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Zahida when i read this book,I was really upset.I con't express my feelings.I am a muslim girl and my religion Islam gave same posion and respect to woman as well as man.Islam spread first in Arab,but I am sorry to say that the position of woman in Saudi Arabia is very unsatisfactory.This is the fact that in Saudi Arabia,young girls are married to a men of 50's. In this book the author talks about the kind of life women lead in Saudi Arabia specially in royal family.Princess Sultana was telling her own story as a royal woman.My opinion is that her story doesn't apply to all Saudi women.

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Serly i new read this book.
yes, im agree with u...
i really disappointed , upset...with king of Arabian...They're moeslem but they deviate from Al quran...

Saadia Yes, it is one story only and this lady comes from the royal family. However, the royal family is very large and pervasive in Saudi Arabia, so her story is probably relevant to many women of that time and social status.
Yes, the story gives an insider's view of the limited power of women in the Saudi society, even when they are wealthy and privileged. Yes, this is not a true reflection of a Moslem society, but that of a spoiled and misogynistic society.
I was truly moved by the story of what this woman went through and her courage in speaking up. It takes guts to stand up for oneself and say no, when you are taught all your life that your only worth is to be ornamental and useful to your male relatives.

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Al- Zahida I do feel for you that this book (and I assume western opinions of it) offends what you hold dear.

We don't know how much of the population this book is a portrait of...but does appear to be a picture of some women's lives, of some men's attitudes.

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" This quote describes what I think the book is saying. The women who the author portrays are under the power of the men in their lives, and even broader than that the men of their government (power structure). The horrors of this book are POSSIBLE because of who holds the power, that is their tragedy. Another incident of someone in power picking and choosing what to use to his benefit.

I feel that this is an important book, showcasing how a situation can be distorted when we are vulnerable to another's whim.

Jenn I must say that I really don't know much about Islam at all, but I'm VERY glad that I have read this book (I'm going to start the rest soon)... I think that it is very sad what Sultana relates to us through the words of Jean Sasson.

As others have said, I'm sure that this is just the point of view of a few people and that there are many women who are treated better and many women who are treated worse than the women discussed in this book.

I've heard stories of what some women go through, but I don't think that most people know what goes on... most are content just to live their own lives and not worry about other "depressing" stories that do not directly affect them.

What I also find sad is how people can twist the words of their religion to suit their own selfish/ignorant needs..

What I also find sad is that there are ignorant people who just read stories like this and think that all Muslims treat women this way... like I said earlier, it's just a matter of people twisting words in the name of "religion", the same way the Bible says and Eye for an Eye, but I really doubt that God wants us to steal from someone who has stolen for us.

I'm just glad that Jean Sasson wrote these books to help open our eyes to what is going on in our world.

Ranoosh Al-lawati True that it comes from one women view but we don't know whats behind hidden walls and plus I'm a Muslim and say that islam is more than what this book says in. My country Oman women are equal to men and value even more not everything you read is true I'm not saying this book is wrong but islam view of women n in quran we are stated to be equal to men islam is not what you think

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