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Bathe in the River Styx and you will become invincible... if you survive
The River Styx holds the broken dreams of the dead

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Aria (AriaJewels) | 9 comments Looks at the Styx. Finds a dead leaf puts it in the water and it dissolves.
Shrugs " Eh what the heck" Takes off shoes and socks -has my least favorite clothes on. My pink bedazzled shirt with sparkly Light purple jeans- Jumps in instantly. Thinks about my Half Brother Nico. my clothes get ruined and I smile when there ruined. "Majio!!!" I say as my Black as obsidian shoes grow wings. Flys towards Hades Palace. (Going to Hades Palace)

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 6910 comments Mod
((Use third person please!))

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Aria (AriaJewels) | 9 comments Ok

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Devin walks over to see a girl flying over the river

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Courtney always showed up here in her dreams. She looked around sighing.

message 7: by Korzoran {William Massey} (last edited Nov 05, 2013 10:42AM) (new)

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Jake is walking around the river wondering how to even make a friend without them feeling weird.
((He's 13))

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Rainpelt Okay, she is 17 ^_^))

CJ came at the place and was surrounded by water. she stared at it not knowing what to do now. She had gotten here after a fight, but she doesn't know how to get back.

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Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Then when Jake pulled out his Stygian iron sword and slashes around he sees somebody alive standing by the river and runs to her.

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Rainpelt She saw the small boy with the blade coming from the corner of her eye. She cocked her head to look at him and swiftly grabbed her daggers out of their sheaths.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Then he ducks behind her and says "please don't kill me!"

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Rainpelt She looked at him " you are the one who ran towards me with that blade..." she said to him. CJ slowly putted her daggers away and turned to the boy.

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Rainpelt Gtg to sleep, it's 10 pm and tommorow school)))

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments ((Kk)) "I saw you standing there and thought you needed help then you pulled out your daggers. I don't really know how to fight with weapons so I had no defense." He said still scared.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments ((Gtg continue tomorrow.))

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments ((Are you going to go?))

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Rainpelt She looked at him " I'm sorry" she said softly

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "So do you need help? I know a lot about the Underworld and how to get in and out." He said nervously thinking she might attack.

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Rainpelt " I'm fine, thanks for the over" she said I the small boy and smiled at him.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Ok what are you doing here then?"

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Rainpelt " I uhm......... " she tried to find a lie she could use

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments Jake thought she was stalling. Waiting to strike so he backed up out of striking distance.

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Rainpelt She looked at him " somthing wrong?" she aske him.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "No, no, nothing's wrong." He lied. He tried to think of how to get away. Obviously she was stronger, faster, older, and new how to fight. Without knowing he had a face of despair on him.

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Rainpelt She looked at him "are... You scared..?" she asked softly and sat down. " I won't hurt you..." she told him.

(( gtg sleep))

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments ((Kk)) "uuhhh, I......I.....Uhhh." He was speechless. Hades told him not to trust other demigods.

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Rainpelt " really..." she said as she placed her daggers on the ground and shove them to the boy.
((can't sleep))

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments ((Sorry)) he inched forward. Then he grabbed the daggers and through them far away about 1/4 a mile away.

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Rainpelt She sighed " I didn't mean it like that but okay... I'll get then back later...some day..." she said to him. " my name is CJ btw" she saud

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "I'm Jake. What's btw?

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Rainpelt " by the way" she said with a kind smile

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Oh. Sorry haven't been in the real world for what 8 years? I came here when I was 5." He said wandering why he was telling her this.

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Rainpelt She looked at him " 5?" she asked, curious why. She didn't ask it and just gave a nod

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Ya. Who's your godly parent? Or grandparent like me." He says wandering if she was a grandchild of Poseidon like him. (( :) ))

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments ((Fallen asleep?))

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Rainpelt " I'm a daughter of Ares" she said with a smile.

((almost >_<))

message 37: by Korzoran {William Massey} (last edited Nov 05, 2013 12:53PM) (new)

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Oh. I'm grandchild of Hades, obviously, and a grandchild of Poseidon." He wandered what her reaction was. Souls didn't really care.

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Rainpelt She tilted her head " a grand son of both?" she questioned

(( I'm about to fall asleep... Good night ^_^))

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments ((Good night!))

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Mom's side is Hades and Dad's side is Poseidon. Got it now?"

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments ((You on?))

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Rainpelt She gave a nod to him" yeah I understand" she said to him as she leaned with her back against a rock

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Ok well how long are you going to be here?" He asked concerned.

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Rainpelt " no idea..." she said as she turned her gaze to the ground

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "I can get you a room or something."

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Rainpelt She looked at him

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "What? Something wrong with a hotel?" He asked.

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments ((You on?))

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Rainpelt " i won't stay that long... Imma break out of the underworld somehow..." she told the small boy

Korzoran {William Massey} (Korzoran) | 7685 comments "Ok um I know a way out. It's not far from here."

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