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Elizabeth's secret
Cyd Cyd Oct 11, 2012 08:48AM
Do you think Elizabeth ever tells Armen about Karine's suicide? This seems like a horrible secret to always have looming in your marriage.

If I remember correctly, I think the novel states that both Armen and Elizabeth had secrets that they kept from each other. I felt pretty strongly that she never told him. And I agree with Sue and Mindy that she kept it secret to spare him.

Some things are just too painful to talk about. I bet survivors of horrible tragedies keep a lot of things to themselves.

I don't think that Elizabeth evertells Armen about Karine. I think that she does this because she want to protect him and I feel that this also why both Armen and Elizabeth hide there history of the genocide from there family.

I don't think Elizabeth ever tells Armen about Karine's death, she wanted to spare him from the added guilt of his wife's suicide. I agree, it was a horrible secret to hold on to, as granparents they seemed to be somewhat sad and haunted from the past.

I don't thinks she tells him. The novel, at its core, is about survival...the survival of the genocide, the survival of relationships and her marriage and her family's life would not have survived if she had told him. Her keeping the secret goes with the basic theme of the novel.

In an interview, C.B. said that there were two characters burdened with secrets for all those years. Is the other one Armen? If so, what's his secret?

Did he never talk about killing his former friend? Or all those other folks? I can't really think why he wouldn't.

Honestly, for me the love between Armen and Elizabeth didn't work. I sort of rolled with it until Karine's death, but I didn't see anything in Elizabeth's character that made me think she would be able to still feel close to someone from whom she was keeping such a huge, terrible secret. (Also, I figured out what was going to happen to Karine pretty early on.)

It also didn't help that it seemed awfully soon for Armen to be throwing in with someone after his family disappears. And Elizabeth is, for her time period, a bit of a floozy. I could easily see it as a kind of whirlwind one-night-stand for both of them, but not something to build a whole life on.

I was surprised that no one else at the hospital or outside the consulate figured out who she (Karine, I mean)was. But, I don't think Elizabeth every told Armen. What a horrific secret to keep all those years.

My first inclination was to assume Elizabeth was being selfish, not trying to jeopardize her relationship with Armen. But soon realized she was sparing him the guilt of knowing his actions caused Karine's death. It must have been a burden she carried her whole marriage. Not sure she felt guilt though.

I don't think she ever tells Armen either. I think it shows her deep love for him - she will suffer the secret alone.

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