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PLUH-T:Tiffany White is the Alpha of the most Elite Group of Girls in the Upper East Side, Captain of the Dance Team, The Debate Winner All The Time, Hardvard Is Almost In Her Grasp, And The Most Famous In the NewPapers, Next To Her Friends. But What Happens When Everyone Finds Out She Wasn't Always Like That? Tiff Gets A Shocking Surprise When Her Best Friend/Old Alpha, Serena Comes To Her School, ALS(Athena League School). Will Tiff Hold Aw-n To The Role Of Alpha Or Step Back To Let Serena Take Charge Again?

Be ready to say "Ohmagoshx3!" Have you missed the juicy fight between Tiff and Serena? Need to catch up? Well I have major news! I am ah-fficially working aw-n THE ELITE UPPER EAST SIDE GIRL'S BLUH-G! IK, it's going to be ah-mazing! It will be up March.28,2009!!

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♥ Indu   (ILoveHaveFun) | 2 comments cool!

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 578 comments Mod
we think so too!

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Anne | 251 comments yeah we made the whole thing up! we're so genius!

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 578 comments Mod
like we didn't know that before!

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Anne | 251 comments Smile =)

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Anne | 251 comments omg! can't wait for the part-ay latter! can u believe tht i invited LBRs to my party and they said no? LBR times 10!

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 578 comments Mod
ohmagoshx3! they were lucky to get invited in the first place, lol!

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Anne | 251 comments i no right! once we get all the characters in ill decide hu 2 invite actually...

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Anne | 251 comments once we get the rest of the profile's in well decide hu will fill in the 3 other places for the group??

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 578 comments Mod

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Anne | 251 comments ok then soooooo the best of the best... hum

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we don't have any:
1. Air Heads
2. Girls Who Are Total Wannebes
3. Backstabbers
4. Knockaw-ffs

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Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 667 comments So wait...PAUSE!!!! Can I join?

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Can I join???

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 578 comments Mod
yeah, but we aren't rping yet. we are getting the characters together!

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Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 667 comments OKAY-DOKEY!

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Anne | 251 comments thx

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Ur welcome

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Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 667 comments Thanks!

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Ur welcome too!

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When are we going to start ROLEPLAY? and hu is in and hu is out?

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we are starting Wednesday and i'll ost who is in and who is OUT aw-n The Characters Topic, Tomuh-rrow!

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Okay! (Im crossin my fingers to be in!) :)

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Wait a-min. Arn't we supposed to b starting?

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Cuz were NOT.

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Anne | 251 comments welll technicly we are we can start but it all starts when me and Isabeela are on then we can start hopefully shell be in her right mind and log on

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Oh,.......... well arn't you two like BFFs or something> Can't you call her? Or email her???

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Anne | 251 comments uh sorta... shes my friend we dont know, know each other. like only on goodreads

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((If you want to say something that's naw-t suppost to be in the rp, do this))

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"Gaw-d Lindsey its left foot right, naw-t right foot left! Now lets start again, from the top! And 5,6,7,8!"♫You Spin My Head Right Round, Right Round When You Go Done, When You Go Down.....♫
Tiffany White was in ALS's dance studio with the school's dance team. They had won all their school's competitions. The team was constructed by Tiffany and had the best of the best in the team. Well, except for a small smutch that ruined the smooth floor board. That's Lindsey for you, Mrs. Rollen said she had "potential to be the next captain of the dance team." but the only thing Tiffany saw Lindsey have potential for was breaking her legs doing a twirl. Maybe that wasn't a bad thing. "Stop!" the radio was turned of instantly. Tiffany turned to look at the Lindsey. "We have only two more weeks to get this right and someone..." She stared at Lindsey with her cold blue eyes. "is still messing up the first half of the dance! So I want all of you to practice all night and make sure you have it right by tomah-rrow!" She looked out at the dancers to see if they understood their assignment, they did. "That's all for today." Tiffany waved her manicured hand to say to go to the showers.
Tiffany left the dance studio and walked to her driver, Rick.
"How was practice today Ms. White?" Rick opened the door for her and she climbed in.
"Ex-hausting as usual! Can't anyone follow instructions anymore?" Tiffany heard her iPhone ring from her gym bag. It was a text from her Best Friend, Serenity.

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Anne | 251 comments Serenity (Serena) Montague sat bored watchin Carnal Knowledge from Gossip Girl, for the 6th time on her ipod.
She was in the private jet her father had rented for her. She stood up and walked to the bathroom that included a bath/shower. She stared at her reflection in the seashell mirror and examined her outift. She was seeing her BFF, Tiffany White, for the first time in two years. She wanted to show Tiffany she hadn't changed and her outfit tag was still marked "Alpha 100%".
She stared down at a Moschino Cheap and Chic neck tie cardigan (the Cheap part wasn’t true- she had paid 730$ for it), a bright yellow Benetton mini jacket, Guess jeans, Jimmy Choo silver strappy heels, Tiffany and Co gold heart locket, and silver bangles. She smiled at her Beverly Hills "it" outfit.
She sat back down at her seat and snapped once. The hostess that looked like Nathalie Portman came out and waited patiently in a Ralph Lauren navy blue suit. "Do you have any chocalate toffees imported from Germany?" She asked while watching the last OMFG with Dan and Mrs Carr. The hostess nodded yes and hurried to the back of the jet.
She came back a caramel box with a red ribbon tied around it. "Thanks" Serena mouthed. She took one out and popped it into her mouth while her other hand took out her limited edition purple Blackberry. She texted Tiffany to tell her she was arriving in one hour.
Annnnnnnnnnnnd about 1 hour later she landed with a finished box and mint gum in her mouth. She got her Louis Vuitton bags and walked out into New York. She slipped on her Guicci oversized sunglasses even though there was no sun. She scanned quickly around and spotted who she was looking for in a matter of seconds

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Tiffany arrived at the Manhatten airplane station in a matter of seconds. Just before giong out of the her limo sized car, she scanned her outfit to see if she could be paw-ssibly be rated a 9 since meeting your old alpha and explaining that you were the one in charge now was naw-t going to cut it with sweats. Tiffany was wearing the new Spring Marc Jacobs Silver Dress (that looked fabu-lous aw-n her) with her mom's custom made for her White(brand) pumps. To finish this incredible outfit, she had Ralph Lauren sunglasses, silver necklace, and her own signiture Tiffany&CO diamond ring. But most importantly, she had her Alphatude checked and aw-n!
When she finally made it up those ridiculous stair case, she saw the jet coming down like a meteor crashing her world. When Serena came out, Tiffany froze with anger and put a quick swipe of Dior Lipgloss to calm her nerves.
"Hey Girly!" Tiffany hugged her best friend and the Alpha War Begins!

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Anne | 251 comments Serena smiled at her former BFF and quick-waved, showing off her Beverly Hills reserved-for mani and her signature Tiff&co topaz ring. She hugged Blair awkwardly and felt a jolt of joy. She was finally back in New York! She was going to rule and be back the way it was 2 years ago! Things were going to fall into place like missing puzzle pieces.
"Cute outfit" Serena cocked her head to the MJ dress. She pursed her lips not wanting to tell her she had already worn that dress for a party last week. And when things were already worn by someone, you don't wear it... EVER again!
She took off her Guicci glasses to reveal her gray-ish eyes.
"Ohmygod! It's been soooooo long!" Serena sighed. I can't wait to install in my new place."
When Tiffany looked at her in confusion she explained, "I'm not going back in my old appartment, I'm moving in a new loft with the 3 floors... um the one across yours in the building... um it's silver i think??"
Blair widened her blue eyes in amazement. But not in the I'm-so-happy way... the way she did when...
Serena locked eyes with her BFF.
"What's wrong?" Serena asked in concern.
Tiffany nit her lower lip and shook her beautiful hair from side to side. "Nothin' I'm just so happy to see you!"
Serena bit her lower lip this time. She looked past Tiffany's words and saw her fake smile that didn't reach her eyes. Serena looked away. What was going on???

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((OMG your aw-n!))

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"So how was your birthday party, sorry I didn't get to go, mom was having a fashion week trouble." Tiffany took aw-ff her sun glasses so Serena could see her blue crystal coloered eyes.

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Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 667 comments ((Isabella! Get on please!))

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 578 comments Mod

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Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 667 comments ((thanks!))

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Anne | 251 comments ((lol alpha momment))

Serena bit her lip,
"No problem" she lied-sighed. She had paid the Amercian Idol judges to come and rate they're siging. Oh well.
Serena twirled her hair. Something was wrong. Blair was nawt the beta friend she had had two years ago. Nawt the girl she could rely awn during tough alpha times... Serena scanned Tiffany. Her outfit was clearly meant to impress her (with her exclusive heals). That would mean... Serena's brows crinkled in confusion... she was missing something. The missing puzzles pieces weren't all there. It was like the last one was lost forever and replaced with another puzzle piece that didn't belong there.
"The party was great, I guess. Paula was too nice." Serena smiled dispite herself.
"How's school?" Serena snapped back, suddenly shifting her weight to her right foot in anticipation.

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"What do you think?" Tiffany raised her waxed eyebrow. Serena was aw-ff and that just gave Tiffany more of the advantage of this game they were playing. When Serena didn't answer, Tiffany made a fmile. "I'm kidding, gaw-d Serena has Berverly Hills made you all seriouse now!" Tiffany tried to act like nothing changed between them but it was hard when things did change!

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Anne | 251 comments Serena smiled. Had Beverly Hills changed her???
"Well," Serena started walking to the door."How should I know, you never tell me anything anymore!"
She playfully tugged Tiff's hair.
"Ohh I have something for you" Serena stopped to take out a blue box from her LV bag. She had bought the exclusive Tiffany and co silver heart shaped necklace with topaz on it and the word "Tiffany" on the back.

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Chavonna slid her freashly pedacured feet into her amazing new Gucci shoes. She tipped her pedacurist and grabbed her Prada purse and other shopping bags. She only had anther hour before her mother would force her to leave and she had just barely been through her favorite stores. Sighing she pulled out her mother pucker lip gloss and ran it over her lips. School would start soon and she had ot be ready.

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"Ohmagoshx100! I love it!" Tiffany grabbed the necklace and replaced her other necklace with. Even when she knew Serena was an enamy, she somehow always foound herself having fun!
They were inside the White Mansion (which was literally snow white.) and talking about what had happened in the last two years that Serena had missed when they walked into Tiffany's room, their old hang out when Serena's was unavaible because her mom liked moving a lot. The room was themed Winter Wonderland, Tiffany's mother had made it so, since her own preciouse princess was born in Winter. "Oh, don't move." Tiffany ran to her closet and grabbed a few hangers that were aw-n her "HAW-T SECTION". She placed the hangers in order and slowly unzipped the bags that revealed the most ah-dorable clothes that the East Side has never seen. "How do you like them?"
"They're nice, what are they for?" Serena locked her eyes with Tiffany's to see if she was bragging.
"There the new exclu-sive wardrope by White." Serena nodded her head to see where this was going.
"Did I mention the name of the Wardrobe is SERENA!" Tiffany saw Serena beam with aww as she looked at the clothes. Tiffany had made it her bussiness to help her mom with her Company by naming the collections and this year, after 2 years off being besties, she chose Serena.

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Bree (BreeJ6434) | 865 comments Auna went to see if anyone was IMing. She went on.

PrincessAuna101:Bored out of my mind.

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