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Guidelines are below! Copy and paste this but delete the "." From the HTML format. All characters must be accepted by a mod. Mods character don't have to be accepted. There can only be five each for Thor(god of thunder and lightning), Njörðr (god of sea, wind, fish, and wealth), Odin(King of gods), and Hel (goddess of Underworld)




<.b>Godly Parent:<./b>

<.b>Years at Camp:<./b>


<.b>Appearance:<./b> picture or link please! No anime pics! A breif description in italics would be nice, but is optional.

<.b>Personality:<./b> at least 3 full sentances

<.b>History:<./b> at least 4 sentances








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Name: Cassidy Drakewood (Cass or Cassie)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Thor

Years at Camp: 10

Powers: She can control lightning and thunder


Personality: If she doesn't like you, Cassie will seem cold and unforgiving. She isn't like that at all though. Cassie is nice to her friends. She helps anybody out through hard times, even if she doesn't know you. If she doesn't like you, she'll grudgigly help you because that's just the type of person she is. Cassie almost never lies unless it's absolutely nessecary.She can be a prankster, which she is a lot of the time, but when she wants to be serious, she is. Often times, she'll make smart comments to lighten the mood if she senses the tone getting dark. She is also surprisingly strong and feirce. She doesn't stand for bullies, and will stick up for herself. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind.On bad days, she might have violent mood swings, so watch out for those days. She loves to sing, and is an awesome songwriter. On especially good days—or bad days—she'll either start singing a song or she'll write one and then sing it. It helps her get some of the emotion and tension out, and the alternative is fighting. Whenever she feels her weakness–hubris– coming on, she thinks back to her past to help her be more selfless.

History: Cassie has been at camp since she was 7. She ran away from home because her stepdad wasn't the nicest person. He'd blow all their money on beer and cigarettes, and would gamble the rest. She left after her mom died in a car crash—there was no way she was going to stay with him.

Cassie didn't grow up rich, so living on the street wasn't that hrd. She learned how to pick pockets, but did so only to the rich. Somehow she traveled across the U.S border from Canada. She thinks she might have gotten there by falling asleep in the luggage compartment of a train, but she's not sure exacly. She basically just woke up one day in America instead of Canada.

It took about another month, but Cassie soon stumbled upon Camp Valhalla, and met the activities directer Sky, who helped her figure out who she really was. Shy became like an older sister or a mom, and Cassie is really grateful to her. Sky taughter her how to fight even before they found she was Thor's daughter. When they did though, the two spent less and less tume together and basically just became mentor-and-student or friends.


* She sometimes suffers from hubris, but then she remembers her history and that pride is stupid—you don't need it to get through life
* She is always a little to trusting and truthful


Sword and Sheild
The sheild morphs into a ring when not in use, and the sword morphs into a bracelet when not in use.

Crush: open

Boyfriend: none

Other: She has a charm bracelet that she always wears. It has each of the pendents:

As well as this one, which was a gift from her father:

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Sam/Applejack♆ Name: Zoë Raven Nightshade

Age: 15

Years at Camp: Zoë has been here since the camp was started, like all the other Hunters of Ullr.

Gender: Female

Cabin/Godly Relative: Freya. She's a hunter for Ullr.

Appearance: [image error]
Zoë is a tall, lean, skinny girl. She has extremely pale skin almost ghostly white. Her skin is unblemished with no freckles or birthmarks or anything of the sort. She has long legs and her body curves inward above her hips. She has long beautiful blonde hair that falls in ringlets to just above her waist. She has bright blue grey eyes and full pink lips. Her overall looks leave everybody wondering if she is a Freya. Only she knows the answer, and will never tell. Zoë's skin seems to glow as if she has been bathing in moon rays. Her skin matches her arrows a bit, but her arrows glow more. After all, it is her skin.

Personality: Zoë is a very strong girl. She isn't afraid to take charge and has an exquisite sense of leadership. She is an excellent commander and gives orders well. She loves to be the leader and won't step down. She's an amazing huntress, just after Ullr of course. She is very smart and cunning, with great hunting skills. Since she is the co-leader of the Hunters of Ullr, she is the second best Hunter out of them all, right behind Ullr. She, being a Hunter, is immortal, and can only fall in battle. She will remain looking 15, but she is as old as Ullr. herself. Zoë seems aloof and unfriendly, but she actually has a big heart and endless loyalty to Ullr. Very deep down, Zoë is loyal and kind. She definitely seems cold and unforgiving, which she comes off as. She almost never seems like she could ever be kind, but she has a heart of gold.

She is amazing at archery. She can fire a rapid succession of arrows faster then thought itself. If you look and then blink, the next moment you will see a cluster of arrows protruding from the center of any target. She almost never misses, and is undefeatable at archery. The only person who can beat her is Ullr. Zoë has a beautiful silver bow with exquisite arrows to match. They look as if they have been soaked in moon rays themselves, as they seem to glow with the light of the moon and stars. Her bow seems to appear whenever she needs it. It's there when she needs it, and gone when she doesn't. Her arrows never run out, so her quiver supply is seemingly endless . . . so far.

History: Zoë ventured here on a quest with Ullr. Her and the others stumbled upon the camp, everyone was curious about them. So they took them in and ordered a cabin built for the Hunters if they decided to stay. He had never met any of the Hunters of Ullr, as It is a great honor to meet them, so they all tried their best to please them to have them stay. If they did, then all the other half-bloods would know that the camp was amazing and would more likely stay. So eventually he persuaded them all to stay. Ullr some convincing, but eventually permitted them to do so.

Zoë was curious when she first was brought to camp, so naturally, she did some exploring. She ended up at the Pegasus stables. They didn't take kindly to her, as she WAS a Hunter. All the pegasi pretty much went insane, and Zoë fled the area. They later heard a loud commotion coming from the stables and went to go investigate. What he found was pretty shocking. In their confusion and terror, the pegasi had destroyed the stables altogether. So they had to be rebuilt. Nobody knew how to had happened, Zoë as an exception. She couldn't take the guilt, so she told them what had happened. They were pretty mad, but they appreciated her honesty. So she wasn't punished too severely. After all, she was a Hunter, and the Hunters deserved respect. Later on, Zoë ended up getting her own pegasi. She was the first Hunter to ever have one, so all the others got jealous of her. Now everyone wished they could be her. And all guys wish they could date her, though that is pretty unlikely.

Fatal Flaw: She is too loyal to the ones she loves. She would sacrifice the world for her friends, which could very well be the downfall of Olympus.

Strengths: Archery

Weaknesses: She can't trust males since she's a Hunter.

Mother: Freya
Father: Calyx Nightshade

Crush: None

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open, but unlikely.

Weapons: Her bow and arrows.

Other: Zoë has a Pegasus.
Pegasus - Male - Blackjack

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Name: Erik Black

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Loki

Years at Camp: 4

Powers: Has enhanced speed and strength, as can lie easily


Personality: Erik is a very carefree guy. He's rarely serious, and is constantly pulling pranks just for the fun of it. He doesn't listen to adults cery well, and his name flat out spells bad boy in bold letters. He is almost always the leader in any tough situation as he can think on his feet and actually do something. He can't stand bullying, and beleives the stronger should protect the weaker. He will probably get into a fight to protect his friends if they don't defend themselves. He is very forgiving though. He never feels the need to lie, although I'm sure one day there will come a time when he does.

Erik grew up in California with his mom and adopted sister Lilly. The monsters never bothered him until he turned 13. Then all the monsters seemed to target and attack him. When 5 of them caught and killed his sister, he single handedly killed all five of them. He left home after talking to his mom and figuring out that he was a norse demigod.

Erik wandered around the states with no clear destination for two weeks. Then he had a dream. Demigods dream a lot, but for Erik, this was the most life changing. The first image showed his dad, Loka. Then the scene shifted to the masion, where Mr.B and a pretty blonde girl he later figured out was Cassie, were playing chess. The last scene showed one sign. The sign gave an adress, city, and state. With nothing better to do, Erik started walking and taking bus/train rides to the adress in his dream.

After a week, Erik reached his destiation. What he saw astounded him. He saw right thriugh the mist, so he could immeadiately see the forest, lake, arena, cabins—everything that was hidden to mortal eyes. And so his life as a demigod began....

* Sword fighting
* Pranking!

* He is to loyal and trusting.


Crush: open

Girlfriend: none


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Chewy Name: BladeRush

Age: 17

Gender: male

Godly Parent: Tyr

Years at Camp: Just ariving

Powers: He has no huge powers but whoever is near him instantly feals courages or fear depending on their fealings toward him

Appearance: Black hair and brown eyes and is 8'5"

Personality: He is a born leader and is very brave. He wants to be a god though even though he knows he can't and is willing to trade anything for it. He is fair but mean when under pressure

History: He got into a lot of fights as a kid and had to move to find new schools that would accept him. It was when 13 that he found out he was a demigod and began searching for others. He found his dad when he was 14 and he gave him an axe. he is now 17 and he just found out this camp exists and is going there.

Strengths: Great at combat of an sort, could beat a guy with a beachball

Weaknesses: To brave, puts himself in danger too much

Weapons: He perfers to use a axe or a mace but will use anything he can find, he owns a magic axe made by dwarves

Crush: None

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none


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Chewy Thanks

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Name: Nora Jane Black

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Ullr

Years at Camp: New comer

Powers: Strong, fast, never loses a duel, can hunt with ease


Personality: Cunning, quick thinker, curious, smart, open-minded

History: She was left at an orphanage when she was born. Hasn't got the slightest idea where she came from or who she is. She was named Nora because she is always very honorable. But one day, she got into a fight with some street people and she was arrested for using an arm at them. She was kicked out of the orphanage when she was 7.

Strengths: Fighting, Dueling, Hunting

Weaknesses: Doesn't like people to know but she is afraid of love and people that are right.

Weapons: Sword

Crush: OPEN

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: OPEN

Other: You have to find out!!

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Courtney-Tamara Greatrix (CourtneyTamara) | 2 comments Name: Laykn Taylor

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Artemis

Years at Camp: 5

Powers: Although has no active powers, Laykn is connected to the moon & is said to cause disease and sudden death with them.


Personality: Laykn is strong-willed & never backs down without a fight, she may appear cold & distant at first because she has come to learn you can’t just trust anyone, but she can be kind, gentle & a loyal friend. She is brave, courageous & has a strong connection to all animals.

History: Has moved from home to home, boarding school to boarding school all her life, never had anyone to rely on when she needed it. She doesn’t know anything of her parents or if she even has any living relatives. Until she was brought to Camp Valhalla & learnt of her origins. Laykn is learning quickly within her peers & is now proving to be an exceptionally student.

Strengths: Laykn is agile, durable & an excellent hunter.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t find trusting & letting people into her life easily.

Weapons: Bearing bow & arrows

Crush: …

Boyfriend: None.
She is an energetic and athletic demi-god, personifying the wild feminine spirit, independent and active and able to defend herself.
Laykn represents a connection to the wild places and nature & has a need to get out in Nature, blessed solitude needs to be a priority in her life.

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only Artemis is a Greek goddess

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Courtney-Tamara Greatrix (CourtneyTamara) | 2 comments Oh sorry just really wanted one to do with animals :/

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Sagittarius | 1 comments Name: Thrain.
Gender: female, but is very masculine.
Godly parent: Tyr god of war.
Years at camp: 2.
Powers: she is strong and aggressive. Skilled with weapons and in war tactics.
Appearance: Dark curly hair, tan skin, piercing green eyes, scar on her left cheek, from her eye to her jaw bone. Tall and fit.
Personality: A bit on edge, seems angry. But under the surface she is sweet, like candy.
History: mostly average life. Until two years ago. There was a car accident, putting her and her mother in the hospital. Her father came to visit her. And brought her to Camp Valhalla. Training and fighting. To eventually go back to my town in New Jersey.
Strengths: when angered is a merciless slaying machine.
Weaknesses: she is extremely sympathetic.
Weapons: bow and arrows, and a broad sword
Crush: no one...yet.
Boyfriend: don't have one
Other: favorite color, purple.

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