending with Dante managing to Grab the figure by the neck and Slam him into the wall, Hard.

"You killed me.. Now i kill you." Dante says.

"Go ahead... Do it." The figure says as if it was no big deal.

Dante suddenly plunges his hand in the figures chest full strength, pulling out his heart, and throwing it to the ground, The figure lays silent, Chest open, Dante let's him go, causing the Brutally killed Figure to fall down on the floor.

Dante sighs, Already knowing he's got a Long way to go..

He proceeds to exit the crypt, and, doesn't bother to return home, He might endanger Them, plus he was A Vampire now, he simply couldn't go out into the Sunlight.

"...Damn him.." Dante says, Silently letting tears fall down his face, he just sits there.

"..I guess i'l.. Have to start a new.. Life.." He says to himself.

And so that was when he renamed himself from Dante to Durandal, And thus, he was a lone, Non-social, Depressed Vampire ever since.

Many, Many, Many years have passed for Durandal, and yet he still can't get over that memory, he just wishes once.. Just once, Someone would understand his situation with true sympathy, Human or Vampire, he wouldn't care which, he just wanted True understanding, not just a 'Im so sorry', Nowanights.. He wanders the world, eternal depression falling over him, he truly misses his former life. "Oh well.. At least the one who made me is.. Truly Dead." He says to himself, trying to find the bright side in all of this Darkness, but Alas...

Personality: Non-social, Depressed, Kind, And Sympathizing, Easy to piss off, to get a secret from him you'd have to be a true friend to him, really.

Family: Consult history for more info.

Crush: N/A As of right now.

Girlfriend: None yet.

Other: Durandal/Dante is Faster, And Stronger, than a normal vampire, His extra strength helps, but his additional Speed allows him to go to the point where he can dodge a Bullet, literally, he can dodge a gunshot, it is unknown however if he can do this at point blank range, and unlikely, but still possible.

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skye jenner (kyliegirl101) | 76 comments two difernent color eyes......................................................................

Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 790 comments Yes, what of it?

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Kendall Jenner | 4 comments Can I join?

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Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 790 comments ...Well, You two are sisters, from what i'v seen.

Very well.

*Guest Registered as "Kendall" Has been added to access list.*

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skye jenner (kyliegirl101) | 76 comments yes sis you can join ur my sis so of course.

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Kendall Jenner | 4 comments Yes we are sisters!

Thanks sis!

Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 790 comments Right, well, back to the topic..

Your turns to make characters.


No i don't know why i said that.

Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 790 comments Cha still there?

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