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ღஐKendraღஐ | 132 comments Mod
This river runs near the cities edge,the water is cold and clear. There is a rather big bridge over the river for people to cross since it is a dangerous to try to swim across the river. Its nice to just sit on the bridge and watch the water rush by.

Kiyuto~Nyan ❤☪☮E✡☥☯✞❤ [Kony 2012] (IHaveDiedEveryDayWaitingForYou) | 25 comments Eve sat on the railing of the bridge and sighed, watching the water. She listened to the distant sounds of the city, wondering how the people survived there. She would go crazy if she stayed in the middle of all that noise and light for long. It was nice to get away from it all once in awhile.
She saw someone walking towards her and sniffed the air. A human. She watched the way he moved and listened to his footfalls with interest. It was strange for her to think that anyone could be so... clumsy with their movements.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 132 comments Mod
Alexander Buffet was walking his dog,which was a pure bread golden retriever. He loved his dog Max he was one of his best friends always by his side. He sighed as his dog padded beside him,Max never needed a leash he never went far. Alexander always walked his dog away from the city it was just nicer when they walked here. Alexander shoved his hands in his pockets thinking to himself quietly.

His thoughts broke away has he heard Max start to bark and run off towards the bridge. Alexander was a bit puzzled he usually never did run off...unless he was chasing some cat or something. He sighed heavily "Hey Max! Come Back!!!"

ღஐKendraღஐ | 132 comments Mod
((Sorry for the long wait..))

Kiyuto~Nyan ❤☪☮E✡☥☯✞❤ [Kony 2012] (IHaveDiedEveryDayWaitingForYou) | 25 comments ((It's fine. :) ))

Eve heard the dog, and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end, but she stayed where she was. There was no real reason to be afraid yet. Hopefully, the man would call his dog off. At least it was dark so her cat-like features couldn't be seen. If he was one of the human's that hated her kind, she didn't doubt he'd let his dog tear her apart.
"U-um, could you call your dog off, please?" she called, starting to get scared. She screamed and fell off the railing as the dog snapped at her, and she was barely able to catch the side of the bridge.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 132 comments Mod
Alexander watched his dog as he continued to bark at the girl on the side of the bridge seeming a bit scared of the dog. "Oh I'm so sorry..Max doesn't usually act like this" he smiled a little at her then said strongly "Max! Stop that!! Calm yourself! She's done nothing wrong!" but Max still didn't seem to listen he still was trying to get at Eve. Alexander started in shock as Eve almost fell off thankfully catching herself. "Oh my Gosh I'm so sorry I had no idea he would do this" he grabbed Max by the collar and pulled him away. He then tied Max to the bridge so he couldn't cause anymore trouble. Alexander leaned over the bridge sticking out his hand to help her. He felt so embarrassed that Max would do such a thing "Here grab my hand"

Kiyuto~Nyan ❤☪☮E✡☥☯✞❤ [Kony 2012] (IHaveDiedEveryDayWaitingForYou) | 25 comments Eve took his hand and pulled herself up, careful not to scratch him. She watched the dog carefully, still afraid. "I-It's okay... I'm just not used to dogs..." she said softly, shaking. "Thank you for helping me up." She smiled as best she could and pulled her hood up in an attempt to protect her sensitive ears from Max's barking.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 132 comments Mod
Alexander sighed watching her "I just don't understand why Max would freak out like that..he's usually very very well behaved. He has one countless dog shows showing how well behaved he is..I just don't get it" he looked over at Max who was starting at both of them with a gleam. "I mean sometimes he will freak out when he sees some stupid Hybrid and that's alright of course. But not with humans..its just funny that" he then laughed "He may of thought you were some low life Hybrid! Imagine!" he laughed at the thought really thinking she was human.

Kiyuto~Nyan ❤☪☮E✡☥☯✞❤ [Kony 2012] (IHaveDiedEveryDayWaitingForYou) | 25 comments "Oh..." She laughed with him, but inside she was hurting. He'd seemed so nice before... She looked up, wanting to get off the subject. "It's nice out tonight..." she said as the breeze blew. "I come out here all the time. It's nice to just get away from everything..."

ღஐKendraღஐ | 132 comments Mod
((Wait does she have cat ears and tail? Just random question..))

Alexander nodded in agreement "Yeah..it is a nice night out,its good to get away from the city ever once in a while. I like seeing all the stars way up there good thing we can see them here. I always walk Max out here when I get the chance he likes it out here" he then hopped up on the railing sitting on it. He then looked over down at the rushing water and sighed "Imagine if you had fallen down there...that wouldn't be good.." then then thought for a moment "You sure have really good reflexes I haven't seen anyone catch themselves like that.." his voice trailed as he started at her.

Kiyuto~Nyan ❤☪☮E✡☥☯✞❤ [Kony 2012] (IHaveDiedEveryDayWaitingForYou) | 25 comments ((Yeah, but she can wrap it around her waist and hide it.))

She smiled. "Yeah... I think they're only that way because of gym class at school. I used to get hit in the face all the time..." She laughed nervously, looking over at him.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 132 comments Mod
((Oh ok! Just wondering ;) ))

Alexander smiled back at her nodding "Yeah well I wasn't all that great at gym I would always think of ways to get out of it. Sometimes I was lucky to get out of it but not always so lucky..." he sighed and then smiled "Trust me I have had my fair share of face falls into the ground at gym. But your like really good..like a gymnast or something.." he got off of the side of the bride and walked towards his dog. He held onto the dogs leash very tightly so he wouldn't get away from him. "Don't worry I have Max under control" Max knowing that he was on a leash just started at Eve knowing she was a Cat Hybrid and he didn't like cats too much.

Kiyuto~Nyan ❤☪☮E✡☥☯✞❤ [Kony 2012] (IHaveDiedEveryDayWaitingForYou) | 25 comments ((And she can lay her ears back and hide them beneath her hair.))

Eve swallowed nervously, keeping her eyes on Max. "A-Are you sure he can't get away?" she asked, holding onto the rail behind her. Every time he moved, she would flinch, whimpering softly sometimes.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 132 comments Mod
((GAHHH I wasn't notified! -_-))

Alexander started at Eve for a moment eyes full of concern "I'm sorry Lady you clearly don't like dogs..I'm really sorry. Max isn't all that bad he is just acting weird. And trust me I won't let him get away I think he is calming down" he ran his fingers down Max's back as he tried to calm him. He sighed feeling bad yet again seeing how hung up she was on the fear of Max he was really a good dog but he was just acting really strangely around Eve. He wondered why..

Kiyuto~Nyan ❤☪☮E✡☥☯✞❤ [Kony 2012] (IHaveDiedEveryDayWaitingForYou) | 25 comments ((It's fine. It happens to me all the time.))

"My name is Eve," she said quietly. "And I bet he is a really good dog... They've just never liked me much. One attacked me when I was little... I've been terrified ever since..."

ღஐKendraღஐ | 132 comments Mod
Alexander sighed shaking his head "Well that's terrible that your experience with dogs has been ruined because of that experience. Very unfortunate but nice to meet you Eve very nice to meet you" he stuck his hand out offering a friendly handshake. "Maybe you can learn to love dogs..there very nice creatures..I have always been a dog person. Never a cat person or anything"

Kiyuto~Nyan ❤☪☮E✡☥☯✞❤ [Kony 2012] (IHaveDiedEveryDayWaitingForYou) | 25 comments She shook his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you...?" she trailed off, not knowing his name. It kind of hurt for him to say he didn't like cats, but she let it go. He seemed nice enough...

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