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Was Butler the "Angel" for this part? What are your thoughts?

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yeah, he did an amazing job. he has an amazing singing voice that i'm pretty sure not a lot of people have. no offense to others, i meant actor wise :) he's just the character for the Phantom. loved it :D

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 15 comments Coarse she does(:lol.

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maybe the character and his voice, but not Butler, i mean he's good looking but 20/30+ years older than me DX eww!

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 15 comments XD No age limit....Age doesn't matter.....well maybe. haha

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*squinty Imma Kill You face*

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lol, what? *gives the innocent shrug*

Fallen (Patience) (RaInBoW_tIe_AfFaIr) | 15 comments Phsst.:3

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:P *sticks out tongue at you*

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he played Hiccup's DAD?? i never would have known if you hadn't told me!!!

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DX i feel stupid!!

message 12: by [deleted user] (new) it's not!!!

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? wat?

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