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Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments A thin layer of fresh mud damply formed to the last rain's clean. It was a rich brown as most of the kiosks were, pebbles and brimstone popped out once in a while like islands in a sea. At least the ants were happy.

This wasn't exactly the enormous or brilliant starting of an epic tale. The marketplace was always silent on a sunday morning (no one quite knew where that tradition began from).

There, in the center of perfect symatry, red, white and brown paced. His voice was terribly off key, tumbling like bad song that could make a lark wince but it was emotional. More emotional than the best trained opera singer. The feeling it brought was nothing but pitty.

"People will die. People die when they get killed," said he, "We have to stop it. No one should die when they get killed."

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Sam | 58 comments Christana stood off into the distance, hiding behind a pole just bigger than the width of her body. Her curious green eyes watched the boy as he paced.

Why do they call him an idiot?

The young girl twisted a tiny blue flower in her fingers, pondering the question over and over.

No body pays any attention to him. Well, only the mean people. Maybe he just wants a friend. I could be his friend.

She meekly trotted up to the boy, gulping away and fear she had."E-excuse me sir...."

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments "S-Sirs die when they get killed," he said not looking at her in the slightest but at least she knew that she'd got his attention.

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Sam | 58 comments "I suppose they would, sir. I think almost everything dies when they are killed. And then they turn into angels." She folded her hands into the pleats of her skirt. Her head tilted to one side, her brown curls following after."Well, that's not even true. No one really dies, I suppose."

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments He kind of looked at her from the corner of his eye, a sidelong glance that looked painful. So painful that his green eye twitched in its socket to keep steady on her from that extremity.

"Angels? Annnngels?" His voice cracked as he tugged as his hair with both hands. "Angels like mayflies. Waterbirds. We don't turn into them. Noooo, no no no no no no... Clouds, it's raining. It's raining, angels!" He ran to a wooden post and tore through with hand in hair, finally falling on his butt with an 'Ooof' and looking up at the rectangle of brilliant blue sky. Sheetlike, thin clouds covered the entire sky thinly. He was hypnotized and started counting on his fingers without looking at them.

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Sam | 58 comments Christana looked down and at her shoes and frowned. "Of corse we turn into angels. What else happens when we pass on? Your life never truely ends, sir."

The young girl twisted the tiny blue flower in her fingers, twisting the stem till it was dull in color. "What do you think happens when we pass, sir?"

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments "Clouds pass, pass through the sun, the sun is warm, light clouds." He seemed to have tired himself out so he sighed and looked down at his hands, hoping to find the best part to slap himself with.

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Ash (ashyboy) In the shadows of the quiet market stalls loomed a powerful presence, a man who flitted along the dark brick walls behind the stalls, moving without a sound, completely unnoticed. The man watched the exchange occurring in the square with growing interest, eyes trained in particular on the slight girl on which sweet innocence lay thick. Her ivory skin glowed in the pale morning light, her azure eyes sharp with interest as she conversed with a red haired boy, her fawn colored hair swaying as she ambled after the strange fellow. A slow smile spread over his face, the corners of his mouth pulling up unnaturally high and his tongue darted out uncontrollably, tracing his lips. It occurred to him that he'd like a taste of her radiant and seemingly innocent flesh.

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Sam | 58 comments ((:O! *grabs stick and beats josh away*))

"It is nice out today. I suppose it'll be warm in the afternoon." Christana sat next to Marvin. She curled her legs up to her chest and starred up at the sky. "When Big Brother comes back, we'll get some tea. And," she looked over at the boy with a perfectly sweet smile,"Your invited to come along. If you want to, of corse. We'll have tea and cookies."

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Ash (ashyboy) ((*grabs the stick* Be nice to Joshua, what has he ever done to you! Nothing except stalk your charrie, he hasn't done any harm! ))

Josh moved forward into the light, his blood red cloak like fire in the rising sun, his dark hair gleaming, eyes glowing with something nearly unreadable - to a human that gleam may have merely come off as curiosity, but to a demon it was something to run away from. He seemed to glide across the cobblestones in his approach, a bloody ghost with an alluring smile. He stopped at her feet. "Greetings." He spoke, dipping his head. A gentle breeze blew towards him and his tongue darted out again as he was overwhelmed by her fragrance and he felt the desire to devour her, but he held his composure, smile still locked in place. "What a lovely creature you are, are you aware of that child?"

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Sam | 58 comments She turned her head down and turned a light pink in the face. She fumbled with a group of curls and colected them to one side of her head."B-big brother said i shouldn't talk to strangers, sir. B-but thank you."

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Ash (ashyboy) Joshua's smile widened to reveal his pointed teeth, her countenance was as sweet as her fragrance. "I am called Joshua, what is your name sweet one?" He bent down on one knee so that they were face to face.

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Sam | 58 comments She glanced up, he spring green eyes meeting his for a second before flickering to Marvin, who seemed blissfully unaware of the situation, then down to the ground. An inchworm crawled across her path. She used that little bug as a point if interest. She didn't know why, but this man wasn't right. He made her nervous, uneasy, but not for a good reason.

"My name is C-christana."

message 15: by Ash (new)

Ash (ashyboy) Joshua patted her on the head lightly, "Ah, you see? Now we're no longer strangers." He laughed lightly, a cold laugh that held no heart. "Sweet Christina..." He purred, tilting her chin up so that their eyes met. "What is a delectable girl like you wandering around with this useless meat sack?"

message 16: by Sam (new)

Sam | 58 comments Christana felt her cheeks turn a shade darker as she stared into the odd man's- Joshua's -eyes. "H-he isn't useless, Mr. Joshua.... He's my friend." Her voice slowly drifted away the longer she started. They where just so... magnetic. She couldn't turn away even if she wanted to.

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Sam | 58 comments ((._. 'Allo?))

message 18: by Ash (new)

Ash (ashyboy) ((My post... Where? FUDGE.))

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Ash (ashyboy) "A friend hmmm? Will I have to eat him to fully have you then? Or perhaps..." He tapped his chin with his free hand and his smile widened. Then Joshua leaned forward and his image seemed to ripple as he revealed himself to her. His eyes turned gold and his ears lengthened to points along with his teeth and nails. His grip on Christina's face tightened so she couldn't get away, his elongated nails digging into her skin. His tongue darted out again to caress his lips, much like that of a snake's. Beautiful and deadly.

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Sam | 58 comments Christana went mute, her face drained of color and eyes wide with fear."Your a...." Was all that the child could manage at first, for her voice seemed to evade her. A silvery tear slipped from her eye and rolled down her cheek."P-please..... Don't hurt me...."

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments Ashy ≧^◡^≦ wrote: "Joshua patted her on the head lightly, "Ah, you see? Now we're no longer strangers." He laughed lightly, a cold laugh that held no heart. "Sweet Christina..." He purred, tilting her chin up so that..."

((You took the 'Now we're no longer strangers' from the movie It by Stephen King, didn't you?))

Just suddenly, like the holy hand grenade had been released from Heaven, Martin had wapped the demon in the back of the head with a tent post. What a swing, what a batter! This was something meant for the sports channels. Now some poor art dealer would now have half a tent. That poor, poor art dealer. Martin knew why he shouldn't have picked that 'depressant'.

"Sorry," Martin said. Instinctively providing condolence for Joshua. He was truly a boy of letter, "Sorry the rain is coming, angels and rain." Sure enough, up ahead the clouds were churning like a milkshake from hell. Those half attempted paintings would not dry. That's what you get for faking your arts degree.

"Rain, rain is coming," the red head's hair was now a beacon in a grey backdrop, a much better painting.

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Sam | 58 comments (( :D Go Marvin!))

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Ash (ashyboy) Quasimodo wrote: "Ashy ≧^◡^≦ wrote: "Joshua patted her on the head lightly, "Ah, you see? Now we're no longer strangers." He laughed lightly, a cold laugh that held no heart. "Sweet Christina..." He purred, tilting ..."

((Nahhhhh, but I'm a fan. :) ))

Joshua was knocked to the ground, but that was all. A demon of his caliber was not harmed by a mere hit to the head, especially a hit dealt out by a child! However, this did serve to enrage him and he sprang up, lips dipping into a scowl. The bewildered art dealer peeked out from his collapsing tent only to see the fearsome sight and quickly ducked back within his stall's drooping confines.

Joshua whirled on the boy, snatching him up by the neck, and held him up against the tumbling sky. "Sorry?!" He snarled. "Oh, I don't believe you're sorry my dear boy, but I shall
make you very sorry ind-"

He was abruptly cut off by a tremendous clap of thunder, one that shook the humble market to it's core. The clouds twisted in the sky and dipped down, this however was not a twister, but an opening in dimensions, and a figure dressed in a moss colored cloak dropped from the gaping hole.

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Sam | 58 comments Christana scrambled away whipping tears from her eyes. She needed to help Marvin, though. Just like he helped her. She turned on her heel and scooped up a stick. She ran twords Josh and wacked him repeatedly with said stick.
"Let 'im go! Let him go you big meany!"

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Ash (ashyboy) Without even glancing at the girl, Joshua shoved her to the ground with one rough hand, "Stay there child, it is not my intention to hurt you, but if you interfere I will do what I must. Insolent children do not deserve to live."

"Chrsityyyyyy!" A voice called out. It was filled with desperation and urgency and was almost lost on the wind. It was the green cloaked figure, running at full speed toward the market's heart.

message 26: by Sam (new)

Sam | 58 comments Christana sobbed softly, cradling her scrapped elbow. She looked up and the sound of her name and sniffled."S-Sven?"

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Ash (ashyboy) Joshua whipped around at the voice and dropped Mavin to the ground, "Sweet prince come to save the little princess, I don't think so!" He gathered Christina into his arms and restrained her. "So princess, do you think he'll try to save a dead corpse?"

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments Martin was having in emotional fit, shaking his head like lights were dancing in his eyes, he moaned and whimpered like an animal in a trap. Ripping at the dirt with his raw fingernails, he tried to feel something that was real and physically there. Stable, he needed stable. The pain in his neck hurt but if he slapped himself enough, maybe it would blend back into his skin.

Martin's face scrunched, contorting to show rage and emotion he couldn't feel. Confused, he plugged his ears with his alabaster palms and rocked himself. Slowly, slowly he turned sleepy with thoughts of the rain.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry..." Was his rosary. Then came the Father of it all, "Sky, sky, sky, sky, sky sky sky, ska-gah-gah, ska-gah-gah..."

When Martin's mother warned him about the demons, she'd told him to hurt and run, he remembered that. Well, the first part. Once it came to light, he only could remember the first part. 'Like a strong wind,' she'd said. That's what got his attention. Everything else was a blur. Demons, who they were, he didn't understand but he never asked farther once there was no answer.

Here, under the microscope of a very powerful being, he hated himself for not being able to see clearly. The demon was strong but evil like a loud crack of thunder. His yang was at health with the yin of the two really, really, really nice humans. Their ora was a shy comfort in a distorted, confusing world.

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Ash (ashyboy) ((Could you reply with Dilk? ^^))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments ((I failed to notice the reply. Pardon me.))

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Sam | 58 comments Christana struugled against the demon's iron grip, more tears sliding down her splotched red cheeks. She would have bit him, if it wasn't for the fact she couldn't reach his arm. "Please! L-let me go! I didn't do anything to you!" She despratley looked over to Sven. "Big brother!"

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Sam | 58 comments ((=.='))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments ((I've noticed ow useless my character is right now to you guys. I hope he'll make up for it in the future.))

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Sam | 58 comments (('S'kay my French-Canadian amie ^^))

message 35: by Ash (new)

Ash (ashyboy) Sammi Chan~ ≧ω≦~ wrote: "Christana struugled against the demon's iron grip, more tears sliding down her splotched red cheeks. She would have bit him, if it wasn't for the fact she couldn't reach his arm. "Please! L-let me ..."

"Shut up you wench!" Joshua snarled.

"Christina! Blast it all! Foul beast, release her at once!" Sven shouted, throat raw from calling her name. He shed his cloak, the black tattoos interlocking around his forearms standing out on his tan skin. It was strong magic and he used it often. His tattoos and his strength were the only weapons he had against the demon.

Joshua smirked, tracing a sharp nail along Christina's neck, a line of red appearing immediately on her pallid skin. He laughed harshly, "You wouldn't dare attack me while I hold her captive would you?"

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Sam | 58 comments The warm liquid that trickled down her neck was blood. Christana knew that much. Other than that, it was a blur of panic and chaos. She was unsure if her surroundings and couldn't even remember why she came to the market in the first place.

Sobs shook her tiny body. "Please," she begged, trying to appeal to a sensible side she hopped all creatures had,"Please. I don't want to die before my birthday..."

message 37: by Ash (new)

Ash (ashyboy) Joshua snorted, dropping her to the ground with contempt, "Really now, that's what you think about? 'I don't want to die before my birthday-' tch." He mimicked. "You're pathetic, weak, and naive on a level I didn't think existed. How could I have ever been so taken to such a disgusting creature I'll never know." He focused his words on her, making her feel the malice behind each one. "Oh and now you're crying - stop it." Joshua watched quietly as Christina continued to sob, then backhanded her across the face. "I believe I said for you to stop." He said quietly.

Then Sven was on him, green eyes ablaze with fury. He yanked Joshua away from Christina. "Take care of her!" He called to Martin, before being clubbed in the face by Joshua. Sven recovered quickly dodging his next blow. "Damn you!" Sven cursed, throwing up a shield just before Joshua could attack him again. Joshua laughed, "How can you damn the damned? Enlighten me would you?!"

"Sorry I don't quite have the time." Sven growled, blasting a spell at Joshua so that he was immobilized. Caught off guard, the demon looked shocked. "Wha-?" He sputtered, struggling under the bind. Sven placed his hands on either side of Joshua's head and began to speak, "Unde venistis ad infernum eieci. Vade, et nunquam revertetur, potest lacerandam parta tibi."

"I'll be back!" Joshua roared before disappearing into the same grey cloud from which Sven came.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments Martin took Christina's hand in a vague attempt to comfort her. In all probability, this was the best he could do.

Even someone such as himself could appreciate the firmness of having someone's hand to hold. The sweat in her palms recembled the dew drops that raced around grass blades. Did clouds feel like a child's palm? No, those were something related to the demons. When Sven left, Martin felt the dread of extreme craving. He had to know what a cloud felt like but a second before, the whole being dispersed with it leaving nothing at its tail.

Christina had been bitten so she must have found out what it felt like. That's the reason ooze was dripping from her neck. An invisible cloud. "You're burning rain," he frowned at the bite with tender misunderstanding before painfully attempting to touch it with the tip of his finger only to cringe back at the thought.

Bad, bad Martin.

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Sam | 58 comments Christana was silent. Her eyes where clouded and her expression sorrowful. She rested her burning cheek on Marvin's arm, shutting her eyes so she didn't have to look at the demon any more. That demon was going to haunt her dreams for months after this day.

"Are you okay?" She whispered hoarsely to Marvin, staring at his throat. Purple bruises where blooming all across his pale skin where the demon held him.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments "Are you okay?" He mirrored her, it was much easier to copy someone then to have to string a sentance together.

Sven's presence after the comotion was stronger than a comet. He stood in the rain, cooling from his heavy burden as a brother and recovering.

"Unde venistis.
Ad infernum eieci.
Vade, et nunquam revertetur,
potest lacerandam parta tibi-- Is okay."

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Sam | 58 comments Christana shook her head weakly. A salty tear rolled down her cheek, dripping off her chin and joing the cold rain that started to mist the area. I suppose , though, I could be worse, sir," She admited.

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Ash (ashyboy) Blood Bone and Muscle wrote: ""Are you okay?" He mirrored her, it was much easier to copy someone then to have to string a sentance together.

Sven's presence after the comotion was stronger than a comet. He stood in the rain, ..."

Sven eyed Martin as he repeated the banishing chant. "Good, remember it." He knelt down before them both. He gently touched the seeping cut on Christina's neck and sighed at the bruises on Martin's. "Come." He said suddenly. "I'll take you both home."

message 43: by Sam (new)

Sam | 58 comments The child whimpered, bobbing her head. Christana latched her hand onto her older brother's hand, but didn't let go of Marvin's.

"Marvin's coming with us, right? I promised that he could have a tea party with us..."

message 44: by Ash (new)

Ash (ashyboy) Sven eyed them both, eyes lingering on the shaking hands that held them together and he sighed. "Yes, the boy may come. But I will patch you both up before this... Tea party or your's alright?"

message 45: by Sam (new)

Sam | 58 comments "Okay Big Brother." She nodded weakly. She looked over at Marvin. "MArvin? Are you ready to go?"

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