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Carter walked up to the door and knocked. He'd been formulating a million excuses for every wrong thing he'd done since he got to the academy-it was a long walk. He hadn't come up with any good excuses, so he guessed he'd just accept the punishment

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"Mister Jensen! Welcome, welcome! Do sit down!" He spun around in his spinny chair to face Carter.

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Carter threw him a confused look as he sat down "ummm okay. Why exactly did you call me here?"

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"Well, you do know my son Crown, right?" He waited for Carter's response.

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"yeah" carter nodded "he's my aquantince"

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"I'm afraid he's spending too much time with the ladies. When I was his age, I was perfectly balanced. Girls, and guy friends when I needed a break. I've come to the realization that Crown has No. Guy. Friends."

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"not to be rude, but what does that have to do with me?" carter asked, he was a bit guilty of spending too much time with Lola as well.

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"That's where you come in. You are going to be my son's... friend for pay." He opened one of the drawers of his desk and pulled out a huge stack of cash.

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((lol this is to funny))

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((Omgggggg hahahahha ha))

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Carter looked at him doubtfully "what?!"

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"What part of 'big stack of money' do you not understand?"

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"the part where you expect me to take it, and be a fake friend...that's low" carter explained
((bahahaha XD))

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"Listen, I need my son to be balanced? Where is he going to go if his girlfriend dumps him or something? Is he going to throw a Guy's Night Out with his buddies? No! He can't, because he doesn't have any buddies. Please, it won't hurt anyone. He'll never know."


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Carter stood up "he would et a new grilfriend. sorry me superior, but crown would notice if I started to randomly be his best friend" he walked towards the door

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"Stop right there, Jensen! One, it's Headmaster Superior to you. Two, you work up to friendship. You have similar personalities, as far as I can tell, so it should be easy. Three, if you don't do this for me, I'm sorry, but it will be either six months of detention or suspension."

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Carter stopped with his hand on the doorknob "fine, I'll be nice to your son. But I don't want your money"

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"No money? Fine. Give me reports on how you're doing weekly. And..." He pulls out a contract saying that Carter will do the requested and stay friends with Crown. "Sign."

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Carter sighed and signed the contact, then walked out, slamming the door behind him without another word

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Superior leaned back in his chair. "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do..." XD

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((Where is Carter goin?))

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((ummmmm, boxing :3))

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Superior walked in. His advisors were already there, and while giving him his weekly man- mani-pedi, he heard the most unusual and... disturbing... piece of news. A girl? Living in a boy's dormitory? This cannot be. No. And the inhabitants? Otto, Platon, and Ichigo? Ah. Not surprising. Yet, this session must come to an end, he must go get the girl out of there and into a girl's dorm. He left.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Otto dragged his feet the entire walk to Superiors office. He didn't want to see the man again honestly. He scared him more than the judge did, and that was saying something. Hopefully he was in a good mood! Would Bethany be allowed to stay with him through detention? Most likely not, which means he was going to be bored. Boredom always got him into trouble.

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Bethany tugged on his hand and leaned forward, pulling his weight along with hers. She said "Come on. Don't tell me you're scared," She grinned and looked back at him. She looked up at the door that would lead in and she opened it, trying to tug him inside.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Otto looked like a scared little boy and was half tempted to high tail it and run, instead he concentrated and built the bricks up around him that would shut him down emotionally and braved what would be inevitable. He let her lead him inside, and ignored all feelings emotional as well as physical.

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Once they were inside, Bethany pushed on the door with her body, closing it against the wind and chill of the winter approaching. She walked back over and let her hands fall to her sides, as she walked along the hallway trying to find the Headmaster's Office. What am I doing here? Why not let him go on his own? She pondered the thought and couldn't get her mind around it. She just accepted she was here and that's all there was to it. She found the door and knocked with her knuckles lightly, not sure why she was doing this all for him. Could it be possible that she actually cares?

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((Aw Bethany I could hug you! Though I'd probably be bit o.o))

Otto watched as she struggled with the door, once she got the door closed he could feel the heat wrap around him. He didn't pay much attention to it though as he helped Bethany search for the Headmasters office. He didn't know why she was with him but he was glad she was, though he would probably never express it. He was bad with things like that, he wondered what it would be like to take a knife to the headmasters throat like Sweeney Todd did to all those people in the play he had been forced to watch. Just to watch the blood trickle down and see his eyes go wide. He shook the thoughts from his head and paid attention as Bethany stopped at a door and knocked.

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((Bit and then stored in the closest until she's hungry :'3 Who is being the headmaster? o:))

Bethany pressed her head against the door. She listened carefully for the sound of life coming from within it. She didn't know if it was just the wind or did she hear something? She took her head away from it and knocked again lightly, maybe even a little quieter than last time. She took a step back and wrapped her hand around her arm, waiting for the Headmaster to open the door.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((MJ but she's not on right now =\))

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((Okai dokai! I have to go in half an hour, but if Mj gets on and I'm not on then go ahead and role play without Bethany! She can just wait in the hallway -^^-))

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((Okay :) I will miss you~!))

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((Hi hi people! Muahahaha Otto, prepare to die.))

The Headmaster heard a knock on the door and quickly signaled for his personal nail salon to... go away. Whoever this person was, they wouldn't be seeing him being pampered. He was a man. And he was sticking to that. He arose from his mahogany chair and walked towards the door, wondering who it could be. Oh, yes, this would be a joy. Otto. Detention. How pleasant. He was going to feel the wrath of the Headmaster, that was for sure. The boy was stupid and ignorant, and he certainly needed to be taught a lesson. He opened the door, firm look on his face. "Come in, Mister Lane."

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((:O Oh noes))

"I'd rather not, but if you insist HM." He hyphenated the Headmaster just to irritate the guy. He walked in with his held high and a cocky swagger to his step. He might have been nervous or scared but there was no way in hell he would let anyone know it. Even if it mean dying, he would not admit to weakness, particularly to adults. He leaned against the wall right inside the Headmasters office and raised a brow at him.

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Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((lmao! HELLZ YA))

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"Sit down, for heaven's sakes! This is detention, not 'I think I'm really great so I'm going to lean against this wall and act cool to hide my inner discomfort' time." He pointed over to a chair in the corner, facing a blank wall. Nothing to do, nothing to stare at, ... nothing. "And take out a pen and paper. You'll be doing some writing."

((AW YEAH!!))

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Otto stared at the spot the idiotic man in front of him wanted him to sit at. He huffed loudly and dragged his feet annoyingly as possible all the way over to the desk. "I don't have pen and paper, I only brought my sexy self." He told the Headmaster in a gleeful tone. "If you want you can stare at me the entire detention, I truly do not mind." He turned and sat on the edge of the Headmasters desk with a cocky grin on his face and his hands shoved deep in his pockets, his leather jackets collar was turned up, he looked like a real bad boy.

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((deep shit Otto, deep shit. So Chanel didn't get detention...right erm?))

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The Headmaster stood up and pushed Otto off onto the floor with firm hands. He looked down at him and pursed his lips tightly. "Mister Lane, I would reccomend you shut your fat mouth and sit down. In the chair. And I will supply you with a pen and paper. Oh, and one more thing. You are far from sexy. I am one hundred percent heterosexual." He stared at Otto's cocky grin and frowned more. "Mister Lane, I suggest slapping that smile off of your face before I slap it off."

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((She should've!!!!!! NOT fair to Otto!))

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((O_O))

Otto landed on the floor with a thump, his vision was hazed with red. He closed his eyes tight and then reopened them slowly, willing the murderous thoughts and actions from him before he did something he couldn't take back. He stood up and brushed imaginary dirt off of himself. "Heterosexual or not everyone finds me sexy. I understand if you cannot express how you feel since you do work here." He shrugged as if this explained everything. He went over and sat down in the chair, he propped his feet up and put his hands behind his head, he looked like he was ready for a nap.

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He pursed his lips again. This boy was a fool. Much like Crown. "I advise you, again, to shut you mouth before I shut it for you." He watched as Otto went over and sat in the chair like an idiot. "Sit in the chair right or I'm keeping you until midnight. NOW." He grunted sat back in his chair. Cooly kicking over a clear bottle of nail polish that his pamperers had left. He would have to have a discussion with them about this.

((Whatever you guys want, you could send Chanel now.))

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((woo! I'm in :3))
Chanel walked slowly up to the door. She really didn't want to go to detention, especially if Otto was there at the same time. She prayed silently that he wasn't before knocking lightly on the door. She tapped her foot impatiently

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((Crown! Bahahahha both boys would be so offended ))

Otto rolled his eyes and sighed. "You need to lighten up. Maybe get laid? Do headmasters get laid? Probably not. I'm sorry for you sir. What do you do in here all day anyway? I'm so bored and I've been here barely five minutes. What were you going to give me to occupy my time? And why isn't Chanel in here? Are you sexist? That girl wanted my body as much as I wanted to use hers!" His voice rose toward the end with annoyance.

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"Chanel. Take a seat." He firmly pointed to a seat on the wall opposite of Otto. "And no funny buisness. THIS IS DETENTION, AND YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ACT LIKE IT." He said loudly, mainly in the direction of Otto. He grmbled and started doing paperwork.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) ((OOPS, ignore my chanel part lol or say she came in when he said it :P))

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"actually, you wanted me way more, just ask him" she pointed to royal "I'm sure it was obvious to anyone who saw" Chanel said and flicked his forehead before sitting in the chair

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "I don't want that piece of... nevermind. LOOK she isn't worth my time or effort okay? The only thing I might want to do with her is put her in a room and burn her." He regretted letting the last part slip out immediately and hunkered down in his chair obediently hoping that the headmaster wouldn't pay attention to the last part of his sentence.

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