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message 1: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
I thought I'd start a thread to share ways to find gay scifi. Most of us have bemoaned the scarcity, so we should at least know about what there is. Here are my strategies:

(1) Amazon tags. Here is the list for the tag "gay science fiction":
If you look at the tags under a book you like you may see others worth exploring. I have greatly expanded the list of gay time travel books for example. :-)

(2) Our bookshelf here:

(3) Goodreads lists

Any other ideas?

message 2: by Blackfeather (new)

Blackfeather | 1 comments This is a pretty old list (2001) but Lambda Sci Fi (DC Gayalaxians) kept a list of recommended reading:

message 3: by Angel (new)

Angel Martinez (AngelMartinez) | 226 comments All Romance has a tag system similar to Amazon's:

Gay Science Fiction:

Gay Science Fiction Romance (OK - I set that one up):

But the other thing I do is haunt publishers' sites by genre - most publishers of gay and M/M fiction now have SF as a genre selection, or at least a Science Fiction and Fantasy section.

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