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message 1: by Jo (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jo (Jo_VBC) | 25 comments Mod
This thread will have Spoilers. If you're yet to finish (and don't want to be spoilt!) i have started a spoiler free general discussion here.

I thought the best place to start when opening a discussion about Stray has to be with our feisty heroine Faythe.

She goes through a lot in this book, fighting not only family pressures and tradition but also psychotic rapist hell bent on selling her to the highest bidder. She is stubborn and opinionated, and has a mouth that is designed to get her into trouble... and I love her. She doesn’t always make the best decisions and certainly doesn’t always think things through, but her journey has to be one of my favourites.

• If you're new to this series what where your overall feels about her? Love her or not so much?

• She is clearly unimpressed with the role she is supposed to play as a rare tabby, causing constant friction in her relationships (most notably with her parents and Marc). Did you agree with her point of view? Did you agree with her way of arguing this point of view?

• How did you feel towards her when it came to Marc vs Jace?

• After the traumatic events with the Jungle Cats do you think Faythe will step up her role in the pride, or do her two years as an enforcer and go back to the “normal” life she wants so badly? (this one for people who have only read this book, as clearly the rest of the series answers this!)

Just some questions to get us started, but feel free to add any Faythe questions or thoughts you want to.

Jill Bradley (jillo725) | 30 comments I think that Faythe is self-centered and immature in this first book. Her admiration of her dad is apparent, as is her disdain for her mother. I think she refuses to see the strengths of different people, and is narrow-minded as to what makes a "strong" person. (She matures later) I think that Marc is very dark and mysterious and so faithful that it's hard to compete with that.

message 3: by Jo (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jo (Jo_VBC) | 25 comments Mod
Jill wrote: "I think that Faythe is self-centered and immature in this first book. Her admiration of her dad is apparent, as is her disdain for her mother. I think she refuses to see the strengths of different ..."

I agree. I think it's really interesting how, as it's from Faythe's PoV, I initially thought her father was being very unreasonable but as the book goes on you begin to see this is actually her interpretation and not necessarily the truth.

It's so true that she goes on a huge journey through out the series, and is a very different person by the end to the one she is in Stray. In fact, it's one of my favourite 'coming of age' stories outside the YA genre.

I can understand why she is draw to Jace, as he doesn't have the same expectaions of her, and she is still very young, so is bound to be drawn to different people from time to time. But yeah, it's damn hard to compete with Marc!

I adore Marc; he’s insanely loyal, strong and clearly madly in love with Faythe. I liked that he calls her out of her behaviour in this book, but I have to agree with Faythe’s frustration at her being held accountable for his temper!

Karen Wapinski | 39 comments Okay I'm going to say this because I can't hold it in any longer: I HATE MARC.
God, he's the reason I almost stopped reading this book; whenever he appears I want to throw something violently against a wall. I agree that good points are that he's loyal and strong and loves her BUT it's HER descision. He asks as though the fact that he has feelings for her and considers them to be mates makes it true; regardless of what she's saying to him.

* she tells him she has a boyfriend and purposefully overpowers her to scent her and mark her as territory regardless of the fact that she's already said: I'm in a relationship with someone and we're sexual with each other
* she says 'we're over, you have no right over me anymore' and he threatens Jace to stay away from her and feels with the right to drag her into her room and treat her like a child
* he completely oversteps his bound with her because HE feels a certain way about her. Whether Faythe loves him or not is irrelevant; she'll see it on her own at some point and in the meantime when she tells him to butt out or whatever else he has no right to ignore her wishes simply because he thinks he's right

and what drives me INSANE is that everyone else in the Pride is okay with this!! God, if I were Faythe I would have hand-clawed out my own uterus and then said 'Okay, now leave me alone!'
Deep breath. Rant over.

For the most part, I like Faythe. She reminds me a bit of Buffy in season 6 when Spike tells her 'the day you suss out what you do want they'll probably be a parade.'
She's obviously a little narrow minded, but considering the way she's treated by her Pride and by her society in general its not surprising that she completely rejects her mother's ideals and anything to do with general femininity; in her mind its equal to subversive and buying into her destined gender role; so I understand her there.
I also think she treats people unfairly, but it's hard to call her on it when she's treated just as unfairly by her own. The situation with herself and her brothers especially calls it to light; such as her brother's racking up notches on their bedposts without anyone blinking an eye but Faythe's sex life to be everybody's business.
I agree with Faythe's point of view, but I think at least in this book she's a little too impulsive to really make her point stick; later on when she matures in the series she's able to win a few more battles.

SassyCat's Book Review (SassyCatsBooksReview) Faythe is one bas-ass tabby when I began reading the book, at first I was wondering if this was really going to take place among her at college but NO a rouge cat came prowling along and a tabby goes missing. So now she has to go home with the most likely person . . . her ex. (DUN DUN DUN)
Now Faythe isn't all too happy that her ex is the one to take her home.
I like Faythe overall, although she is stubborn and refused to see herself of anything more than just a tabby who has to be hitched and knocked up and being a housekeeper. But Faythe is no ordinary tabby for many reasons, one being her father's plan to make her the next alpha although she refused to see it, two is being one of the tabby dating a stray (Marc Ramos). Faythe is also smart on her feet and will do anything for anyone's safetly like she did for Kaci in this first book.
I was very suprised that she has (had) a boyfriend in college because everything that surrounds her, Marc was there as well.
I don't want to reveal too much now since I've read all the books and know what happen in each one.

Brianna | 13 comments Ok, so I just read this book for the first time. I've got quite a few thoughts.

First, I agree with Karen about Marc. Yes, he was loyal, and protective, and he clearly loves Faythe, but honestly, his temper is ridiculous. Like Karen said, he hardly seemed to listen to her. Maybe she does really love him, but that's her choice to figure out, not his to push onto her.

Also, the males in her pride are pretty sexist, I have to say. They can do whatever they want, but it's everyone else's business who Faythe is with, and what she's doing?

And then there's Faythe herself. I can definitely see why she acts and thinks the way she does. She hates to be looked down upon, and she doesn't appreciate the attitude of the males of her Pride. I appreciated that about her.

However, some of the decisions she makes are not very bright for a clearly intelligent girl who wants to prove herself, for example, cheating on her boyfriend. She's a bit self-centered too. There would be a dangerous situation going on, and she'd think of how to best turn it to her advantage, or how she could benefit from it.

Overall, this book was a good story, but sometimes, the characters weren't exactly likable. I gave it 3 stars

Karen Wapinski | 39 comments Haha nice to see someone agrees me with.
Faythe's self-centeredness was a little irritating, but considering the Pride acts like she's the center of the universe it's pretty understandable that she's like this.
I do like though that she is able to wholly think of others even when it doesn't benefit her; like when she distracted Eric's attention to keep Abby from being raped again. My heart was breaking for both of them.

Brianna | 13 comments Yeah, I did think that that was pretty awesome. Like I said, didn't like her half the time, and liked her the other half. lol

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