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message 1: by Ikonopeiston (new)

Ikonopeiston (Ikon) | 8 comments I have come here after having experienced several 'social network' sites and am pleasantly surprised by the level of maturity and apparent self-censorship of the great majority of the users of this service.

I have found courteous behaviour and kindness to be the norm here. Above all, there is a care for the language and a total absence of the 'f' word which is so commonly used elsewhere that it has lost all meaning and become merely another way of saying 'uh'. I am grateful to have the opportunity to interact with grown-ups for a change. Thank you all.

message 2: by Jon (new)

Jon (jonmoss) | 433 comments I too appreciate the politeness and respect evidenced by the majority of GoodReads participants. I spend 90% of my online time here because it's so enjoyable and rewarding.

Thank you everyone!

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