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Blfowler | 6 comments Finally, I just completed the first edition of a trilogy that focuses on the lives of a tremendous group of LGBT teens, at West High School. After coming fact-to-face with the death of Tommy, a charming, witty, openly gay teen, who everyone adorned. Anthony, Regina, Tammy, and Chris vow to make a difference and change the way the student body embraces LGBT people. As a result, these incredible teens root a social organization on campus that demands attention in their plight to defend equality, while wrestling with everyday homophobia.

Ideally, today's LGBT teens face many obstacles, yet one of the primary obstacles is learning to accept their individuality in a world that seeks to oppress those who are not considered normal. Luckily, the canvas of this book helps unleash the cornerstone of wisdom that empowers LGBT teens, to become leaders and defend their right to exist, with agility. After all, in order to fight, we must understand what we are fighting for.

To learn more about this great book and others, please log on to www.formatureteensonly.blogspot.com

In the meantime, you can learn more about me, by logging on to my blog at www.authorblfowler.blogpsot.com

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Sammy Goode | 5314 comments Blfowler--do you realize your blogspot goes straight to a religious site?? While we appreciate any religious affiliation, we normally do not link them here--could you please remove?? thanks!!

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Blfowler | 6 comments I apologize, but the link provided was typed incorrectly. The actual link is www.authorblfowler.blogspot.com

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