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message 1: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (Tabby18) Wyll saw that Sanja went over the fence so he tried also.

message 2: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (Tabby18) Wyll climbed over the fence and made it.He followed Sanja"hey wait up"he calls while running.

message 3: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (Tabby18) "can I come with you"he caught up with her.

message 4: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (Tabby18) "ok",Wyll smiled and walked again.

message 5: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (Tabby18) Wyll looked behind him to make sure the zombie people were not following them.Then he did the same thing like Sanja.

message 6: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (Tabby18) "ok.Are you cold?"he held his knife ready to kill the zombie people.

message 7: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (Tabby18) Wyll kills it and runs back over to the fence and attacks another Zombie person"leave us alone!"

message 8: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (Tabby18) (ok)

Wyll also came in and sighed.

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