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Please use this format to create your character. Delete the "." from the <.b> and <./b> You have a maximum of two characters, either gender and any district. All characters must be approved by a moderator before they may roleplay.

<.b>District token (Mandatory):<./b>
<.b>Strengths and weaknesses:<./b>

District 1
Female tribute: Jemina Aurora Clarr *Kay
Male tribute: Aleday disater *Alex

District 2
Female tribute: Erica Bowling *Boo *Loki/Avengers Fangirl!*(Miss Mischief)
Male tribute: Leon Rider *ThingAwesome

District 3
Female tribute: Jenna Lay *Bethany *Catgirl mew*
Male tribute: Ceale *Boo *Loki/Avengers Fangirl!*(Miss Mischief)

District 4
Female tribute: Leah Triana *Ambz
Male tribute: Romeo *Alana

District 5
Female tribute: Cosette Grey *Megan
Male tribute: Ambrose *Will

District 6
Female tribute: Raine Wood *Pennie
Male tribute: Damien *Charlie'sAngel

District 7
Female tribute: Kvinna Styrka *Alana
Male tribute: Garret Sawyer *Kay

District 8
Female tribute: Librae Canzi Bledsoe *Karkat
Male tribute: Bray Covrette *Melanie

District 9
Female tribute: Deryl Destinee *Ariel
Male tribute: Sydney Asteriks *Will

District 10
Female tribute: Yolanda *Aalaa
Male tribute: Aquilo Allardyce *Karkat

District 11
Female tribute: Vanessa Seeder *Sharyl
Male tribute: Seth Brown *Sharyl

District 12
Female tribute: Karou Martala *The Punk In Love With A Nerd
Male tribute: Daniel Wells *Ambz

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*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ Name: Leon Rider
Gender: Male
Age: 17
District: 2
Personality: very kind/sweet, not like any other district 2 boy, over protective of friends and weak people. he hates hurting anything.
History: Dad died, was babied by his mom so he wasn't as mean as all the other boys
Friends: none, an outcast
Family: mom
Crush: none
District token (Mandatory): his fathers ring
Strengths and weaknesses: strength is his fists and a spear/sword. weakness is little kids, sweet girls. innocent guys.
Other: no matter what, doesn't take off beany.

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Megan | 200 comments Name: Cosette Grey
Gender: Female
Age: 16
District: 5
Personality: Cosette is very mature but does have a sense of humor. She is very determined. She is sweet and somewhat charming, but is shy.
History: Cosette grew up in district 5, and both of her parents were geologists. She spends alot of time taking care of her little sister, Bella. She always got very high marks in school. She doesn't have alot of friends, because she is quite shy.
Friends: Alice and Carlie, friends from school.
Family: Mom and Dad, and litle sister Bella, who is 11.
District token (Mandatory): A silver and red flower pin that she received for her 12th birthday.
Strengths and weaknesses: She can run quickly. She knows how to throw knives, but hasn't mastered it. She isn't very strong, and is too merciful when it comes to killing people.

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(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) | 57 comments Name: Leah Triana

Gender: Female

Age: 17y/o

District: 4, Fishing

Leah has long, thick black hair, it's length going just above her elbows. Her bangs curve over her forhead, masking only half of her right eye. Her hair is silky and it shines almost silver under moonlight. Her hazel-gray eyes are round and they reflect a kind of soft feeling to them. Leah's skin is pale yet slightly tan, and they give off a somewhat creamy glow. She is average height, maybe an inch smaller, and she's lithe yet strong from all the yers of swimming. She has long, elegant arms and legs, which allows her to jet right through water.

Personality: Leah is fierce, but not in a brutal and cruel way. While she is a Career, she can be loving and forgiving, the type not to hold a grudge. But she will kill if it means staying alive. She is also very calm and collected, and it is rather difficult to anger or offend her; She is very closed off with her feelings and can skillfully channel her emotions into something confusing and somewhat creepy. Leah is honest, but if she does not wish to answer a question truthfully, she'll give the silent treatment. And she can easily see through most lies and acts.

History: Leah was born as the second oldest, with an older brother and many soon-to-be-born sisters. She was well-loved by her District, as she was both fun and charismatic, not to mention very pretty. She made many friends and plenty of the students in her class envied her. Although she was asked out by the boys a lot, Leah wasn't always interested but was always looking for that special someone. One day, Leah decided that she'll accept a boy's request to a date. She was walking to school with her best friend and neighbor, Nathaniel, and they were late for school. Nate had a girlfriend who he loved with all his heart, and he told her how Leah should find a boyfriend. When they got to school, Nate's girlfriend was found making out outside of the front doors of school. Nate was outraged and at the same time, he felt betrayed. He broke down into depression and hardly ever spoke to anybody but Leah. In this way, she refused to ever fall in love, even vowed never to do so. She thought that love always ended up with betrayal and pain.
Leah never stopped being paranoid that her heart would break if she ever came to love somebody, and so she refused ever boy who asked her out, no questions asked. Eventually, after about a year, a boy convinced Leah to go out with him. She was hesitant at first, but began to realize that not all love is so bad and tearing. She grew to love this boy, and for 3 months this went on, Leah being this boy's girl. But after a few days of paradise, the boy left her. Told her that he only used her to become popular and for money. Her heart ached for months, and she refused to ever talk about love again. But she still cared about her friends, even her male friends, but never dated after that. Very slowly, her light came back. She turned back to the same charismatic and fun girl before, but was dry and torn when the topic of love came up.

After a year or so, her mother became pregnant again. But she was deathly ill, and by the time the baby boy came, she was no healthier than dead. She suffered through the pregnancy, determined to heal and perish with the new baby. Only to find that the second Toby was born, she'd be dead. Leah and her family was distraught for weeks, and the baby was too ill with his mother's disease, that he was beyond curing. He was dead in a matter of days, and Leah's father turned to drinking. He became so drunk, that he began to abuse his starving children. He would lash out and slap or whip his daughters, or make his only son work for hours on end. This continued for a long while, until eventually, he began to outright neglect his kids. Slowly, Luke and Leah and their sisters started starving to death, and Luke began to provide the family. Leah agreed to help. They taught eachother they're skills, and while they mostly fished, coming from 4 and all, they also hunted the occasional squirrel or rabbit. Luke also learned about plants and herbs, and while he tried teaching Leah about them, she oddly denied the information and steered clear of it. The family perished, despite the neglect they've received from their father.

But when the Reaping came around, Leah's little 12-year-old sister, Veronica was Reaped. She knew with Veronica's snippy attitude, she wouldn't be getting anywhere with the Games, and Leah wouldn't allow to let her sister die. And so she volunteered, as nobody else did with the sickness spreading throughout District 4.

Friends: Natalya, Brooklyn, Noah, Taylor, Jeremy, Ty, and Mackenzie are her friends from school. Aliyah and Nathaniel re her neighbors. Daniel and Mathea are her partners in swimming.

Violet Triana (Mother, deceased)
Jacob Traina (Father, 53y/o)
Luke Triana (Older brother, 19y/o)
Shaylah Triana (Little sister, 15y/o)
Veronica Triana (Little sister, 12y/o)
Sylvia Triana (Little sister, 9y/o)
Levi Triana (Little sister, 6y/o)
Toby Triana (Baby brother, deceased)

Crush: None.

District token (Mandatory):

Strengths and weaknesses:
Strenghs: Leah can see through most lies, as well as channeling her emotions into unreadable expressions. she can climb fairly good, she has good judgement, and (Obviously) She can swim. Her specialty weapons are the trident and throwing knives. She can also decently use a bow and arrow, throwing spears, and can easily make some traps and snares. She can also fish and ice skate excellently.
Weaknesses: Leah isn't too too strong, she can sometimes be overly-stubborn, and will always, always refuse to fall in love.

Other: Leah is a Career.

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both approved

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Sharyl (Dontblametheweaponblametheperson) | 476 comments Name: Vanessa Seeder
Gender: Female
Age: 16
District: 11
Appearance: Has straight, short, dirty-blond hair that stops just above her shoulders. She likes to keep it so that part of her hair covers half of her face. She is tall and thin. She has a warm carmel color for her eyes and dark brown flecks in them.
Personality: Is very mysterious. She doesn't trust anyone easily and, because she doesn't want anyone to know her history, usually lies to people. She has a sarcastic edge to her personality and prefers to be alone. She can come up with ideas on the spot and easily adapts to her enviroment.
History: She usually tells people that she was found on someones doorstep as a kid with no memories of what happened in her past except that she only remembers her name. In reality she ran away from home. Her mother was a slut looking for a good time when she met her father and Vanessa was their little 'accident'. Her father was abusive and got mad when she so much as spoke one word. Her mother left soon after she was born and Vanessa doesn't even know her name. She ran away when she was 7 and when she was ten she heard that her father was killed by peacekeepers when he was drunk one night. She worked as a climber and picks fruit. She stayed with a good old woman who found her after she ran away. Vanessa now cares for her as her own mother. She had one childhood friend named Seth. They met when she was having an arguement with someone at the market and he solved it. They have been friends since. He was one year older than her and took care of her and taught her to fight. She almost broke down crying when he was reaped along with her.
Friends: Her only friends are Seth and her adoptive mother.
Family: Her father is dead, she has no siblings, and her real mother has no idea who she is. Vanessa has no idea if she is really alive.
Crush: Her friend Seth.
District token (Mandatory): A pin in the shape of an apple that her 'mother' gave to her.
Strengths and weaknesses: Can climb and use knives fairly well. Her only weaknesses are darkness and if someone hurts her friend, Seth.
Other: Is easily bored and can't stand staying still. She is also very impatient.

Name: Seth Brown
Gender: Male
Age: 17
District: 11
Appearance: is tall and has blond hair that just comes down to his eyebrows. He has light blue eyes and is very strong.
Personality: Tries to be a comedian but his jokes are really bad. He can see through Vanessas lies but knows when to stop talking about a certain subject.
History: Seth has one little brother. He also works with Vanessa in the orchards. He carries the baskets of fruit from the trees to the buildings. One day he saw a girl and a market stall owner argueing and decided to break it up. Since then he has been friends with the girl, Vanessa. He couldn't believe it when she was reaped and still couldn't believe it more when he was reaped along with her...what were the odds?
Friends Vanessa is his only real friend although he can get along great with people.
Family: His mother died when he was 5 of a disease. His father, Bradly, is a bartender for Peacekeepers. He has one little brother named Marcus whom he loves deeply and would do anything to save him.
Crush: He likes Vanessa but doesn't think the feeling is mutual.
District token (Mandatory): He has a necklace in the shape of an apple. On it is engraved the word Believe His father gave it to his mother and his mother gave it to him on her deathbed.
Strengths and weaknesses: He won't let Vanessa be hurt and his biggest fear is being alone. His strength is that he is a 'smooth talker' and can get out of most situations by talking.

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ĸay | 347 comments Name: Garret Sawyer
Gender: Male
Age: 17
District: 7
Personality: Garret has a very dark, 'I-could-care-less' attitude due to his upbringing and is known for being extremely stubborn. He seems to hate know-it-alls mainly because he feels threatened by them and is sometimes a bit insecure of himself. However, he disguises these qualities well and gets very defensive when people announce that they can 'see right through him'.
History: Garret lives with both his parents and his seven older brothers in which he has always competed against with anything: racing, hunting, cooking, etc. He indeed feels left out out of many events due to being the youngest and is usually seen as a loner.
Friends: None currently.
- Carl Sawyer (Father)
- Charlotte Sawyer (Mother)
- Cody Sawyer (Eldest brother)
- Tony Sawyer (Second eldest)
- Stephen Sawyer (Third eldest)
- Mark Sawyer (Middle)
- Adam Sawyer (Third youngest)
- Ricky Sawyer (Second youngest)
Crush: Open/None
District token (Mandatory): His district token was his family's coin necklace with all of the sibling's names engraved on it. However, he threw it away and it has not been seen since.
Strengths and weaknesses:
~Competitive - Whenever challenged, Garret will usually accept it if he sees fit. If not, he blows it off as if it's nothing.
~Sensitive - He is literally a tick time-bomb. If you say anything out of line, he will usually comment harshly if it is directed at him.
Other: Whenever he gets the chance, it's not uncommon to see him smoking. And since he was chosen as District 7's male tribute, he gets to do that alot.

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He's perfect. I'm going to post my characters later.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 8 comments Name:Melody Summers
Personality:Melody doesn't speak to anyone except her sister an dbest friend. She's good at getting out of people way and being invisible.
History:Melody's father was killed in a mining accident when she was 7. She wouldn't sing after that. A year later, her mother committed suicide and Melody wouldn't talk to anyone after that.((It's kind of summed up and I'll add detail later))
Friends:Jonathan "Jon" Williams
District token: (view spoiler)
Strengths and weaknesses:S:Running, climbing, hiding, bow and arrow, quietness W:Communication, daggers

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 8 comments Thanks

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No Problem. Just make sure to give her a history please.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 8 comments I already have a history planned out. I was actually typing it out and my computer malfuntioned and I lost it and I didn't feel like re-writing at this time of night.

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Alright :) Anytime is good, as long as she has one before the training center comes out.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 8 comments okay

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ĸay | 347 comments Name: Jemina Aurora Clarr
Gender: Female
Age: 17
District: 1
Appearance: Jemina is known for her straight black hair and pale blue eyes with a curvy elegant figure and an athletic body.
Personality: Despite being easy on the eyes, Jemina has more bark than she does bite. Even if you get a second glance, you know you won't get another when she realizes that you're looking. When you first meet her, she comes off strong, stubborn, and cold. However, underneath is a beaten, tortured soul whom has a hard time knowing what's the truth and what isn't.
History: Growing up as the only child of a widowed mother, Jemina was given a great life due to living in the richer parts of District 1. However, she was never put into the academy in order to train for the Hunger Games. She was happy, curious, and fun-loving. And by the time she was four, her mother remarried. However, as she began to grow older, her step-father began to become obsessed with her and it wasn't long before he began to sexually abuse her at the age of ten. Fearful for her life and her mother's happiness, Jemina never told a soul and for nearly eight years, she tried to act as if her life was normal.
When Jemina was chosen as District 1's female tribute, she knew in her heart, that she would probably not make it. But the most important thing that she realized is that she would never have to return home.
Friends: None.
-Unnamed Father (deceased)
-Analena Meridia-Clarr (Mother)
-Brian Meridia (Step-father)

Crush: Open.
District token (Mandatory): A jeweled ring given to by her mother. She keeps it stashed in her pocket due to the paranoia of somebody stealing it.
Strengths and weaknesses:
-Agility & Lethal ~ Jemina is quick on her feet and is able to bend her body in many different ways if it means to get out of reach.
-Haphephobia ~ Jemina does NOT like to be touched due to her background. Without her consent, she will most likely hit you.
-Emotional (Slight Depression)~ Jemina, on the inside, feels like her wall of protection is crumbling around her. She hates hates this fact and even lies to herself in order to make sure her 'wall' stays intact.

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And she and Romeo will be perfect.

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ĸay | 347 comments Lol yay :D

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(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) | 57 comments Name: Daniel Wells

Gender: Male

Age: 18y/o

District: 12, Mining

His eyes are solid gray, his hair raven black. It's obvious that he's a Seam boy, but he's much stronger than he would seem, coming from Twelve and all. He has very powerful strength, and if he's going down, expect a tough fight.

Personality: Daniel is determined and if confident, but he watches where his pride is, to make sure it doesn't get the best of him. He is quiet and tends to stay at the back of the crowd, he doesn't want to step on anybody's toes (Metaphorically speaking). He has learned to forgive and forget, and doesn't like to hold a grudge. But he's careful of who he's trusts, and is cautious around those who threaten him.

History: Daniel was born a healthy child, and he had a happy childhood. When hi father lost his job as a coal miner, their small family slowly became poor. His little sister, Sheila, was a mistake. It's not that their parents hated her at all, it's just that they feared a slow death of starvation for her and Daniel. But they cared for her dearly, regardless. Daniel's mother became ill just as their small supply of money ran too low, and she died in a matter of days. Fear for his father and sister would follow, Daniel ignored the tearing grief and scavenge through Twelve for anything to offer his starving family. He would collect loose change found on the edges of sidewalks, use the money he'd been searching after for food and clothing etc. to protect Sheila and their father from the hungry, cold nights. He got into this routine, with the help of Sheila - Who'd escape into the forest beyond District 12's fences to collect edible plants and medicinal herbs - and learned to save up a little change everyday to maybe buy some expensive yet valuable foods or products. But a few months after his 18th birthday, Daniel's father became very ill, and Sheila's plants and herbs were ineffective. Daniel did everything in his power to cure his father, but only a little too soon, the Reaping came and Daniel was chosen...

Friends: Alexis and Connor.

Haley Wells (Mother, deceased)
Alexander Wells (Father, 58y/o)
Sheila Wells (Little Sister, 15y/o)

Crush: None.

District token (Mandatory):
It's a small piece of diamond surrounded by coal shards. It is supported by the idea of coal being under tons and tons of pressure and millions of years to form diamonds. The diamond is fake, however anybody would be fooled that it was real, and the coal is real. The token is small, and can easily but fit into a pocket.

Strengths and weaknesses:
Strengths: Daniel is very strong, which is surprising since he comes from District 12 and all. He's also skilled with traps and snares and whatnot, and has good judgement on who and what to trust.
Weaknesses: Daniel is a bit of a loner, and he doesn't make allies and friends very easily. Also, he isn't too skilled with a complex weapon.


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Beck (formerly Boo) (Boooty) Name: Ceale
Age: 16
District: 3
Personality: He's a free spirit. He is incredibly smart but is also super-athletic/strong. He is very shy/reserved, and untrusting. Other than that he doesn't think social things over very much. He's pretty friendly, and loves other people. Once when his auntie dear was doing a beat-work 'day' he didn't eat more than a cracker a week for almost 3 months. He's used to suffering. Bla, bla, bla. Oh, and his little sister was killed in the arena. at age 13. He likes plants. And knives. And fluffy things. And scraggy black dogs. He has one named Pouf.
History: He grew up without parents(who were killed by peacekeepers for being part of the resistance), just his great great and really evil aunt. More or less pretty normal life.
Friends: Open?
Family:Pouf the dog and evil aunt.
Crush: open
District token (Mandatory):
Strengths and weaknesses: He is really strong, fast, and charming without knowing it. He knows about plants. He is deathy terrified of heights and frogs.

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Both Approved.

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Cassie Lynn (SissyLynn) Name: Damien Truman
Gender: Male
Age: 14
District: 6
Personality: Damien was once a happy child. He enjoyed learning in school and the factories, and spending time with his family. But that all changed about two years ago. He slowly sunk into a long period of depression, not for more of a reason than that he was unhappy. He couldn't find a place in the world. He stopped making time for his friends and family, he stopped caring in general. After a year and a half, he slowly came out of his haze, but nothing went back to normal. He found that everyone had left him. He turned to writing in a journal. When things get really rough, he cuts himself. When things are good, he makes them even better with small hits of morphine.
History: Damien spent years of his childhood and the beginning of his teen years modeling. He loved the job, and it made good pay. He had many friends in the business with him and was well-known in the district. But he was fired after his attitude went south.
Friends: Damien had many friends, but only one stuck with him. It was a girl his age named Cheyenne. She became the only one he trusted, and they grew to love eachother.
Family: Damien has a mom, a dad, an older brother and two younger sisters. He doesn't trust, like, or spend time with any of them.
Crush: Cheyenne Robbins
District token: As an act of kindness, Damien's parents had had an in-color picture of him and Cheyenne engraved in his uncle's dogtags. Damien was actually very grateful, for he loved his deceased uncle and he loved Cheyenne and wanted to remember her in the arena.
Strengths/weaknesses: Damien has always had an intrest in knives. He is very good at mostly anything involving knives. He is very anti-social and terrible at climbing, and doesn't have a ton of muscel.

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Name: Kvinna Okade Styrka(It means Woman Rose Strong in Swedish)

Gender: female

Age: 17

District: 7

Appearance: ((Picture link and description please))
Kvinna is a woman of medium height with long arms and legs. Her hair falls just below her breasts, and it is a pleasant shade of blonde with nature chestnut highlights. Her figure is impeccable. Her waist is pulled in naturally, as if she has always been wearing a corset. She has a model worthy chest area that she prizes most greatly. She has virtually no hair on her body, being of a rare Swedish blood line, and her family has always waxed. Her eyes are a cheery and unusually bright green with sapphire freckles inside of them.

Personality: Kvinna is always serious and dutiful. You never see her fooling around. Kvinna can be very protective of the things she loves, and of those there are few. She seems foreboding but really she can be very sweet and kind, although she doesn’t like to admit it. She is very hardy and anything that comes her way doesn’t surprise her. She rarely smiles or laughs, as it isn’t her nature to do so. Kvinna dislikes talking about her feelings or her past. She is very forgiving, even though that doesn’t seem like something she is. She is not against killing. She is a solitary person and does not need companionship to live. She has a strong connection with animals and can befriend them easily.

History: Kvinna was born into a stable family home in district 7, and for ten years she lived happily, a sweet, joyful and innocent little girl. She lived with her parents, who were both lumbers. She was an only child and was spoiled greatly. Kvinna never really matured, always staying a whiny but adorable little brat.
But one day it all changed. Peacekeepers had come to take her parents to be executed for stealing a loaf of bread in a famine. Kvinna was told to run as her parents were dragged away. She didn’t know any better than to listen to her parents, so she grabbed all she could in her little arms in the short time she had, and she escaped her abandoned house before the peacekeepers could force her into a foster home.
Eventually she found herself in what was going to be her home for a long time. She had made it safely into the lumber forest, where there were always workers and peacekeepers around. But Kvinna went deep into the forest, where the trees wouldn’t be harvested for a long time. Since Kvinna had never truly known how to fend for herself, for a month she barely got by with the skimpy pile of supplies she had; to note, a jacket, a couple loaves of bread, jerky, some water bottles, a small axe and a knife.
After that month she decided it was time to mature. She couldn’t go on with the scant amount of food she had left. She began hunting with her axe and knife, and making fires with flint rocks that she collected. She became an expert hunter, having five years of free time on her hands to do so. She also learned to harden her heart against killing, because as the years went on, the closer the workers and peacekeepers came to her home. The murders burdened her for some time, but eventually she got used to the idea. She would dispose of the bodies by feeding them to a pack of wolves she had befriended in her times in the woods.
During her time in the woods, she made herself a bow and arrows by carving with her knife. She became expert with that as well and soon dubbed herself queen of the woods. That is, until her reign was finally brought to an end at age 15. The peacekeepers had captured her in her sleep one night, and she was pressed into the Lumber mill, all her provisions and home ram sacked. She was angry and fought back at first, but then she realised she had no choice. So she let them take her, and for two years, she worked at the Lumber mills, carefully supervised by peacekeepers around that clock, as everyone knew she was dangerous.
Right before she was going to be released from her probation, she was reaped for the Hunger Games. And for once, she was surprised.

Friends: All Animals

Family: Mother and Father executed.

Crush: Good luck on that one.

District token (Mandatory): A golden pin in the shape of the hatchet that had saved her life. She gave it to herself, of course, as she had no one to visit her in the grey room.

Strengths and weaknesses: Strengths: Throwing knives, axes, long distance running, bow and arrows, befriending animals, throwing spears and fishing spears, daggers, proportioning her meals, healing/medicine/poisons, shelter building, fires, cooking, plant identification, obstacle courses and climbing. Weaknesses: short bursts of speed, heavy lifting, befriending people, clubs, maces swords and tridents.

Other: She has pierced ears, pierced nose, and a snake bite.

Name: Romeo Orlando Lorenzo

Gender: male

Age: 17

District: 4

Romeo is gorgeous. He has short, styled black hair. His eyes are like none other; a crisp bright green-ish blue, with hints of gold all blended together. They literally glow, in the dark. He has next to no stubble, and you will rarely find him with any. He is pretty tall, with long, powerful legs built for running. He has extremely muscular arms, with long fingers. His teeth are straight and white. He has an eight pack and defined collar bones. He has pierced ears with diamond studs in them.

Personality: Romeo is a flirt and a sweet heart. He’s fonder of women than men, due to his history, although if you work at it enough, he won’t be as shy or quiet with you. He is of a kind nature, very friendly and open to alliances. If Romeo is sad or angry, he will either be silent, or start yelling with a passion. Although Romeo is sweet, he isn’t afraid of killing. Anyone. Be they enemy or ally. He is amazing at befriending people when he puts his mind to it, and he can change himself to do so if he must. But when provoked much too far, when people he truly loves are hurt, then he will explode. He will go on a rampage, killing everything in his path. He can also become very sad and fall into a short term depression.

History: Romeo was born at a young age, in the rich area of district four. For ten years he lived happily with his amazing parents, learning to fish expertly with any weapon; trident, spear, knife, axe, sword, stick, rock, bow and arrows, virtually anything. He also became expert at ice fishing, learning to use shovels and swords, weapons of all kinds to break the thick ice. He was taught by his loving parents before he was even eligible for the Hunger Games. He became expert at killing other things too, such as small and big mammals, birds and some mutts that existed in the forest he hunted in.
He was reaped at age twelve, but was saved when a career. His skill of hunting really came into play at age twelve, when famine and sickness swept through district four. For a while his family avoided the sickness, and was fed by their expert hunter son while his parents worked, fishing for Panem and not themselves. But they knew tragedy would soon strike, as it always did. At age thirteen, Romeos father grew ill with the sickness that had not cure. Romeo learned how to heal and use medicines and poisons during the short time his father was ill. Romeo strived to aid his father, but a month later, he passed away.
Romeo grew angry and sad. For six months he wouldn’t talk to anyone but his beloved mother. He still hunted, and it gave him a grim satisfaction, making him feel powerful and foreboding. He kept up this negative demeanor for the previously said six months, but one day reality slapped him in the face. He realized that he was falling into depression, and with him his mother, who couldn’t bear to see her baby so distraught.
So Romeo forced himself to be more cheerful, to strive to be meeker and less aggressive. Eventually he succeeded, although he sometimes fell and falls into the depression in times of sadness. His mother also improved, and they lived happily together for another six months, until he was fourteen years old.
At the time it seemed like a good idea. He was the ideal man. He made her happy. That was all Romeo had ever wanted. Romeo’s mother had decided to remarry. For a very short time they were all content, a new family. But the man’s true colors came bursting through at a very quick speed. He was a drunk, and he beat his mother and Romeo. He also raped Romeo on multiple occasions. After a month of this treatment, Romeos depression reappeared, and on the night of a storm, Romeo murdered him at age 15. He hid the evidence by telling his mother he had drowned at the pond, and he hid the body buried in the forest of his youth.
Romeo and his mother wallowed in depression for another six months after that particular episode, Romeo of guilt, and his mother because of the loss. No matter how wicked the man was, she had loved him. But Romeo was able to turn himself around, and he told himself that what he had done was for the best. That was how Romeos heart was stoned to killing. But even with Romeo there to help her through it, his mother never found her way out of the maze of dead emotions. She also developed dementia. The only person she would respond to was her son.
On multiple occasions Romeos mother attempted to kill herself, right in front of him. But of course Romeo would not allow it. They went on like this until Romeo was 18, a week before the reaping. Romeo had placed his mother in an old people home, bribing them to keep the 43 year old there with their entire life’s savings. There was another famine and sickness running through district 4, and he wanted to make sure that if he was reaped, his mother would have a place where she would be cared for.
And he was right to be worried. For some sick reason, fate decided to have his name pulled in the reaping for the second time. And in district fours predicament, no one volunteered. And that’s how Romeo Orlando Lorenzo made it into the Hunger Games.

Friends: No one of great significance.

Adelaide Rose Lorenzo, mother, in a home. (She never took her second husbands last name)
Harrison Matthew Lorenzo, father, dead

Crush: Open

District token (Mandatory): A small golden pin with his mothers initials on them, from his mother, who came to say goodbye for most likely the last time in the grey room after the reaping.

Strengths and weaknesses: Strengths: fishing with any and all weapons, breaking ice with any and all weapons, fighting with his bare hands, all weapons, healing/medicines/poisons and fire making. Weaknesses: cooking, shelter building, obstacle course.

Other: His belly button is an iny.

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she is a female
kk nevermind xD

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Clary, I'm sorry but could you please change Melody Summer's district? I made a mistake.

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<.b>Name: Aleday disater
<.b>Gender: Male
<.b>Age: 15
<.b>District: 1
<.b>Personality: funny, romantic, and smart
<.b>History: none
<.b>Friends: none
<.b>Family: none
<.b>Crush: open
<.b>District token (Mandatory): mockingjay pin
<.b>Strengths and weaknesses: weaknissis are women strengths are bows and throwing knives
<.b>Other: N/a

(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) | 57 comments Alex wrote: "Name: Aleday disater
Gender: Male
Age: 15
District: 12

Uhm... I have District 12 male...

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#~Ambz~# {•Save Me•} wrote: "Alex wrote: "Name: Aleday disater
Gender: Male
Age: 15
District: 12

Fixed, sorry.

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Please add a history. Your character may not to until it is approved when I ha a history.

Beck (formerly Boo) (Boooty) ((Can I make another?))

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Beck (formerly Boo) (Boooty) Name: Erica Bowling
District: 2nd
Appearance: not for the faint of heart. t's rather bloody... (view spoiler)
Personality: Honestly? She's a full-out career. Maybe a little too violent for her own good. She is very self-confident, sneaky, and manipulative. She is truly a bad girl. She has no respect for anything but the Capitol, which she more or less likes. She is, of course, from one of the more patriotic districts. She is overly patriotic. She is proud of her district.
History: She was born a victor. She grew up a pretty regular rich-district childhood. Her parents never really cared about her. She became obsessed with the Hunger Games and went to one of the special training schools and was one of the top students. She waited until her last year to get reaped, but it never happened. So, she volunteered, seeing it was her last chance to be in the Hunger Games.
Friends:not yet
Family:mom, dad
District token: -anklet
Strengths and weaknesses: She is trained in just abotu everything and is good at making strong allies. She may be a little overconfident or headstrong sometimes. She underestimates probably everybody

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Hmm... A bit bloody? Okay, I'm fine with that... *Opens spoiler* OMG SHE HAS BLOOD BETWEEN HER TEETH.

That is scary as heck.

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The picture's fine, however, I'd prefer if you put a definite warning before it. Like Hey, if you are young and impressionable, don't soil your mind with this gruesome and terrifying image. We need you to cure cancer. Thank you.

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hey I will be grounded for 5 weeks, comming on once per day. Accepted.

Beck (formerly Boo) (Boooty) ((YAY ok. Sorry if I mentally hurt anyone.))

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Xander Sympathy Name:Jenna Lay
Personality:Juna is slightly immature, and quite proud of it, she loves to bother people, but she's also really sweet and protective of her family. She loves to have fun.. though it gets her in trouble a lot, because she doesn't care if her fun hurts others.
History: Jenna was always an odd girl, she kept mostly to herself, she stayed inside most of the time and people thought her style choices strange. Jenna's socail patterns people also found strange, while most girls her age enjoyed playing with other female friends they're age outside, she preferred staying inside; alone, Jenna's favorite activity at the time was thinking, and dreaming. As Jenna went through grade school, her teachers started worring about her anti-socail behavior and were worried about the way her parents were taking care of Jenna, but the truth is, she just found everyone my age un-intelligent and not worth my time, obviously leading to anti- social behavior in an enviroment that contians nothing other than those you wish not to concern yourself with. As she got older she found her love for fun, she had learned how to use many types of knives. At age twelve Jenna was seemingly alone, when a young girl sneaked up on her, having being spooked, Jenna tied the girl up and used her for target practice, from then on she has been a slightly psycho killer.
Friends: Psshh, she had no need for friends, they get in the way.
Family:Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Niece.
District token (Mandatory):

Strengths and weaknesses:She's good with pretty much any type of blade, herbal poisons, and herbal medicines, she has trust issues, has no diplomacy, and is bad at hand to hand combat.

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Xander Sympathy Boo *Loki/Avengers Fangirl!*(Miss Mischief) wrote: "Name: Erica Bowling
District: 2nd
Appearance: not for the faint of heart. t's rather bloody...

Personality: Honestly? She's a full-out career. Maybe a little too violent fo..."

Love the picture!

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Clary, please change your character's district, there is already a district twelve female. Alex, please give your character a history. Thank you.

Aalaa * Ayla * آلاء (ajandali) <.b>Name:<./b>: Yolanda
<.b>Gender:<./b>: Female
<.b>Age:<./b>: 17
<.b>District:<./b>: 10
<.b>Personality:<./b>: She's your typical 'Little miss nice person', but she's a shy person who prefers to be isolated from people.
<.b>History:<./b> Her parents both died in a car accident when she was 14, and that was mainly the reason for her isolation from people. She had a crush on a guy in her school but that soon changed when it turned out that he was already in a relationship.
<.b>Friends:<./b> Her only friend is her cousin Layla.
<.b>Family:<./b> Besides her parents, the family that she lives with are Aunt Mary and her cousin Layla. She has no siblings.
<.b>Crush:<./b> : No crush
<.b>District token (Mandatory):<./b> A sunflower badge:
<.b>Strengths and weaknesses:<./b> Strengths: She is an expert at archery and knows a little bit of Karate. However, she is terrified of water.

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