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Has anyone read this?

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Jacob Rayne I know this group is about Stephen King, but I was wondering has anyone read this? It sounds pretty good

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Chris Yes, I have, and this is book one of a trilogy. Many Lee fans cite the 'Infernal' series as their favorites by Lee, who's known for his trademark graphic use of sex and violence. But he's very good, one of my favorites. Check out his other works, as well. Lately, he's been on a Lovecraftian kick...

Brent Abell I just finished it and liked it. Before diving into the second one, I need to read some lighter stuff like Jack Ketchum or Richard Laymon...

Ashley M. Hardy It was great. Graphic and thought-provoking

Charles Schmidt This is actually one his tamer books believe it or not. I love his stuff, so much fun

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City Infernal is an excellent novel with some great ideas and a fantastic concept of hell. I didn't feel the series held up as well after the first one but there all probably worth a read. There is a fourth book also set in the same world called Lucifer's Lottery which is also just okay but after the first one I had to read them all.

John Everson This is one of my favorite Edward Lee novels... and I'm a huge Edward Lee fan. I literally read this in a single afternoon - I started it on a 4th of July afternoon, and I remember my wife left me to go to the fireworks with her sister because I couldn't put the book down! I read it start-to-finish in a day, which I almost never do.

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Lenny Nero This is one of my faves of his as well. Didn't enjoy the next 2 in the series that much, but Lucifer's Lottery was really good as well.

John Everson Completely agree! I liked Infernal Angel, but then it took a long time for me to read House. Lottery was an awesome return though.

Brent Abell I keep holding out on Lottery because I'm waiting on my CD hardcover of it. I have finished the others and House was my least favorite. I loved Angel and City though.

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Tom My introduction to Ed Lee as well.Have read anything I can get a hold of by him ever since.Super great book.

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John Everson My introduction to Lee was short stories, but the first novel was THE BIGHEAD. If I wasn't the copyeditor on the project I'm not sure I would have finished it - I'd never read gross-out fiction like that before LOL. Maybe not the best choice for #1

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I prefer Ed Lee's harder stuff but City Infernal is one of the best mass market novels he has released. It was my introduction to Lee also. Seems to be his most spoken about book.

Jacob Rayne I've got it now and I'm really looking forward to reading it. This'll be my first book of his. I read the free sample on kindle and loved it so I've got high hopes for it.

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Hope you enjoy it. His writing style is very addictive

Jacob Rayne Thanks, Kevin. Sure I will

Jacob Rayne Finally started it... WOW!

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Lol. It's quite a vision of hell. Couldn't put it down when I read it.

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Jeff wait until you read the sequel to it Infernal Angel. Its just as good. Maybe even more graphic in hellish visions.

Jacob Rayne I couldn't put it down. Nearly done the second one too. If anything it's even better. Loving this series.

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Jeff Jacob wrote: "I couldn't put it down. Nearly done the second one too. If anything it's even better. Loving this series."

There is one book left in his unofficial trilogy, which Lee has yet to say its a trilogy, called "House Infernal". Its good but not quite like the two before it. but a must read never the less. Have you read any of his others Jacob?

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There are technically 5 books in the series because Lucifers Lottery is part of the overall collection and there is a book called Infernally Yours. Infernally Yours is a collection of stories set in the Infernal world written by different authors like Bryan Smith, Bryan Keene, John Everson and so on. It also contains a short story called The Senary by Edward Lee also set in the same world.

Jacob Rayne Kevin wrote: "There are technically 5 books in the series because Lucifers Lottery is part of the overall collection and there is a book called Infernally Yours. Infernally Yours is a collection of stories set i..."

No, just these. I'm most of the way through House Infernal now. Thinking either Monstrosity, Ghouls or Backwoods next. Any recommendations anyone?

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Jeff "The Backwoods" is a good early novel by Lee as well as "The Chosen" to start with. Monstrosity is almost like a turning point in Lee's writing, the way I see it. Almost like it starts his more sexually violent novels. My two favorites of his mass market novels are "Messenger" and "Flesh Gothic" Some of his best work. Also "The Black Train" is another great story.

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Monstrosity is pretty good, I haven't read Ghouls and I really didn't enjoy the Backwoods. I prefer his more hardcore stuff to be honest.

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Jeff I agree in liking his more hardcore stuff too, but for anyone that has just been getting into his writing, The Backwoods as well as some of his earlier stuff is a good starting point to work up to the really hard core stuff.
For hardcore, I'm a big fan of "Going Monstering". That one is not for everyone.

once again my suggestions for reading Lee's stuff is;
The Chosen
The Backwoods
Flesh Gothic
The Black Train

These are the ones that I consider almost required reading, and quite good ones to gear up for his later stuff. Flesh Gothic really heralds his beginning into hardcore I think.
My own opinion of course.

Jacob Rayne Cheers everyone, reckon I'll try Monstrosity next. Flesh Gothic sounds great too. Finished House Infernal today. Well worth the wait.

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Jeff glad you liked it Jacob.

Jacob Rayne Cheers, Jeff.

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Do you read the paperbacks Jacob or do you have a Kindle?

Jacob Rayne I've got a kindle, but I got this series in paperbacks cos the second two weren't available on kindle at the time (although they are now)

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I'd strongly suggest giving his smaller press stuff a go then as it's better than the mass market stuff and a lot of it all interlinks. Try The House, Header, Family Tradition and The Bighead. The Minotauress too if you can get it.

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Jeff Those are good, but I think some of his mass market stuff like "Messenger" and "Flesh Gothic" are superior, to some of his others, but it is all a matter of taste. Once again I suggest going with the more story driven novels before tackling the hard core stuff, its all great, but you'll be able to tell how over the line he's gone, when you read the more smaller press stuff. Its great comparison reads for sure.

Jacob Rayne Kevin, Minotauress is on Kindle, I'll have a look at that one. Bighead sounds proper over the top! Should be good though

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Minotauress and Bighead have some of the same characters Balls and Dicky who are probably two of his more famous characters

Grimoire I enjoyed Going Monstering, which is one of his less talked about works. Personally, I like the Lovecraftian homage he displays.

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