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Gini (camp80) | 59 comments I read this book years ago and it was so good! This is about a woman in her forties who leaves her husband and family and moves away. Can't remember if she ever goes back. I think she took Martial arts classes, it was sort of an action book plus romance. There may have been something vaguely supernatural in it but I doubt it. NOT an urban fantasy.

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Lobstergirl | 20578 comments Mod
Ladder of Years?

Published 1995.

At 40, Delia Grinstead seems more likely to have an attack of anxiety, or of whimsy, than to become a runaway wife. Yet, in Tyler's 13th beguiling novel, Delia's impulse to escape her disapproving physician husband and three surly children turns into an adventure that sweeps her from her staid Baltimore orbit into a new existence as Ms. Grinstead, spinster, in the Delaware community of Bay Borough. It's the unexamined life that's Delia's problem, and when she finally strips away layers of hurt, resentment, guilt and anger, she confronts her inner self and begins to deal with the chronic insecurity that has kept her childlike, flighty and dependent. Gradually, she becomes part of her new community, and has the courage to take a job caring for Noah Miller, an appealing 12-year-old whose mother has also run away from home and family. Over the course of a year, Delia discards her timorous personality and gains an understanding of the person she wants to be.

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