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Evergreen Park is a very nice pleasant place. Its a rather peaceful place to go relax to get away from the busy streets. This park has nice benches to sit on,lush green grass (there's a reason why its called Evergreen Park), fountains,and other sorts of trees. It enjoyable to walk around enjoy the views and do other things. There is also a colorful play set for children to play with.

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Claire zipped up her blue-grey jacket as she looked back at her large house. It was midnight and she could really use the walk at the time. So she set off to evergreen park. It was probably the farthest she'd ever gone away from home yet. It was rather chilly as she could see her breath in the darkness of the night. She looked around feeling the dew from the grass soak through her flat bowed shoes. It was a bit gross for her but it was worth getting out this far. It was nice to be alone like this with no one around. She sighed contently as she decided to take a rest on one of the benches.

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Xavier was leaning against a rather big oak tree has he was lighting a cigarette with his lighter. He was about to his mouth when his wolf ears picked up he heard something near him...sounded like human footsteps. Most humans didn't come out at night especially at this hour. He then put out his cigarette and stealthily stalked towards the person as he neared he could clearly see it was a human. Not only was this person human she was all alone in a park. It seemed a bit odd for her to do that but at least he could entertain himself.

Xavier walked up behind her putting his hand on her delicate shoulder and grinned. "Ello girl,don't you think its a bit dangerous to go walking at night?"

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Claire had had her eyes closed feeling the chill air around her trying to just enjoy herself that was until she felt a hand firmly on her shoulder. She jumped and jerked her eyes open standing up to swiftly look at who or what was behind her. Her eyes widened at the sight as they traveled all over the man before her. Or, the hybrid before her. It was so much of a shock for her all she could do for a moment was blink at him frozen in her spot. What was she supposed to do? She had always tried to prepare herself for a moment like this but she never actually thought it would come at a time like this in the night. No, he was nothing compared to her. Just some hybrid that was worth absolutely nothing. She turned around and started to stalk off towards the path. Her plan was to just ignore him like he never even spoke to her.

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Xavier smiled at her seeing her pure surprise waiting for her to say something but when she didn't it puzzled him. Fine...shes one of those people playing hard to get. He smirked seeing this game even more enjoyable and ran up joining her "Hey wait..you still didn't answer my question why is such a little girl like you out at this time? Or are you Little Red Riding Hood off to grandmothers house? Because that wouldn't be good because I'm the big bad wolf" he grinned at her and gave her a wink. He walked along with her at her side starting at her evident he wasn't going to leave.

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Claire tensed even more so as she noticed him right beside her now. Questions were flooding her mind at this point. Was he dangerous? Why would he even approach her in the first place? She swallowed starting to walk a bit faster. When he spoke up her brows furrowed completely. How dare he speak to human in such a way! "Go away hybrid." She said in a disgusted tone. But the way he looked at her told her that he didn't have plans to do so at all.

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Xavier pretend to look offend and hurt by her words. He put his hand to his chest "Ah..hurtful much. One dose not simply say go away to someone I find that very rude. I'm sure your parents raised you better than that or maybe they are as rude as you. Its also not the smartest idea to insult someone you just met in the park at the dead of night. But maybe that's just a regular thing for you" he still walked beside her with a grin back on his face. "So why are you here Little Red Riding Hood?" he would keep calling her that if she didn't tell him her name. He sighed looking around at the silent park.

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Claire couldn't believe this... this.. guy! Didn't he also know his place in this world? Typical hybrid. Or was it? He was the first one she'd ever actually met in the first place. No, she couldn't think that hybrids were worth anything or had any kind of humanity in them. That's what she was taught...right? She should just run right? Just keep walking until the guards around her home got to him. But instead she just turned her gaze to him. "You should know your place. Don't think you're superior to me." She said coldly. "And don't call me that. But if you must know, and you have no right to know, I'm taking a walk." She practically said in one breath. Although she was trying to sound high and mighty, the nervousness in her voice was still apparent.

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Xavier watched Clarice with an eyebrow raised at how she addressed him so coldly. He sighed of course she was like that she was one of those humans who thought all highly of themselves which was really saddening. Who gave them the right to think of themselves like they were royalty. Hybrids were perfectly fine too but of course she wouldn't understand that. "Oh I apologize Princess I didn't know you were royalty" he said full of venom and sarcasm. "Your the one to talk,I can be however I want with you" he said defiantly. He crossed his arm a small smirk on his face "Again I'm sorry Little Miss Riding Hood,I have no idea your name so I will call you that. Unless you tell me your name" he continued walking by her side.

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Claire was feeling more and more flustered with him as he spoke so independently to her. The more he spoke the more she was actually beginning to question why exactly they were worse than humans. No! He was a filthy hybrid...who wasn't bad looking actually. No no no, her thoughts were trailing off even more so. She looked him with a frown. why was he even smirking at her like he was? "It's Miss. Jacobs to you then." She said dryly.

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Xavier rolled his eyes seeing she just gave him her last name "Great..well a last name is a start... Miss Jacobs that's a very nice last name" he smiled a little and put his hands in his pockets sighing again. His wolf ears then all of a sudden perked up as he heard something behind him,but it was only the leaves ruffling in the wind. "Heh..sorry about that I thought I heard something.." he looked around the brisk park,his then caught the bright full moon. He loved full moons..always having to fight the urge to howl at it. But of course he had those urges because of his DNA.

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Claire gave him a look for a moment before turning her gaze back on the scenery around them. It was beautiful at night even with the chilly year that made her cheeks go rosy and her nose a tint of pink. Then she turned to glance over to him when his head jerked around. She hadnt heard anything at all. She guess'd it was just some useless trait he had with his hybrid DNA. Curiosity was starting to get the best of her as she began to speak. "And what's your name? And do you plan on following me all night?" She said trying to sound uninterested, but there was question in her eyes and maybe, just maybe, a faint smile hiding at the corner of her lips.

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Xavier couldn't help but smile seeing this stubborn girl was finally going to give more information about herself they were getting someone. "Oh well I'm glad you asked Miss Jacob's,my name is Xavier Callaway Stilverstein at your service" he bowed with some sarcasm since he seemed to be the last person to ever be proper like that. He sighed and shrugged "Eh..I don't know if I find anything else to do I will go. But for now I really have nothing else to do so I guess I'm gonna stick around" he then smiled at her "Why you like me here or something?"

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Claire really tried to pretend not to care about what his name was. But she couldn't help but keep mental note of it in her mind. Xavior. She took in a deep breath then heard his last comment. Her cheeks seemed to flush a shade of pink as she glared at him. "O-Of course not Hybrid." She spat out at him in over dramatic defense. " I ju-just need to know if my guards will have to take you or not."

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Xavier crossed his arms with an eyebrow raised "Oh..I'm so scared of your big bad guards! Whatever shall I do! I shivering in fear!" he said in a fake scared voice. He then laughed and rolled his eyes "Yeah right,I'm not scared of your silly guards. And why would they have to take me? I'm not going to do anything wrong" he said with a smile. He then leaned in closer to her "Haven't you figured out yet I'm not going to hurt you?" he smiled at her. Xavier was really getting interested in this human maybe she wasn't so bad with her ways..she was actually getting better. Maybe he should stick around..

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Claire frowned more so at him pretending to be scared of her guards. She shot him a glare full of frustration at how he mocked her so. Then he moved in closer to her and subtly stepped a bit farther to the side from him. "Wel-Well you should be scared." She said stumbling a bit on her words. "And I wouldn't let you hurt me in the first place." She said in a rather naive way.

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Xavier snickered at her words not seeming the least bit worried about her guards or whatever she had. "Oh? You wouldn't let me hurt you? How so?" he paused then continued "How would you defend yourself? Do you have claws like me? No." he showed his claws "Do you have teeth like me? No" he smiled again showing his sharp teeth "Oh how about any strength? Let me guess,No" he sighed and shook his head putting his arm around her shoulder. "You see you may think your all high and mighty but your not" he smiled a little at her. And continued walking with Claire.

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Claire couldn't help but think he was right about every little thing. She couldn't actually defend herself which only frustrated her more so at the thought. She gasped slightly as he put his arm around her shoulders, her whole face turning bright red. Her heartbeat started to pick up feeling a sharp clench in her chest. And here he was being all nonchalant about it! She took her own hand hesitantly pushing his arm off of her. "D-D-Don't touch me." She said with an empty threat to her tone. She swallowed trying to calm herself down. It might have seemed ridiculous, but even with or without him being a hybrid, she hadn't been that close or had a boy touch her like that.

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Xavier put his hands up showing he meant nothing and smiled "Sorry didn't know I had to ask to put my arm around you. Most girls do like it but your not like most girls...well I guess your not a hybrid too. But I will make sure not to touch you in the near future" he grinned good naturedly at her. He sighed again yawning a bit "Why are you so uptight like that? No boy likes a girl who's so stiff" he kicked a few pebbles along the trail. It was a nice cool night and it was very peaceful in the park.

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Claire let out a breath of relief as he took his arm back. Her heart seeming to settle down much more. She crossed her arms trying to warm herself up a bit. "Good. And I am most certainly not 'stiff'. And no I'm not like you hybrids." She told him with the raise of her chin that gave her a sort of snobbish appeal. She could feel her finger tips were ice cold.

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"Mhmm..sure you are" he murmured he then spoke up clearly "Yeah I guess your right,your not like a Hybrid. Us Hybrids have class where you seem to be lacking" he said not looking at her just looking ahead of the trail where he started to see his car. Xavier then looked at Claire who was evidently cold becausse he had heard her shiver. He took off his jacket and handed it to her "Here use my jacket I don't get cold much..must be another plus of mine. And don't worry you won't get a disease from my jacket" he rolled his eyes already sensing she would say soemthing like that.

As they started to walk past his car he stopped walking standing in front of it "Here's my car,I was thinking about going now. And if you want you can have a ride" surprisingly his car was a very nice one. It was a sleek white car with black tinted windows so no one could see inside. Most people would be surprised to see a Hybrid with a car like that. He grinned admiring his car "Pretty cool eh?"

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Claire looked over him shooting a glare at his first comments. What right did he have to say that about her? He was just a hybrid and hybrids were filthy and rotten and rude and and....that was what she was always told. She glanced over to his offered jacket with a surprised look in her eyes. She blinked realizing she has stared at it maybe too long. It was sort of an act of kindness she hasn't really experienced much. She turned back to the path. "I-I'm fine...thank you." She said whispering the last part.
When she saw his car she was even more surprised at how nice it actually was. For a hybrid of course. "You stole that?" She asked innocently but seriously like she actually believed he was capable of such an act. "I won't take a ride from a theif." She said determinedly.

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Xavier kept his jacket under his arm as he took out the keys form his pocket. He then turned his head to look at Claire rolling his eyes "Yeah..sure like all of us Hybrids result to the life of crime. Please! So stereotypical of you to say.." he said in a rather annoyed voice. He hated when people gawked at the fact a Hybrid could be actually well off. Some people expected them to be living in poverty and live on the streets. Just because he was a Hybrid didn't mean he was poor him and his father owned a very successful car shop. "Well then your in luck because I am not a thief I am proud owner of this car. If you want I can show you my license and registration if you don't believe me" he said honestly he was willing to prove her wrong and show her.

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Claire shot him a quick glare at his sarcasm. She crossed her arms huffing out slightly. All she knew was hybrids being horrible inhumane creatures who could never be successful. "I don't need to see proof." She said stubbornly to him. But she glanced over to the car a bit skeptically though. Then took a deep breath placing her hands onto her hips looking to him. "S-So d-do...are you going to give me a ride?" She asked raising her eyebrow slightly.

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Xavier leaned on the side of his car door as he watched her with a raised eyebrow. A small smirk tugged at his lips "Well if you want a ride...I will be happy to give you one. Do you want a ride to your home? You just have to tell me the way" he then took out the keys and unlocked the car. "I'll wait for you in the car" He stepped inside and started the car patiently waiting inside for her. He sighed a bit leaning back onto the leather seat. He really didn't want to wait all night for this girl to hurry up and decide if she wanted to go or not.

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Claire swallowed a bit nervously. For a hybrid to drive her home would be ridiculous. It was completely and utterly ridiculous. Then why was she somewhat okay with it? She pushed the thought away and instead nodded for yes to his question. When he got into the car she let her hand feel the handle to the passenger's side. Then she took a deep long breath before pulling herself inside the car. She glanced to him skeptically for a moment then looked out the window. "My house is on grandson drive."

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