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Haley | 9502 comments Mod
The front yard and entrance of the Mikaelson Manor

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Kane arrived in a long, black limosine. It rolled slowly, ominously, and mysteriously over to the ball, and then it stopped in front of it. The driver stepped out and went over to the back, opening the door on the right. Then the Big Red Monster came out, dressed in his usual flaming outfit, (which was not exactly formal...more uncivilized looking than anything else, but his outfit was certainly more civilized compared to the tarzan-looking outfit he always wore, which didn't cover his entire torso). When Kane stepped out, he paid the driver his fee, then he looked up at the building, quickly stuffing his gift for Rowan in his pocket. He knew that the moment had come.

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Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments Iris pulled up in a mustang, red. She sat in the passenger side. Jake driving the car next to her.

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Tessa came shorty after her hair pulled back in a bun with sparkling clips

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Kane watched the other two vehicles as they came up.

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She walked past Kane smirking

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Kane saw Tessa walk past him, but he couldn't recognize her behind the mask. But she looked so familiar.

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Bye dad. She thought smiling

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Kane at first was shocked. But then he started laughing out loud, surprised at himself for not recognizing her.

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She chuckled shaking her head

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"Well, this is a surprise," Kane said, following her.

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She smiled softly "How so?" She asked

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"No one told me you were coming," Kane said. "But don't worry, I won't tell anyone your identity."

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She shrugged "I can't believe you didn't know when Ella spent the last few hours doing my hair."

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CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments Jake stopped the engineer. He saw Kane in the distance. "Joy..." He mumbled getting out.

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"I kept thinking you and Ryan were going somewhere."

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Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments Iris got out with him, "Jake don't make him mad please. I don't want to fight at this party. Do you know how many human are here? So much could go wrong." She said walking to his side, looking concerned.

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CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments He turned quickly to face her. "Know your place Iris. You are not my mother." He said, eyes blazing.

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Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments "I'm sorry for being concerned for your well-being." She yelled at him. Quickly flashing her gaze at Kane them back at Jake.

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Kane suddenly whipped his head over, seeing Iris and Jake. He didn't mind seeing Iris there, but he wasn't so sure about Jake.

message 21: by CHRI$ (new)

CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments "Your not concerned for me, It's him isn't it?" Jake smiled at her.

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Tessa looked at Iris for a second "It's her." She said softly

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"So you know her, too," Kane said quietly, never taking his gaze off Jake and Iris.

message 24: by Celeste (new)

Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments She threw her hands up. "Why do you always think I'm in love with someone new every day?" Rage swelled in her. "He was my friend, i would rather not see him killed."

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"No," Tessa said shaking her head "Ella was talking about how she felt something off in your room. She told me about how the scent was off and she taught me a way to tell. She's not happy with you by the way." Tessa said before walking away

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CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments He gritted his teeth. "Fine, anything for you." He said watching her, taking her hand in his. "For now." He whispered.

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"Well, guess what, it wasn't my fault she was in my room. I got a huge surprise when I saw her there."

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"That's not why Ella's mad." She said softly

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

"Then why is she mad?"

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"Because you fed off her. That's the scent that was off in the room."

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"I was hungry," Kane said. "I did it strictly for my own animalistic reasons."

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Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments "Jake, if you kill him...Then I'm going to have to tell the council about how your a vampire." She said adjusting his collar of his jacket, along with the bow tie. She smiled to him.

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"It's because of the feelings Kane, you forget how sensitive Ella is to things like that."

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Kane sighed. "Guess I scared her then."

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CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments "That's why I love you." He grabbed her wrists and putting them to her side.

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"You didn't scare her you upset her." Tessa said fixing her mask

message 37: by Celeste (new)

Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments "Liar." She said playfully, and laughed.

message 38: by CHRI$ (new)

CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments He smiled, but it faded quickly. "Iris, when did you let Kane feed off you?" He had heard hat part straight from Kane.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

"Why does everything have to turn against me?" Kane mumbled to himself.

message 40: by Celeste (new)

Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments She bite her lips. "Jake....It's...not...really." She shaked her head not knowing how to say it. She had finally mad her relationship better with Jake, this will ruin it.

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CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments "I just broke our deal. I'm going to kill that bastard!" He said turning to heading towards Kane.

message 42: by Celeste (new)

Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments "NO!" She grabbed his arm. "'s not all his doing. I was just as bad, I let him." She said pleading in her eyes.

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

"I haven't and Ella's just hurt." Tessa said quietly

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CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments "Iris..I suggest you let go before you join him." He said slapping her hand away.

message 45: by Celeste (new)

Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments "If you fight him, Jake, I will stand with Kane."

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CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments He pulled her into the bushes near by. "Your not going to fight." He putted his knife from his pocket.

message 47: by Celeste (new)

Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments "Funny, we are both vampires how will that hurt?" She snorted at him. Crossing her hands over her chest.

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CHRI$ Miller | 198 comments "The knife is wood, painted metal. The blade spelling to not come out until the wielder says so. The cherry on top is it's got vervain on the blade." He smiled at her.

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Kane snarled when he heard Jake saying he would kill him. "Tessa, this area is no longer safe anymore. I suggest you go inside."

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Celeste Biersack | 3962 comments "I call your bluff Jake."

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