Freedom Sailors: The Maiden Voyage of the Free Gaza movement and how we succeeded in spite of ourselves Freedom Sailors discussion

Freedom Sailors edited by holocaust denier

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Fatima Husseni One of the editors of this book, Greta Berlin just tweeted “Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews, ” and linked to a notorious holocaust denier. By doing this, Greta has associated herself and her movement with the among the basest of anti-Semites, and has discredited herself and the free gaza movement in the process

Greta Berlin This review, posted by a Zionist in Muslim mufti, is simply another set of lies. The alleged TWEET was the title of the video, not what I said. I never said anything about the video but just parked it to watch later. The last I checked, we are allowed to watch and read whatever we choose.

More to the point, the apologists for Israeli war crimes like this faux Muslim (believe me, we know her well) actually think a misplaced TWEET is on the same level as Israeli war crimes, ongoing ethnic cleansing and slow-motion genocide in Gaza. That's what is so amazing.

In fact, although I had never heard of this man, Mullens, before I downloaded his stupid video (by the way, he didn't write the title to the video either). But, even though he is a nut, his comments about what the Zionists did to the Jews has been documented extensively by Lenni Brenner and Edwin Black, both Jews. If anyone is interested in reading about what the Zionists did to the Jews in WW II, I encourage you to download the free PDF file of Lenni Brenner's brilliant book, "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators."

You will be appalled over what the Zionists did as I was.

Mullens was never a holocaust denier. He was a rightwing nutcase who blamed the the holocaust on the Zionists and the Nazis. It turns out that he was partially correct, and it's high time the world began to read what happened. You can start with Brenner's book

Greta A. We editors notice that the faux Muslim has disappeared. That's usually what Zionists do, post egregious comments, change their names, come back in another form and post again. Fortunately, for those of us who support justice in Palestine, these 'Israeli terrorists' and their voices are getting weaker and weaker

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