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What is it about?

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Haley What all does it talk about? I believe it came out before the 6th one did, so where does it leave off?

Maria This book has two stories in it. One of them is called "LEPrecon", and it takes place before the whole Artemis Fowl series. I think the other one, "The Seventh Dwarf" took place between the first and second book of the series. This book includes:
Interviews with all the characters
A complete guide to the fairy code
A spotter's guide to the People
A fairy quiz
Map of all fairy transport locations
Manual of Foaly's inventions
Fairy word searches and crossword puzzles
Interview with Eoin Colfer

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Its a book for those who are really into the books and want to know a way to decode the stuff on the bottom..its really cool to have

Night Fury yup... totally agree wid u Ellia. It's actually kind of like a separate in depth insight to the whole series.

Bella I learned how to sightread gnomish for this book... It was quite entertaining. There's gnomish at the bottom of some of the other books too! And, I enjoyed the part in it about Mulch and Arty's exchange....

Emily Ann i loved reading his school report and the interviews

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