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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim (MrsNesbitt) | 34 comments O.K. just so we are clear here, I like Rowling as an author, and I was NOT expecting "H.P." but I was expecting a better book than I got. Perhaps it was the fact that my allergies decided to hit me just as I started this tortuous book or perhaps it is just that bad. I would have given up by page 50 if it had been any other author and that I had not been looking forward to reading this.

That said, this treatise on small town politics is weak storied with petty people who to my mind, do not get what is coming to them, the people who were innocent get punished too much and the story line does not truly resolve for my taste. Too many characters and too many petty problems mask the real story and muddle it something awful.

I am also not a prude and have been known to swear like along haul trucker dating a sailor on leave while out with their long shore-man friends. I am not adverse to using "f---" and it all it's forms, and I do understand that in England that word does not have the same shock value as it does here. What I do have a problem with,is using the word 5 times in one sentence,etc. I got so bored, that I almost started counting how many times it was used. If you turned it into a drinking game, you'd be off your ass by page 3.

I expected better of Rowling and this was a let down. I will still read her books, but I am not going to get too exited from now on.

message 2: by Valetta (new)

Valetta | 1 comments I gave it 3 stars out of 5. It was not so bad in my opinion, but certainly I was disappointed by this book, I think our J.K. can do much better. The main problem is that I found the story predictable and not so original, I mean how many times we have already heard about small town whose inhabitants are engaged in unending war with each other while real tragedies happen under their nose? Sometimes I had the impression of watching an episode of "Midsommer murders".
But I didn't find the language used particularly vulgar, it seemed to me that dirty words were used at proper times by proper character. In my opinion of course :-)

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Feldman (RachelWF) | 9 comments I got through 25 pages maybe. Really boring.

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia | 15 comments I didn't even bother with it. The plot sounded awful, so I never even touched it.

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