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what were the guys in the back-seat thinking?

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Jared what do you think the two guys were thinking (right before the car crashed)riding with someone who was talking to himself about crashing the car?

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You do not ask questions in project mayhem.

Josh that only happens in the movie.

in the book, someone else was driving.

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Most people just want to talk about the movie versions of the books, especially the Pride and Prejudice threads.

Jared i had a feeling that the book didn't have this scene in it! i have read the book! i just watched the movie the other night and just thought it was funny to what the people int he back must have been thinking..

JinSoo Saun I do not have a copy right now but wasn't it one guy driving, the narrator next to him and the other guy at a backseat?

Cagne 3 monkeys in the back, narrator on passenger seat, mechanic driving.

Walter I liked how they buckled up their seat belts. That says it all

Oscar Fuentevilla ask David Fincher not Palahniuk

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Sami Either way, what are they gonna do, jump out of the moving vehicle? 50/50 chance either way, live or die.

Michelle {Book Hangovers} Rebekah wrote: "You do not ask questions in project mayhem."

lol :)

Florin Andrei Either way, they knew what was going on. They knew about Tyler Durden's erm... duality. One might wonder why they trusted their lives to such a man, but that's moot.

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Kyle Rebekah wrote: "You do not ask questions in project mayhem."

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