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Michael (MichaelJSullivan) | 39 comments Mod
What books on marketing do you recommend?

Why did I pick these out of the hundreds of books that exist? Well because I only recommend books by those that with proven track records. I don't listen to people who "say" they know how to do something and have little proof of the matter. All these books are from people who have sold tens of thousands, and sometimes hundred of thousands of books.

* Quit Your Day Job, A Guide for the Self Published Author $5.99 by H.P. Mallory

* How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months! $2.99 by John Locke**

* Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author $4.95 by Zoe Winters

* We Are Not Alone: The Writer's Guide to Social Media by Kristen Lamb

* Write It Forward: From Writer to Successful Author $4.99 by Bob Mayer

* The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success $2.99 by Carolyn McCray, Amber & Rachel Thompson

**John Locke recently was revealed to have bought amazon reviews...a practice I don't condone, and not something he mentioned in this book...but there are other things in this that I found worth reading about.

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Daniel | 3 comments Thanks Michael!

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J.M. (JMMartin) | 2 comments Unfortunately, like in Locke's case, this padding of the ratings on Amazon seems to be a trend. I wonder if Amazon plans to implement something to curtail this activity. It's a tricky wicket.

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Michael (MichaelJSullivan) | 39 comments Mod
@Daniel - you are welcome

@J.M. I'm not sure it happens as much as some people think it does. I see a lot of accusations, and of course only the author knows for sure if they did or they didn't...but I think most know better, and it's really just a few people who try to circumvent the process.

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