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Query abandoned by poster > YA girl can read minds, witnesses girl being murdered, the life of her best friend is in danger

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Jessica | 1 comments Okay so I read this book from a series a couple of months ago and when I returned it I forgot what the title was. This is the summary: There is this girl(sorry i don't remember her name!) who can read minds. No matter what she does she can't stop reading. Only her mom knows. One day she witness a girl being murdered and strange things start happening around her. Someone is trying to murder her so that they can steal her powers. She tells this one kid(don't remember his name) that is involved and she tell the police that understands that she is in danger. Soon the life of her best friend(Em or Emma I believe) is in danger. Oh and I think it is either a Young teen or Young adult book.

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Jessica, I added descriptive info to your header so more people will click on it.

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