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Allie (lost_at_hogwarts) Buddy read where we read 4 chapters every day and THEN discuss here. Beware, there might be some spoilers if you haven't read the book yet. Please try to keep spoilers hidden with the "(spoiler)" tool. We have already read the first four chapters and today we will be reading another four. Feel free to join at any time.

Morgan We should be on chapter 9 now right? And then we read four more chapters today.

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Allie (lost_at_hogwarts) That's right! I'm going to read the next four chapters and then discuss.

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Allie (lost_at_hogwarts) Finished the 4 chapters of the day.

Read this only if you have read the 4 chapters of the day (9-13, stop once you finish 13) (view spoiler)

Morgan Totally agree with everything you've said.(Spoiler Alert. If you haven't read as far as chapter 13 please don't read on.) And you're totally right about how Mangus and Alec need to live in the here and now, instead of Alec worrying about Mangus's past loves...yet i kind of understand why he would want to find out what it takes to get his mortality, because he's in love with Mangus. But Mangus and Alec are still my first, and I really hope that nothing changes with them. Also Simon and Isabelle are my 2nd they're just so right for each other. I have no idea why Isabelle keeps denying her feelings. And sub-plots are definately important especially ones that involve Luke. I just love when him and Jocelyn are together it's so romantic!!! It would be awesome if Cassandra Clare wrote a book just about them as a prequel when Vaelentine was alive. I was also starting to feel sympathy for Sebastion, and i began to trust him as well, yet he still had that edge to him that he wasn't trustworthy I mean "I didn'y mean to kill Max i only ment to knock him out like Isabelle" I don't know what to believe! Anyways I'm going to start reading the next four chapters! I'm really enjoying this book!

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Allie (lost_at_hogwarts) Morgan wrote: "Totally agree with everything you've said.(Spoiler Alert. If you haven't read as far as chapter 13 please don't read on.) And you're totally right about how Mangus and Alec need to live in the here..."

I agree, Jocelyn and Luke are so great for each other! I'm going to start reading the 4 chapters of today and do another mini rant/discussion. xD

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Morgan (Don't read on if you haven't read up to chapter 19) Last nights four chapters were so full of emotions and plots! I mean the angel was one of the biggest scenes. I mean now they can kill Simon, because he gave his mark to the angel Raziel. Why does the angel even need it? He most not be as powerful as he thinks. Andddd Jace came back, and i think Clary is starting to act a bit selfish... not that she never was. But when Jace was finally himself she didn't want him to die. Obviously i didn't either...Who would want that?? But when it comes to him over the world it's just sad. I really wish they could just kill Sebastion without harming Jace and along those lines they finally got the sword!! YAY, of course now all they need to do is find Clary and fix everything it should be easy... but i have no idea how that's going to fit into the last few chapters. There's just so many ways an author can make this great. I already know i'm going to be mad by the end, because the last book comes out in March 2014!!!!! It's crazy! and it will deffinately drive me insane i still have to read the Infernal devices series i have the 1st book sp hopefully if i read those books slow enough it will make satisfy me.. but probably not )': anyways i feel like i'm rambling bye! Oh wait (How could i forget) the most important part Jocelyn and Luke *swoons* they're so romantic. To bad it was only like 4 pages, their parts in the story really should be longer. K i'm now going to read the rest of the book, and be dissapointed, and lose my sanity, although it's questionable if i even still have it. (:

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Allie (lost_at_hogwarts) Haven't read the 4 chapters of yesterday and today. Not enough time with school and extracurricular activities. Will try to read them today.

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Allie (lost_at_hogwarts) Sorry but I don't have enough time to read until the weekend. :( Hope we can still discuss then.

Morgan That's all right its totally understandable just tell me when you're ready to discuss again (:

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