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Paganalexandria  | 3962 comments Thanks can't wait to read it.

message 2: by Venice (new)

Venice Kennedy (VeniceKennedy) | 70 comments How nice is that! Thanks DeLeetra. I wish you much success with it!

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Nooniemom | 466 comments Thank you, how generous of you!

postcrdprincess | 302 comments I have put it on my TBR list.

Sigourney "Ripley" Reader (Madameloulew) | 143 comments This was hilarious! It's been a while since i laughed this hard at a book!

message 6: by Kyami (new)

Kyami Just downloaded from Amazon!!! That is super nice and I'll be sure to read it :)

Sigourney "Ripley" Reader (Madameloulew) | 143 comments DeLeetra wrote: "Thank you everyone you all are awesome and thank Ripley (fabulous name by the way loved all the Alien movies) glad you enjoyed the book."

thanks. :) can't knock my namesake. lol

By the way, the only real criticism i have about your book is that i felt like everything happened too quickly. The development of the relationship felt rushed. Also the emotional romantic stuff was laid on too thickly, too- uhhh- cliche i think the word is... i believe if they had such a connection then there should be things left unsaid but understood. Other than that i loved the characters.

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