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Name: Maxence Étienne Marshall, goes by Max

Nationality: English

Spoken Languages: English, French

Place of Birth: Courchevel, France

Age/Date of Birth: 19; 13 February, 1993


Eyes: Depending on the lighting his eyes can be grey, blue, or green. Almond-shaped. Not wide-set or close-set.

Hair: Dark brown hair, long enough to sweep across his forehead. He usually combs through it with his fingers to make it stick up in random places.

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

General Appearance: He has a thin face, complimented by his eyes. His lips are on the thin side, and his teeth are white and straight. His skin is lightly tanned, but he is still rather pale. Sometimes neglects to shave, and is a bit stubbly.

Very lean, but well muscled. He likes to tell his friends that his biceps are larger than theirs, and it's no lie. Very well proportionated. He likes to run and play football (soccer).

Almost always smiling, but when he's not he appears to be forlorn or brooding. It's obvious that he is very confident by the way he carries himself. He doesn't fold his arms across his chest like he's guarding something, but rather sticks his hands in his pockets when he isn't walking or holding something.

Dressing Style: He doesn't really look like the type who loves to shop, but he is. Three quarters length pants and skinny (but not too skinny) jeans are his bottoms of choice. He likes to wear t-shirts. When he's wearing a suit he refuses to wear a tie, claiming that they restrict his airway too much.

Personality: He is genuinely a nice guy, always trying to make people smile or laugh. He's very funny, and if he gets you annoyed or mad he'll make you laugh in a second and forget why he annoyed you. He has kind of a twisted sense of humor, so don't worry if you don't understand his jokes, or if you do and don't find them funny. Very outgoing and confident, he actually does try to befriend people. He doesn't like to see someone all by themself, and he doesn't like to see people that are miserable. Despite his confidence, he is afraid of rejection.

Likes: Football (soccer), the colour red, cookie dough, his mouth, pasta, pizza, The Fray, Phoenix, Coldplay, piano, his Porsche, milkshakes, Twitter, the cinema, films, music, Pepsi, Armani Mania aftershave, chocolate, scrambled eggs, fruit smoothies, ice cream, SoBe herbal drinks, massages, TOMS, Converse, apples, the Beatles, Starbucks, coffee, change.

Dislikes: Snobby girls, liquorice, fangirling, girls who use him, sparkly vampires, werewolves, zombies, banshees, the smell of nail polish, Megan Fox, Red Bull, any tea beside herbal, the smell of SoBe Strawberry Daiquiri, bears, campfires, smoke, cigarettes, overbearing people, old people on Facebook, animal crackers, canned cheese, whipped cream from a can, Justin Bieber, American football, basketball, unnaturally coloured animals, people that aren't genuine (and that includes plastic surgery).

Habits/Mannerisms: He runs his hand through his hair quite a lot. Whenever he is nervous his fingers start to twitch. You can tell when he is tired because he stares at one spot until distracted by something else.

Strengths: Friendly, funny, loyal, genuine, honest, confident, gentleman-like.

Weaknesses: Sometimes he can be a bit annoying, he hates to be alone, struggles with serious situations.

Background Story: Maxence was born in France in 1993 to his parents, Owen Marshall and Isaline Bilodeau. Nothing eventful really ever happened to him. His parents are very rich, so he was always allowed to do whatever he wanted, when he wanted. He was spoiled, but he wasn't a brat about it.

Dreamer or Realist? Dreamer.

Arts or Science? Art.

Handy Work or Studies? Handy work.

Beauty or Efficiency? Efficiency.

Complex or Simple? Depends. If I'm in the mood to figure something out, complex. If I'm stressed, simple.

The moon is? Cheese.

Flowers are? Pretty.

Poetry is? A word to describe that which cannot be described. How do you define poetry? You don't. You just...Yeah.

Anything else: Allergic to peanuts and blue dyes.

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Name: Lennon Payne Jackson

Nationality: American. Now.

Spoken Languages: English

Place of Birth: London, England

Age/Date of Birth: 17; 23 April




[image error]



Eyes: His eyes can vary colours, but they're usually a hazel or light brown colour.

Hair: His hair is longish and blond, and it has a sort of casual elegance with the way it falls.

Height: 6 feet

General Appearance: His skin is fairly tanned, he's not pale. He can be constantly seen smiling, showing his white teeth, but there are occasions where he's seen without a grin, ie. when he's bored, when he's sad (no dip), and just random points throughout the day.

Lennon is tall, lean, and very muscular. He doesn't show off his muscles much, but when he's swimming or something, you can tell it's him without looking at his face. He's got a Celtic cross tattoo on his chest, and the Greek letter Omega on his wrist.

Dressing Style: Just wears whatever he's comfortable in, but he's usually wearing something at least semi-dressy. Button down shirts with slacks are good enough for him, he doesn't mind as long as the top button is undone and he doesn't have to wear a tie.

Personality: He's very popular, but not because he's exclusive and snobby. He genuinely tries to include everyone and make them feel welcome. Don't be surprised if he smiles and says hi when walking past you. Not afraid to use corny jokes to illicit a smile.

Likes: Cinema, SoBe herbal drinks, tea (he's English), sci-fi and fantasy novels/films, sketching and painting, running, football (he's English remember), swimming, hiking, martial arts, Italian food, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, piano music.

Dislikes: Snobs, cigarettes, coffee, aftershave, when girls try too hard to impress guys, Mexican food, cats.

Habits/Mannerisms: Brushes his hair out of his face a lot, bites his lip when he thinks.

Strengths: Loyal, friendly, funny, good-looking...

Weaknesses: Impatient, gets bored easily.

Background Story: What's to tell? He was born in London, and lived a fairly normal life. He's been to parties, gone on dates, played football, and done something illegal at least once in his life. What can you expect? He's a teenage boy.

Other: Allergic to pepper. He plays the piano extremely well. :D

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Name: Curran Perry

Nationality: American

Spoken Languages: English

Place of Birth: New York, New York

Age/Date of Birth: 18; 4 January



Eyes: His eyes are a light brown or a dark amber.

Hair: Black, and it falls down onto his forehead gently. He has one section of it bleached.

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

General Appearance: He's rather pale for someone of his culture.

Thin but muscular. Quite strong.

Sometimes appears to be confused, but don't worry; his face normally does that.

Dressing Style: Whatever he's in the mood for, really. His clothes range from t-shirts to button downs to ripped jeans. Usually has a pair of Converse on, no matter the occasion.

Personality: He's a naturally quiet person, and is very protective of his friends and family. Don't mess with him, or he'll eat you. Just kidding. He will give you quite a talk, though. Despite how serious he appears, he likes to have a laugh.

Likes: Converse, jeans, films, music, singing, playing the triangle.

Dislikes: Girls that say 'I want' constantly.

Habits/Mannerisms: Tends to say 'erm' a lot.

Strengths: Friendly, quiet, protective.

Weaknesses: Quiet, lazy.

Background Story: Nothing really to tell. He has two younger sisters, whom he loves even though they annoy him.

Anything else: Nope! Almost finished.....

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Name: Vitale Brio

Nationality: Italian

“Spoken” Languages: Italian, English, BSL (British Sign Language), LIS (Italian Sign Language), ASL (American Sign Language)

Place of Birth: Napoli, Italia (Naples, Italy)

Age/Date of Birth: 18; 13 May


(view spoiler)

Height: 6’2”

Dressing Style:
[image error]
[image error]

For a Date:
[image error]

[image error]

Personality: Given that he doesn’t hang out with people very much he’s very reclusive and prefers to do quiet activities such as reading, sketching, painting, solving puzzles, and sometimes he likes to write. If people put forth an active effort at trying to include him in their activities he might participate more often, but until then, he’s just going to chill by himself.

Likes: Puzzles, reading, writing, painting, sketching, nature, the smell of rain, studying different cultures, psychology, literature, fiction, fairy tales, myths and legends, history, fresh fruit and vegetables, swimming, running, athletics

Dislikes: Canned foods, people assuming he doesn’t like company

Habits/Mannerisms: His hands are his way of communicating, so he’s used to using them a lot. When he gets stressed he will sometimes wring his hands, and other times he will shove them in his pockets and look around nervously.

Strengths: Dedicated. Once he starts something he’ll be hardpressed to quit.

Weaknesses: He’s always had a hard time with company. He’d like to spend time with them, but he can’t communicate with them, and they take it as a sign that he prefers to be left alone.

Background Story: When he was four years of age he had fallen ill with a high fever, and nobody was sure he would survive. After a little while he recovered. His voice/hearing, however, did not.

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Name: Stellan Ray
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
Age/DOB: 17, 13 May


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