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Abigail   (Rose_Way) | 4 comments my character is a female version of captain america who was there from the war to the present day she is not full human she is an African princess who grew up in texis be cause the country was lost to history

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Abigail   (Rose_Way) | 4 comments Name:[superhero] original:american dream
new:Captain Africa
civilen Jennifer[maiden name] mor [married name] rogers
Age:war before being frozen: 18. 2007: 25. now 2012:30
Personality: IQ of 200
Place of Birth(Earth or no?):an African country lost to history
Family: African:killed when it was lost to history
new Avengers
Short History:born in Africa in a place called thanagare but grew up in texis but not being able to walk or talk then at 13 went to brook land to work with other scienctists to create the worlds first super soldier which they did which created Captain america but in 1943 was koked out in an explosin above the ice caps and was frozen in ice until found by S.H.E.I.L.D. and when the avengers first started she joind knowing they would find captain america
Crush/In a relationship?:married to Steven 'Steve' Rogers aka captain america

Power/Ability:mind powers, super speed, super strength, can fly, takes in radiation, can create things out of thin air like bows and arows, telapathic mind and meny unkown powers
How did you get it?:born with then
Person you want to protect most:her husband and kids
Your enemy:red skul
Weakness(have fun with this XD):losing her powers and her family and Many unknown powers that if she loses control of she will kill herself and anyone close to her

Apperence: blond, blue eyes, tall, wears make up when fighting
Your 'Super' Oufit:female version of captain america
Weapon/Gagets: sheild, a sword like thors hammer same power bot with plants instaid of lighting, a thanagerian sword which disruptes magic powers of who she choses but canot be used by somone not of thanagarian origin and powers that come from her hands
What do you use to get around?:flying but also uses captain america's motorbike to get round

other: has 3 kids Steven, James, Jennifer
married captain America in 2003

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