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Which is better? The movie or the book?
Yaz *The Reading Girl* Yaz (last edited Oct 10, 2012 03:19PM ) Oct 07, 2012 02:21PM
I thought the book was better. You guys are right. The movie left out to many details and just didn't have a lot of details like the book and they left out to many important things. Defenitley the book.

Book totally they messed up the movie so bad.

The book is without a doubt way better than the movie. When I watched the movie it left out so many details, it barely felt like it was the same story. As with all book/movie comparisons, the book "The Hunger Games" was way better.

I think the book is better because It actually creates a picture in your mind. Also there is something in the book that is not in the movie. I just can't put my finger on it. But anyway I just love the book!!!!!
I recommend it to everyone!!!!

The book. Just because of the details that were not in the movie. I cried when Rue died, and it didn't move me as much in the movie. I also missed the interactions with Cinna's whole team, instead of just Cinna who appeared about 4 times in the movie. In the book he was a much more support for her leading up to the games.

books all the way:)

The Book. The movie changed or left out too many details. I had watched the movie before I read the book. While the movie was still great, I was confused on some portions.

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The book. I didn't like the movie.

Book, the movie was disappointing.

Olivia i wold say about both. but the book is bit better thogh
Oct 26, 2012 06:08PM

I just read the book and I think there both honestly closr

Is this even a question? The book will always be better than the movie. (save for some of course)

For one because unlike books, there will always be limitations and constraints on a movie. - time constraints, limited budget, etc.

Book no doubt about it.


Definitely the book.

Yaz *The Reading Girl* why do you think both are good?
Oct 10, 2012 03:15PM

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