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message 1: by Zohal (last edited Oct 07, 2012 02:33AM) (new)

Zohal | 63 comments Mod
Within the universe
there are many different worlds
worlds of different fantasy
But the problem is this

An evil power is rising
The stars are dying all over the different worlds
The walls between the different worlds are collapsing
causing earthquakes, tremors etc.
And allowing transport between the different worlds.

Only a set few can help save the universe.

Are you one of them ?

Powers/ skills:
Strengths/ weaknesses:
Likes/ Dislikes:
World they live in:
Quick Bio:

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (Velliya) | 44 comments Name: Katia
Species: Elf
Appearance: Pointed ears, long flowing blonde hair, large emerald eyes
Powers/ Skills: true shot archer, brilliant singer, dagger user and musician, nature mage.
Strengths/ weaknesses: Immortal.Magic and distant combat. Close combat is not her style.
Likes/ Dislikes: Likes peace makers, hates destruction of nature.
Personality: Graceful and calm, wise and reserved.
World: Alfruuna
Bio: Currently the heir to the Alfruuna throne. She is also the military leader of her world.

message 3: by Aurora (last edited Oct 07, 2012 05:11AM) (new)

Aurora Name: Drake
Species: Wildeborn
Appearance: Tall and muscular, with dark green hair and light brown eyes. He is tanned and has two tribal tattoos, one on his left cheek and one along his right arm.
Powers/Skills: Extremely sharp senses, stealthy, very agile and strong. Skilled in parkour, climbing, jumping and can understand animal behaviour and communicate with them to some extent(not the 'telepathic' kind of way but the 'body-language' kind of way)
Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths-melee attacks and using basic weapons, hand-to-hand combat. Weaknesses- Magic attacks, ranged attacks, fire, small spaces
Likes/Dislikes: Likes animals, wilderness, outdoors, fighting and training, dislikes small places, indoors and magic.
Personality: Fierce, wild, distrusting, straight-forward, brutal.
World: None (That's the name of the world)
Bio: Brought up and trained by his mentor, Kaiote(Pronounced Coyote), he learnt the Wildeborn's ways, connecting with nature in ways no other race could ever do. The Wildeborn are very conscious of the natural world around them, always giving back what they take and naming their children after their spirit animal- a unique animal-large enough to ride on- which comes to the newborn baby and connects with them spiritually, to be their partner for life(Think, Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword and their Loftwings). Drake's, spirit animal is a specie of dragon which was thought to be extinct.

message 4: by Anastacia (last edited Oct 07, 2012 06:11AM) (new)

Anastacia (Ana3) | 2 comments Name: Raven Roth
Species: Half Demon/ Half Azarathian
Appearence: Raven has short violet hair and lavender eyes. She always wears her blue floor length cloak. Under the cloak she wears a tight long sleeve black shirt abd black tights. Her skin is a pale grayish white (the gray is due to the fact that she is half dmon). She normally has the hood to her cloak up which covers her face abd you can only see her eyes.
Powers/Skills: Raven's powers inculde levatation, empathic healing, fighting close combat, telekinesis, telepathy
Strengths/Weaknesses: Raven has more weaknesses then strengths. Her weaknesses inculde her emotions,fighting in a group,trust,the fact that to fully connect to her powers she has to meditate. Her strengths inculde quick healing, her powers.
Likes/Dislikes:Raven's likes are herbal tea, being alone, meditation, reading, being with her few friends. Her dislikes are bad jokes, loud noises, people the interupt her meditation, her family
Personality: Raven is quiet and doesn't talk much. She is very distrusting na dif she so choses to trust you don't break that trust. It is impossible to gain Raven's trust back once you've lost it. She likes to be alone. When her demons side comes out Raven can't control it. She may seem emotionless but its because she has to be careful of her emotions. If her emotions get out of control it can hurt her or anyone around her.
World they live in: Azarath
Quick Bio: Raven will only tell you once you have her trust
Other: Her soul self or spirit animal is a Raven

message 5: by Aurora (new)

Aurora (((So.. How does this roleplay begin?)))

message 6: by Zohal (new)

Zohal | 63 comments Mod
(Anyway you want,)

message 7: by Aurora (last edited Oct 14, 2012 12:00AM) (new)

Aurora Drake

Drake woke with the first rays of sunlight, a habit formed over his entire life as a Wildeborn. The dark green scales of the dragon he was using as a pillow rustled softly as the beast stirred.
They were laying on the top of a cliff, a place only accessible by flight and therefore a place only he and his dragon could go. It was a place he could relax, with a view of the entire area. The sky shined a bright array of orange and pink as the Sun announced its arrival for the day.

The Wildeborn had a special connection to their unique spirit animal. When the Wildeborn woke, the animal woke. When the Wildeborn slept, the animal slept. When the Wildeborn died, the animal died. They were connected so thoroughly that they had the same markings, eye colour and hair colour.

Drake got to his feet, brushing the grass from his pants and nudging the dragon to its feet.
It snorted, smoke curling from its nostrils, but Drake wasn't scared in the slightest.

"Get up, sleepyhead! Training is first thing in the morning, or have you forgotten so soon?" Kaiote's teasing voice faintly called to him. A smile spread across Drake's face as he walked to the edge of the cliff, staring down to his mentor, who seemed the size of an ant from the altitude. His superb senses-another characteristic of a Wildeborn- enabled him to hear him from the distance.

Drake grinned and glanced to the dragon, who was still shaking the sleep from its eyes and brain.
Drake took a few steps back, facing the edge of the cliff. Then, without any traces of fear, he bolted forward and leaped off, free-falling from the cliff.
Delicious, early-morning air rushed past his face and welcomingly ruffled his dark green hair. He laughed at the rush, watching as Kaiote's tall figure grew bigger with every second.

Drake heard a high-pitched call as his dragon rushed past him, its wings folded tightly against its body. He turned in mid-air as the dragon suddenly spread its wings and he fell in a sitting position on its back. The dragon flapped its powerful wings and slowed the fall, soaring for a moment before landing gently on the grassy floor.

Kaiote chuckled, stratching the dark stubble on his jaw, "I always enjoy watching the bond between you both. It reminds me of when I was young and carefree."
Drake slid off the dragon's back, "You look only slightly older than me. How old are you really?" He asked.
His mentor laughed a nice, clear laugh, "Not as young as I look."

Drake made an annoyed expression but respected Kaiote's secrecy. He shrugged, "What will you be teaching me today?"
Kaiote put a hand on his shoulder as a giant animal whick looked like a cross between a fox and a wolf padded into the small clearing, carrying several weapons in its mouth.
Kaiote made a pleased purring sound and took the weapons from his spirit animal. He handed a long wooden staff to Drake, who grinned happily as he took his favourite weapon. Kaiote took two swords and clambered onto his spirit animal's back. He locked eyes with Drake, who heaved himself onto the dragon's back.

"Today I will teach you to fight while riding."

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