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Zohal | 63 comments Mod
Are you confused ?
I bet you are.

Well, let me explain.

There are so many roleplays for Harry Potter that I wanted to mix it up a bit and decided to do a different wizarding school.
Only difference, your character unfortunately has to be a girl.

The House groups are as follows.

The House of Athena (Copy of Ravenclaw)
The House of Mars (Copy of Slytherin)
The House of Minerva (Copy of Hufflepuff)
The House of Zeus (Copy of Gryffindor)

Beauxbatons is very interested on Greek and Roman Mythology

Nationality (french, Russian etc.):

Rachel (Velliya) | 44 comments Name: Monique de Blanche
Age: 15
Appearance: long Chestnut curly hair with blue eyes.
Fears: Death, the ocean and the Dark
Personality: fun loving, sarcastic, easy going, lovable, cute. Sometimes is very stubborn and her fears can prevent her from doing things.
Nationality: Irish and French

Rachel (Velliya) | 44 comments oh, and she's in the House of Zeus.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 12 comments Name: Carla Valdez
Age: 16

Fears: Drowning and heights.
Personality: Quiet, elegant and quite shy until she gets to know you well.
Nationality: Spanish and French
House: House of Athena

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Alexis (Answer_Unknown) | 7 comments Name: Ellezon Bruks aka. Ele
Age: 11
Appearance: She has ordinary brown hair and equally boring brown eyes. Short in height (5 ft, 2 in)and resonably slim. Generally sports large nerdy glasses, a small seemingly generic locket. Not to up to date with fashion, her clothing is that which raises eyebrows. (A visual for Ele can be found at
Fears: Ele is scared of anything she that is not known to he and consequently likes to learn new things and explore unknown concepts. Her main fear is of animals, and insects in particular.
Personality: She is very reserved and quite among those she is not well acquainted with, but in the company of friends, she is talkative and well humoured. Quite the bookworm and an almost perfect student, she is considered a nerd by some.
Nationality: English
House: House of Athena

Alexis (Answer_Unknown) | 7 comments Are we supposed to pick the house or is it assigned to us?

Booknut (booknut101) | 12 comments Alexis wrote: "Are we supposed to pick the house or is it assigned to us?"

I was thinking the exact same thing! I don't know whether Beauxbatons has a 'Sorting' ceremony or something similar.

Zohal | 63 comments Mod
You can choose your own house. :)

Booknut (booknut101) | 12 comments Isabelle wrote: "You can choose your own house. :)"

Thanx :D

Alexis (Answer_Unknown) | 7 comments Thank You

Booknut (booknut101) | 12 comments Carla Valdez:

"Tres tragique," I murmured, reading the front page of Le Journal de Magie as I waited for my mother to finish arguing with the madame at the robes store. "What an épreuve - terrible ordeal."

The page showed a picture of two weeping parents, swiping at their eyes...the title reading: Young Bobby Goes Missing. The article went on to describe how little Bobby Jean, at age six, had gone missing whilst his parents - a witch and wizard - had been visiting their next door neighbour. Tearing my gaze away from their sorrowful faces, I folded the paper in half and turned to glance over my shoulder as the shop bell tinkled and the door opened.

My mother walked out, closing the door behind her and navigating the stairs in her high heels. "The anglaise - English!" she griped, throwing her scarf end over her shoulder, clipping her handbag closed. "The styles...mal fini - crude - , ma chère, and so very last season!"

"Are you finished, maman?" I asked her, waiting for her to finish complaining about the latest dressmaker that had failed to meet her high - and very francaise - standards.
"Oui, Carla," she replied, slipping her arm around my shoulder, a whiff of her expensive perfume invading my senses. "I am done. Let us go meet up with your Papa, yes?"

Rachel (Velliya) | 44 comments Monique de Blanche

"Je dois aller à l'école , ma mère!" ("I have to go to school, mum!") I said frustratedly as my mother fussed and zipped around the house as if I wouldn't miss the Ferry if she continued to do so. "Maintenant!" ("now!")

I didn't mean to be pushy with her but it was necessary or she would find some excuse to keep me from going.
She went to Hogwarts for magical schooling and lived in Ireland her whole life, while my father was a proud Durmstrang who grew up in France.
I spent my first two years at Durmstrang and didn't like it. Then I went to Hogwarts for the next two years and liked it a lot, but my parents decided that I should move to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic so that the tension that was slowly building between my parents would subside. It did and I'm glad, but this is my third school in five years and I really just wanted to have time to settle down and make real friends.
"I know,Sweetheart." My mum stopped and sighed, speaking with her thick Irish accent she cupped my cheek. "I just worry if we are making the right decision. You can go back to Hogwarts if you want?"
"No mum," I smiled. "I'm sure that Beauxbatons will be perfect."
She smiled. "Are you packed?"
I rolled my eyes. "I've been ready for an hour. Are you ready?"
She laughed and started putting my bags in the car.


I got out of the car at a port where apparently, Beauxbatons students are picked up from and taken to the school. Who was I to judge? Hogwarts and Durmstrang were just as weird.
"Je t'aime, Monique." My mum kissed my cheek.
"Je t'aime aussi." I said giving her a hug before she got back in the car and drove off.

There were lots of other people my age there so I assumed that I was at the right place.

Booknut (booknut101) | 12 comments Carla Valdez:

"Have a good term, querida." Papa kissed me on the cheek, before straightening and wrapping his arm around my mother's shoulders - his tanned skin and very 'español' features in stark comparison with my mother's blue eyes and fair skin that had hardly ever seen the Paris sun. "Ser seguros - be safe."

", Papa," I replied, trying a smile which quickly became a grimace of distaste as I caught a glimpse of Beauxbatons - my school of five years. This was to be my sixth - sixième as my mother would say, and sexta, as my father would say - year. Leaving my parents never became any easier.

"Write soon, s'il vous plaît, ma chère," my mother said, hands coming up to dust imaginary lint off the shoulders of my robes. "You will be home for Christmas in four months, oui?"
"Oui. I will try."
"Florence, let her be," my father gently told my mother, smiling at me. "Te amo, princesa - I love you, princess."

"Te amo, Papa. Je t'aime, Maman." I gave them each a quick hug before I turned to followed the trail of students walking into the castle.

Rachel (Velliya) | 44 comments Monique de Blanche

I walked towards the castle with the rest of my new school mates and despite the fact thatI'd done this twice before, that coctail of nervous and awkward feelings overwhelmed me. Already I missed my friends, I made a mental note to send them an owl later and that relieved the sickness in my stomach slightly.
I looked around in awe as we passed through the massive front doors.
"Wow" I muttered to myself. "That's amazing!"
"Haven't you seen it before?" A boy who looked about my age asked. He had a strong Australian accent. Then he looked at me more closely. "Hey! You're new!" Then he turned to (I assumed) his identical twin. "Hey Jack! Jack!"
"What Alex?" Jack asked, then he saw me. "Hey! You're new!"
"Yes, I think we've established that." I said, feeling my cheeks redden.
"So tell us, Newbie." Alex, or was it Jack? Well, one of them said it. "What's your name? And,"
"Why are you new." The other twin replied.
We passed into a large dining room. "Sit with us and you can tell us all about yourself!" They smiled.
"But, don't we have to site in Houses?" I asked.
"Oh yeah." Alex frowned. "What house are you in?"
"Zeus." I replied.
"Same as us, Newbie!" Jack said, linking arms with me. "Aren't you lucky. And you'll be pleased to know that-"
Alex linked on my otherside. "We have decided to be your guides. Welcome... What's your name?"
"Monique." I laughed, a little embarrassed at all the attention. "Monique de Blanche."
"Well Monique de Blanche," Alex continued. "Welcome to Beauxbatons!"

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Alexis (Answer_Unknown) | 7 comments Ellezon Bruks

Aunt Cara, I am choking, and if you don't release me now, I am sure to miss the ferry"
"Oh, how much you are like your mother, always worrying, but you are most definitely not going to be late, the ferry does not depart till 11. Write to me won't you, each day, and do be a good girl Ele."
"I will, promise," I quickly kissed her cheek and turned away mumbling a bye, so as to not see her tears. Now that I was going to Beauxbaton she would be alone in the house.

Walking towards the port I was soon pulled into a stream of families all headed to the port. Everyone was promising to write, hugging and biding their family farewell. All those without families present had formed little clusters, and were busily talking away.

Not knowing anyone and not wanting to become acquainted with strangers yet, I too boarded. Aboard, I found myself a seat and waited.

So far I had kept myself too busy to think about how Beauxbaton's Academy of magic was going to be like, but though this ride was short, my mind could think of little else. In my letter it had said that I was to be in the house of Athena. I knew from reading my mother's journal that she too had been in the house of Athena and my father had been in the house of Zeus.

In the half hour that it took the ferry too take us up to the castle, I had already thought of a thousand possible things that could go wrong on my first day. Getting off the ferry, and reaching the castle doors where I was led into a separate, secluded room with other first years, I came up with a dozen more.

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