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Who's lipstick was on his shirt?
Mollie Mollie Oct 05, 2012 01:47PM
I may have missed it, but did anyone get a believable answer for the lipstick smeared on Gideon's shirt? I thought maybe he really did lie about Corinne. Then I thought maybe it was something else besides lipstick. He didn't want to explain it. So I'm here hoping that I'm not gonna find out he's into cross dressing in the next book (no pun intended with the Cross dressing). If anyone knows or if Sylvia herself wants to comment, it'd be great.

Lyndsay (last edited Oct 09, 2012 04:22PM ) Oct 09, 2012 11:14AM   2 votes
Okay guys, I reread the scene and looked at Sylvia Day's Spoiler forum on fb which also recommended a reread and I noted the following from it:

"I dug his shirt out of the laundry basket...and saw red lipstick smeared like a blood stain on one of the cuffs."

I think this is a hint about it not actually being lipstick. If it's on the cuff its probably because he punched Nathan in the face in his office and the blow must have caused him to hit the couch. Just a hunch but it seems to make more sense now.

do you want the spoiler?


theory that i've learned (thanks to many folks on here) is that it's not lipstick. the assumption is that it was lipstick since she saw corinne in front of the building, but it's not quite lipstick. remember that the couch was pushed out of place and we assumed nathan was in the building because Eva's mom freaked out in front of the building - think of another substance/fluid that could be red and mistaken for lipstick.....

my money is on it being blood.....

April It's blood. He punched that fool.
Mar 13, 2013 05:21AM


We áll knew from BTY by Corrine's actions that she wanted Gideon back and was going to try and make as much trouble as she could. Knowing how Gideon acted while with her and seeing how he was with Eva and he made a point to tell Corrine how important Eva was to him.

We also know that Corrine called their engagement off I think she doing this thinking it would change him but he just went on with his life and she married a rebound.

Knowing all of this Corrine saw Eva and had a little fun with her.

Gideon cut Eva off for her own protection, she was the one with the most motive to kill. The detective at the gym pointed this out when she was talking to Eva.

G put into motion the plan where Eva, her mother and stepfather and G himself had an alibi.

The only thing I have to say is that from the moment Monica had her freak out at lunch. I knew that Nathan was there either to see Eva or Gideon, I thought is predictable after that. Don't get me wrong I still loved it. I knew from the first book he was going to kill him. Now I can't wait for book 3

Think of Gideon getting pissed and hitting Nathan when he tries to extort money from him

Crazy4more (last edited Feb 26, 2013 08:33PM ) Feb 26, 2013 08:27PM   0 votes
Lyndsay, thank you soooo much! it wasn't lipstick. Eva's jealousy had her seeing the worst of Gideon bc she still didn't know why he'd had a thing for her. OMG, yes, it was a fight with Nathan, the furnitures moved, the blood, the sweat thus the shower. That was the afternoon her mom saw he came out of Crossfire. After Cary's attack, Eva would be next so Gideon had to stage everything, even the falling out with Eva and hooking up with Corinne.

I totally understand why he lied to her but it seemed throughtout the entire "relationship" he was closed off that just annoyed me!! And he expected her to open up all the time!! Its a two way street Gideon!! But I'm still team Gideon I know Brett will probably be in the third one but he better watch out we already see Gideon will kill!! Bit I mean in a way how sweet he wanted to protect her so much!! It makes sense it wasn't lipstick it was Nathans blood!! From gideon beating the shit out of him!! It was still so intense, but I get why they compare this to fifty shades but there two different story lines, yea there are very many similarities but there not the same!

hmmm, just a thought, but, maybe Corinne brought Nathan there and used him as a pawn, maybe he left gideons office, and met up with her she saw Eva and kissed him to rustle up herself up made sure eva saw what she looked like?

i def think they worked together on this,

Really guys ..... Gideon was protecting her and all we can say is we want more of Brett!! I am all team Gideon .... I'd kill for you , Give up everything I own for u..... Gideon Cross is all the man I need!!

deleted member Oct 05, 2012 01:53PM   0 votes
The only thing I came up with was that Nathan came to him with the pictures and he was already planning how he was going to kill him. So he had to get with his ex so it would look real and well you know how the rest went down. I could be way off but that was what I thought.

I think it was blood on his shirt and that Eva was so upset about seeing Corrine that she just assumed the worst. Also think about it, if Gideon told Eva what was going on, she would want to stay involved. By keeping her unaware of his plan kept her safe. Plus if he was arrested, he could truly say that they broken up and she didn't have a clue. Gideon had to make the breakup appear real.

@Ilana - I like where you are going! I am enlightened. Thank you.

A thought about Brett. I love having him in the picture, the fact that he's successful and wanted Eva back will not only add some competition but hopefully she'll realize she's a great catch!

Eva is a strong young lady. Not only she's surviving her sexual ordeal but wow, accepting & loving her mother took a special person...seriously...

this is what I came across while reading few comments:

Sara E. Stanton:
On the office scene, a friend sent me this: ["Ok. I emailed Sylvia Day yesterday and she is sooo awesome she has already responded!!!So I asked her about when Eva discovered Gideon taking a shower and finding the shirt with red lipstick. Here is what she wrote:
The answer to your question is another question: Knowing Gideon (and keeping in mind how he reacted to Brett), how do you think he'd react to Nathan showing up at his office with obscene and hurtful pictures of Eva?
Eva sees a couch that's been bumped out of the way, Gideon looking flushed from exertion, and blood red on his shirt cuff, which she assumes is blood red lipstick because that's what she's looking for. Later, she realizes how she could've misconstrued what she saw and she confronts Corinne to prove her suspicions, because Gideon was only hiding two things from Eva--Nathan and Corinne. If it wasn't one, it would have to be the other.
Does that help? Tadpole writes: That makes sense to me and I am so glad he didn't do anything bad. I didn't realize that Nathan had been to see Gideon so early in the story."

I do agree with most of you that Gideon was closed off for most of the book but I think he did it to protect Eva. I'm pretty sure EWY will answer a lot of questions that were left unanswered. But there is no doubt that Gideon loves Eva so Brett better back off.

The answer is on LINIWA's post. Its not lipstick, its blood from when he punched Nathan to the couch. Eva just freaked out and jumped into assumptions, that's all.

That's a good twist in the story. Seriously. I had no idea that Nathan was already making his appearance throughout the story because Sylvia focused the story on how Eva was reacting on Gideon keeping secrets.

Yeah I want more Brett in book 3. Gideon just pissed me off in this one. I don't care what he was trying to do. He didn't have to cut her off like a complete ass!
Also, I got the info about what was really on the shirt, why the couch was messed up and whh he didn't want to tell Eva anything. Sylvia Day answered that on facebook.

The answer is on LINIWA's post. Its not lipstick, its blood from when he punched Nathan to the couch. Eva just freaked out and jumped into assumptions, that's all.

That's a good twist in the story. Seriously. I had no idea that Nathan was already making his appearance throughout the story because Sylvia focused the story on how Eva was reacting on Gideon keeping secrets.

I agree about Brett I wish he would have played a bigger role in the book.


Tammy (last edited Oct 08, 2012 04:46PM ) Oct 08, 2012 04:44PM   0 votes
I agree it was blood. And for anybody who wants more Brett or thinks she should have choosen him , read the book again is all I can say because you didnt get it. This is Gideon and Eva's love story and how they are helping each other heal, the fact that they learned to trust each other was a big step. It was overwehlming what he did for her. They belong together.

Hellllooo, that's exactly what I was thinking. Who lipstick was that - But when the cop explained at the end I guess it was Corrine's. This book irritated me because he lied so much. Gideon is a liar and Eva is just addicted to the sex and dont even realize it. How can she love him and she doesnt know anything about this liar.

I think she shouldve chosen Brett Kline, I liked when he popped up.

deleted user He was trying to protect her and not upset her, because he knew exactly what Nathan had done to her. The lying was acceptable in that situation. I tho ...more
Mar 04, 2013 09:59AM

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