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The Fight for Golden Dawn

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Jessie (jessie-pearl) | 11 comments Mod
Any and all questions for Jessie's first novel, The Fight for Golden Dawn can be asked here.

message 2: by Sheri (new)

Sheri (SheriWilkinson) I really enjoyed Golden Dawn. There is so much controversy. I would like to see a sequel, continuing right where you left off!

message 3: by Jessie (new)

Jessie (jessie-pearl) | 11 comments Mod
There is a sequel to be written which will take place 15 years in the future. Dani's a teenager at that point and she speaks Spanish as a second language but doesn't know why.

The book will largely go back into the past of the Kade family, what happened to make Brooke and her brother start off so dysfunctional in life, and why Brooke turned out so normal while Steven seemed to be screwed up in every way. The current working title is "The Fool on the Hill," like the Beatles song. If you read Golden Dawn closely enough, you might be able to figure out who the fool is. He was only mentioned once in passing, but he gets a lot more attention in the second book.

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Sheri (SheriWilkinson) Jessie,
now you have my brain spinning. I most definatly will buy and read "The fool on the hills". I will keep up to date on your web and blog to see when that is coming out. Do you plan on putting a few chapters on your web like you did with Bombshell

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Jessie (jessie-pearl) | 11 comments Mod
Yes but right now I'm not sure when this book will be written. Right now I am working on my young adult novel which is planned for release next April, followed by the second book in the Bombshell series. After that will either be The Fool on the Hill or Girls Are Pretty, which is a side story which happens to contain a character from the third Bombshell book but has nothing to do with the Bombshell storyline.

Weird, I know, but it all works out. Perhaps another two or three years for Fool.

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Sheri (SheriWilkinson) Jessie,
Well I am sure that your sequel to Bombshell will be good. I enjoy your writing and most certainly will read you books. What will your young adult novel be about ? and for what age group will it be for? Ok asking too many questions ha ha

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Jessie (jessie-pearl) | 11 comments Mod
Ask away!

The young adult novel is going to be about a boy who wears a trench coat and goes to high school and from the outside appears to be your generic composite of "the school shooter." But really, he's just weird and kind and he enjoys writing. His friends that he hangs out with at lunch are all misfits, two of which are girls who call themselves "vampires," and not the Edward Cullen kind but the actual normal human kids who suck each other's scabs kind. He steals everyone's diaries from their backpacks one day and reads them because he's pissed at them for something, and ends up uncovering something alarming that is about to unfold, and he's got a one in a million chance to stop it.

Basically, anyway.

The only reason I'm calling it young adult is because there wont be any sex or swearing in it, sort of like Terwilliger-Lite. It's more appropriate for younger kids to read than my other works which are pretty graphic, but adults will be able to enjoy it as well.

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Sheri (SheriWilkinson) Well sounds like I will enjoy as well. I always read with my daughter, and she enjoys the Dear Dumb diary books (ha ha). keep us all posted on your upcoming books!

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