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Olivia Kidney and the Exit Academy
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. NYC brownstone fantastical house, death theater in a children's book [s]

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Abigail | 9 comments This book was about a young girl who lived in a brownstone in NYC. Her father was a plumber. They had a strange neighbor with a fantastical house- he kind of reminded me of Gatsby. And he has this theater of death where everyone acts out and practices the script for how they will eventually die...

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Deborah | 179 comments Well I want to read it. How long ago did you read it. What was the feel of it (YA, mystery, horror). Did the people acting actually die.

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Ellie (elliearcher) I really want to read this book! Is it the above? (Olivia Kidney and The Exit Academy)

Abigail | 9 comments Yes! This is an awesome book. You should definitely read it. And though I'm many months late, thanks for solving this!

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D.M. Dutcher  | 339 comments No problem, glad we could finally locate it for you.

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