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Sacrifice (Legacy, #3)
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Isabella | 65 comments Mod
Hello! This book hasn't been released just yet, but if you want to speculate on the outcome, go ahead and do so! When Sacrifice is released, you're quite welcome to talk about it! Have fun!

Isabella | 65 comments Mod
I know, totally! It's like every other thought I have is 'Sacrifice comes out soon! I must read it!'

Aleeshas2 | 9 comments I really hope that no one dies in this book , there was enough deaths in allegience :( but it's called sacrifice so... i have a feeling someone must be 'sacrificed' finger crossed i'm wrong and it's a different type of sacrifice ('.')

Isabella | 65 comments Mod
I hope no one dies, too, because I love all the characters (with the exception of King Adrik), but I don't know that I want a different kind of sacrifice, either! I'm trying not to dwell too much on what the title means! Feel free to guess if you want, though--I'm always willing to talk!

Aleeshas2 | 9 comments i see, i won't look to deeply into it either so i'll be very open-minded when i read it!

Was i the only one who kinda felt fustrated at the end of allegience ?! why can't they peacefully accept the conditions? okay...i get why they can't but still...they are kinda just asking for more bloodshed but if that equals a new book then YAY to them :)

Isabella | 65 comments Mod
I know what you mean! I was frustrated at the end, but I'd be even worse off if there was no third book! I'll go along with anything if it keeps the series alive!

Isabella | 65 comments Mod
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Aleeshas2 | 9 comments Has anyone read sacriice yet?! i'm so annoyed at myself :( i walked passed it at the shops and was going to buy it but then my mum told me she saw it cheaper in some other shop...lies ...we went there and they didn't have it.sigh , hopefully i'll get it for christmas!!

Isabella | 65 comments Mod
*sympathy* I can't believe that I haven't read it yet myself; I was thinking about that release date for months, and then when it finally arrived... I was too sick to even realize it. Now I keep thinking 'Soon. We'll go to the bookstore soon. I just have to be patient a little longer...' It seems everyone is having bad luck with that book, doesn't it?

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Maraki M. (maraki_m) | 16 comments I'll have to wait until January-February for Sacrifice to come out in Greece...:'( And I'm so impatient! I really can't wait!

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