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Favorite Video Games?

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What are your favorite video games?

Mine are all the Pokemon games! Also, Mario games are cool too! I want Super Smash Bros. Brawl! But I don't have a Wii...Imagine Games are cool too!

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Alaster (AquarionRed) | 2 comments Pokemon and Yugioh and Magic the gathering 2012 are the greatest card games/ video games ever!!!!!

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Lady Light | 2 comments Pokepark, Tales of Symphonia, Super Smash Bros. Bawl, Cooking Mama, Bomberman Jetterz, Resident Evil series, Wii sports resort, and etc...

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Noree Cosper | 1 comments Final Fantasy Games, Super Mario Games, Legend of Zelda, Guild wars 2, The Secret World, City of heroes (before they ended it) and a lot of others.

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Gard Skinner (gard_skinner) Everything. But wow, I just finished the new Tomb Raider and was blown away. It was almost perfect.

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