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I Met Colleen Houck Yesterday!

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YA_pagemaster (YApagemaster) | 37 comments Mod
I got to meet Colleen Houck yesterday at a book signing! She was so nice and funny. I got all of my books signed, a poster, and a bookmark! It was uber awesome! :D

Nicola | 4 comments *GASP* that is awesome!!!, I live in Australia so i'll probably have to wait to see here, just hope she does an Australian Tour!

Nikki Hoehne (NikkiRajaramlol) | 5 comments I want that stuff!:'( I want to meet her too!:(

Haleemah (bookworm_101) | 2 comments Omg, you are sooooo lucky!

YA_pagemaster (YApagemaster) | 37 comments Mod
Yeah, it was cool! I really hope you all get to meet her too! :)

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