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message 1: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan | 2 comments Hi, my name is Jonathan Bernstein. I have a book called Hottie coming out in April. It's about a wildly popular Beverly Hills High student who is manipulated by her jealous, insecure friends into undergoing experimental cosmetic surgery which then goes awry leaving her with a side effect. Whenever she gets mad or excited or upset, flames shoot out of her fingers.

She loses her popularity, her boyfriend and her reality show pilot. She becomes a pariah, avoided by everyone. Except for another student, a comic book-obsessed geek who sees in her the potential to become a superhero. She learns to control her powers and finds fulfillment fighting evil the hills of Los Angeles.

That is, until a supervillian shows up...

It's a funny book--hopefully, that's evident from the above-- packed with as much awkward comedy, action, unrequited love and back-stabbing as I could cram in.

I'm pleased to be part of this community and just wanted to introduce myself to other authors.

I'm also at

message 2: by Lacy (new)

Lacy Hi Jonathan. I have an ARC of "Hottie." I'll put it at the top of my to read stack.

I review books at so I'll let you know when the review goes up.

message 3: by Daisy (new)

Daisy (DaisyWhitney) | 40 comments Jonathan:

This book sounds great. I want to read it!


message 4: by Mariah (new)

Mariah (mapping_stars) | 2 comments Sounds like it'll be an interesting read! I love humor, and superhero books are *always* fun to read. :)

Anastasia Garcia Hello Jonathan:
That does sound intriguing. Superheroes are one of my favorite things to read about. Sadly there don't seem to be as many superhero novels around these days. Generally I prefer graphic novel superheroes however, I'll have you know I'll make an exception with this book, because it does sound like a neat read.

message 6: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 72 comments This book sounds really great! I would be very interested in reading it, and I'm a young adult myself!

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