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Jack (finsfan) | 1 comments I just finished Rebecca and found an inconsistency, not sure if it was intended or not. The Narrator says "I wish I were a woman of 36, dressed in black satin with a string of pearls!" Later Maxim says "one day when you reach that exalted age of 35..." Is this intentional to show he wasn't listening earlier? An Honest mistake by Du Maurier? Any ideas? Thanks!!

I've also found a couple of sites online quoting my first reference as "a woman of ABOUT 36". Now I'm not even sure of that part. My edition was terrible with numerous mistakes, btw.

Addendum: I have an audiobook that has the same mistake in it but found a PDF online that does NOT have the mistake. First edition anyone?!?!

Monique | 61 comments I'm intrigued! I'll look about and see if I can find any info. Thanks for the hunt!

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